Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Peace and Love !!!

I hope that you are having a good day !! I was pretty much blissed out all day !!Okay so you know how I was saying I saw my friend jumping off a cliff and I was trying to figure out how to make that happen? Well I tapped in and like 10 possibiliities or more came up and I was like Oh wow wait a minute this is soooooooo awesome !! I pretty much just need a phone and the internet. I am part of the teleseminar leader network  and then I was thinking I can do it webinar format , I can do an ebay business , or amazon or sell t shirts sing songs on fiverr with upsells lol. I have seen some people really working those fiverr gigs .!Another thing is just because something is low cost does not mean it is low value . I have said it before I have paid more for some things that are just so so and less for some things that are AWESOME !! There are some awesome healers on fiverr of course I tip .

So today as I was going to lunch I saw these two birds and they were flying in unison and they just looked so happy and peaceful !K so one of the things that was blocking me was charging for dharma because I just feel like it is sacred work. If you are a high priestess it is just kind of who you are. I realize there is a different between ministry and coaching . They are similar like Barnabas was an encourager .I think about my beloved MessiYAh and how he blessed and healed all who received him . He is full of compassion and tender mercy . I love him so much .

Neway I am going to join a new system in a few months and it is so genius . So you get 50% of your teams donations isn't that amazing !!! When I first looked at it I was like well you only receive small amounts but I took another look and I was like if you just put the time in you can earn residual income for a long time YAY ! The other program I am in you earn 20% of your team's efforts. I remember when J Paul Getty said that he would rather earn 1 % of 100 people's efforts vs 100 percent of his own efforts and I got it !! My only regret is that I did not get into some of the programs in the initial stages like HerbaLife and Empower. When I saw Infinity Downline I was like ok 25 dollars and then someone said imagine 250 people sending you 25 per mth and I was like that is lovely !Some people do not like the autoship but I was thinking you can just pay the 250 for the whole year and then everything that comes in is profit .

 So Empower took an existing concept and just put their own spin on it and made it work. So I just have to master my focus what I am going to do first and then next YAY !!! I have been burning calories and reducing my calorie intake and limiting my portion sizes .Tommorow I am going to focus on my core excercises at home .So for now we are working on health wellness and bliss and peace and everything else comes as a result YAY !

Love and Blessings


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