Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Praise Break

Peace and Love

I had to stop mid week and give a praise break and shout HalleluYah ! The ruach Holy Spirit is so awesome and sweet YAY ! So many awesome things are taking place ! As I raise my vibes I naturally want to be healthier and feel good. I started giving myself smoothies with organic greens and blueberries and I could feel my body saying Yes and YAY more please .

My daughter can just eat salad raw with no dressing or anything and I am just not there  yet. I have not completely eliminated meat from my diet but I am incorporating more fruits and veggies in my diet and feeling yummy !

Also more synchronicities I was thinking about the power of feelings and then I got a webinar about the power of emotions and was definitely in alignment with what I was feeling. Then I attracted someone awesome that I can learn from . It is so true to seek first the kingdom of God and all other things will be added to you .I found some publishers and authors who started with like 5 grand and turned it into 10 grand and moved from there and I was like WOW - -

I also realized we are creating light and manifesting money out of thin air like with our minds we think about it and then we create a book or a course or whatever awesome thing that we like !

So Praise and Give Thanks now for all the wonderful blessings in your life and that are taking place right now !!

Thankyou I love You


Monday, July 28, 2014

If you think Education is Expensive

Peace and Love

I hope that you are having an awesome day and have a blessed week. When I was a child my father had a sign on my door that said if you think education is expensive try ignorance . He was not necessarily talking about college even though he said he wanted me to be a nurse

It is really about specialized knowledge.I met a friend once and we both loved to read and think and when I would hang out with him we would go to seminars and out to eat . I asked him one day what do you do and he said I cash checks . I thought to myself that is lovely.

I have spent money on classes and books and workshops and some of the best value that I have received were in books or courses that were 100.00 or even a book that revolutionized my way of thinking and made me say WOW NOW like Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen .

It is one thing to hear something and then there is another thing to experience something and know it and feel it for yourself. So lets say you find someone who is a beast at what they do and they charge you 1,000 for a seminar and as a result of the seminar you are able to take that information and create 100,000. Then you invest in yourself in higher levels and gain more rewards .

I realize there are qualified professionals who have mastered skills that I want to learn and I am determined to create the life I love YAY! The key for me is having the right teacher with real world experience and real results that i can duplicate in my life .

Love and Blessings


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to Attract Awesome People into Your Life

Peace and Love

I have been having lots of positive interactions with others lately and wanted to share several keys to attract awesome people in your life .

1. Be Your Awesome Self

2.Be a Good Listener - When you listen to others people feel comfortable to share plus they can feel when you are genuinely interested in them and will want to get to know you.

3.Seek to Understand. Everybody is operating at a different level of consciousness and belief systems and cultural backgrounds and programming .We are all on a journey of discovery.There is no greater than less than we are all one

4. Set the Intention to give Love and Compassion to everyone you meet .Love is the highest call and Pure Love Heals

Love and Peace


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Fourth Agreement, Soul Contracts, and Karmic Patterns

Peace and Love

I pray that u are having an awesome day !The other day I met someone and he said that I was beautiful and he thought that I was around 25 I said awwww thanks . It was interesting because people tell me that all the time and I said to myself I agree their must be something to it . That kind of leads to what I want to share today about patterns and the fourth agreement. I love it YAY !

So the fourth agreement is basically Do not take anything personally . It is by Don Miguel Ruiz . I think that it is great but sometimes you do have to take some things personal but not be attached to them just observe and analyze yourself and see if maybe there is something there that you need to learn from or work on.It is wonderful because once you get the lesson you no longer need the experience YAY !For example one girl told me that when she was a little girl she told her mother she was a slave in her previous life . One day I met a sister who told me that I was a queen and she wanted me to marry her husband because she felt that I would be good for him and she felt like she was a concubine and you can think to yourself where did that come from ? What is crazy about that is when I was younger and working with this one woman she called herself queen and she named me Princess and I felt it . Like on a deep level of my being I felt like I was royalty and other people felt it too.Of course sometimes I have doubts and fears like the next person but my point is that some of these things carry over from different lifetimes and aspects of our souls.

It could also be in relationships . You know sometimes you hear people say he or she is doing way too much . So sometimes be willing to ask yourself or others if you are doing too much. I remember once I felt like I saw the same person keep showing up in different bodies and I knew ok wait a minute this looks kind of familiar I probably need to go inside and clear something or release .The reason we cannot see it in ourselves is because 90% of the things we do are subconscious and below our level of awareness. Other times we just do not want to see. It is also true that some things are not personal they just are what they are and like Don Miguel Ruiz says should not be taken personally. When you shift your energy and become more consciously aware and set the intention to learn everything becomes a blessing and you can see things from a higher perspective YAY !We learn so much from sharing from each other and telling each other the truth in LOVE . Thankyou for reading this blog post . I would love to hear your feedback . I will set up vm next week where you can leave me messages and let me know your thoughts and feelings and anything you want to share . I feel like everything starts with self . Thankyou I love You <3 about="" br="" contracts="" i="" more="" next="" soul="" talk="" week="" will="">

C U Later


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Leaving Kids in Cars

Peace and Love

I put off the karmic patterns and soul contracts until tommorow so I could talk about an issue that is on my heart . I saw the case of the little boy who is precious and was left on the 18th of June and since then there were dozens of cases all over the country .

It just made me mad and I know that we are earth angels and healers and all that stuff but here is the truth as I see it . This man knew exactly what he was doing he was looking up how to have a childless life on the internet and he was not the first . There were other people who did it before him so called educated people and they are just talking and I am saying to myself we are talking about a whole person here not groceries or a bag of chips this is a human being.

I figured out how to stop it .They should just pull the person aside and say to him or her we are going to leave u in a car for 10 hours and then we will come back and check on you then turn on the car and make sure it is like 110 degrees . People are not crazy they are narcissistic , sociopathic, selfish and evil . Then you have copycat demons who decide they are going to follow in their footsteps.If you punish one then the rest of them will see this is not acceptable . I feel the same way about animal abuse and domestic violence people don't go to work and beat up their boss they beat on people they think are weaker than they are.

Well there is a higher court. If people do not want the child they can take it to Jewish Family Services or a safe house but dont hurt or torture the child . Now if people do not care about their own kids you know they dont care about yours . I pray and plead the blood of Jesus over the soul of the child and all of the ones that do not make the news

Tommorow I will do the regular blog post

Love and Blessings


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Synchronicities and Blessings

Peace and Love

You know how I was talking about San Diego before it is so interesting I could literally feel someone calling me from there and I dont know who it was but  I just said WOW to myself . Then so many thoughts started to come into my mind like Yogananda says mysterious forces come to your aid LOL Awww!

I pray that your week is going awesome so far . Everything is moving along in perfect divine order. Its amazing how everything just starts with a thought and moves from there. I think our souls call us to places and people . I am going to talk about the Fourth Agreement , Soul Contract and Karmic Patterns Next week .

I love you

Cu later