Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Most High

Parallel Verses
New International Version
"I said, 'You are "gods"; you are all sons of the Most High.' Psalms 82 vs 6

I love The Most High 

He is sweet to me . So Precious and Awesome !!!! Yes !!!! My new Year does not start until March but I am grateful each and every day .He is not a man that he should lie . Whatever he says is established . Yay ! People will tell you anything but the Lord is faithful forever 

He told me I can have whatever I want just make sure everything serves the main thing . HalleluYAH !I remember when he sent me a good person and I was thinking what if he gets murdered . Then I realized I was reacting to the past and the past is over but we have to set ourselves free .I could still see his soul in the ether and he would not cross over but he is free now YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY ! Soul Loss and Soul Fragmentation is so real . I know Jesus was a shaman because he would heal on a soul level .  I am Free YAY . I would always ask myself why people would tell me when they are going to transition or I would carry their spirit . I realize that God wanted me to make peace with transition and understand there is no death .He also wanted me to always know that He is my Everything and everything is in subjection to him . I told God I do not care if everything is taken away as long as you don't leave me . He loves me and I love him and he never forsakes me . He makes my enemies my footstool. His mercies endure forever . He is faithful . He is my Beloved YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY He is a consuming Fire . 

Love and Blessings 


Oprah Winfrey talks with Thich Nhat Hanh Excerpt - Powerful Healing

Bliss Baby and Am I getting Married

Peace and Love

I pray that your day is filled w love ,light , bliss and peace . I feel so awesome ! Like I can't wait to get up in the morning . I love Oprah so much . I watched something today and it just felt like she was speaking my thoughts and reading my mind .

All my life I just wanted to be myself and be light and in love and inspire others. I asked God why am I here and he said You are Divine Inspiration and I looked up inspiration and it said Breath of God . I said WOW that is Powerful and Awesome !!!! All I knew was that I had to stay in alignment and soul and values and pick Harmony up from school when it was time for her to come home . Good people are showing up and I am grateful for every blessing , and lesson and what my soul needed to grow.

I create miracles and light all over the universe !!!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW I feel so full of love . So Somebody called one of my family members and asked if I was getting married . I thought they are trying to be funny . Then I met a lady and she started talking to me about how her and husband were married 33 years . That is my master number and the  year Jesus ascended.Then I got an email about it and I said WOW OK . I am so full I could marry myself. I said to myself I do not know who said it but No man is a good catch who is not madly in love with you . YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY  !!!!!

Aloha Ke Akua one of my favorite songs <3 a="" am="" and="" difference="" existence="" here="" i="" ill="" in="" made="" make="" miracle="" nbsp="" now="" of="" p="" particles="" persistent="" stay="" such="" this="">
Thankyou I love you We Matter <3 br="" yay="">

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Witchcraft and Transgender Children

Peace and Blessings

I just wanted to share more insights about witchcraft and next week we can go back to crowdfunding YAYAYAYAYAY ! K so I worship the creator not the creation. I do not use a pendulum , a card  or any other form of divination. I ask the Holy Spirit for help and assistance. I know that it is easy for people to get confused if you born with gifts . For example if i was in my room speaking light language people may think that it is witchcraft because it is a language they do not understand. The prophetic gifts come from God and people who seek mediumship and other forces outside the Most High are demonic or satanic . There are curses and monkey paws and all kinds of craziness you can invite some of these things into your life through sex, drugs, alcohol or just being in grief or deep sadness . So raising your vibration is so Important.

Maybe I am crazy but why are people trying to get their kids to be transgender . I saw a mom say my baby felt like she was a boy so I let her be a boy . I said to myself What the hell do you mean ? Harmony says all kind of stuff she might see she is a lightwarrior princess, a unicorn or a fairy and I say YAY that is so nice baby . If she told me she was a boy I would just let her know that she was a girl and we would work on it . I feel like people just think it is cool and do anything to get attention.

I have seen the creator work Miracles powerfully . It is bad for the kids because they are not getting the proper training and guidance .Here is a miracle to me one of my spiritual teachers he came to the United States and he met with the president in 1927 he was not white he was Indian and he accomplished wonderful blessings . There are many masters and lightbeings and healers . The angels are not religious they are majestic and wonderful YAY .

Past Life Connections and Victory over Evil YAY

Peace and Love

I pray that your day is filled w joy and love . Last nite I dreamweaved and it was awesome ! I could see my friend clearly and the energy was pure and healing YAY . So I was thinking of past lives and how we meet people and numerology and energy . Remember when I told you I was having a conversation with the guy and he said that I should come over and we should hang out and I said okay and I felt that he was a pharoah in a previous life . Then he showed me his tattoo and it said PHAROAH and I said WOW whoa interesting . Then I met a man named Solomon and then there was King David . I was like did you make that up or is that your real name and he told me his name was literally King David .Our names our given to us by spirit . There is so much power in the name it is our soul signature .

A lot of people think that numerology is demonic because they just believe what people tell them . It is just a science for me like any other science . People will tell you that it is occult but if you look it up occult just means hidden knowledge . There is such a thing as black magic and witchcraft . Those people worship Satan I told you about the lady who tried to put roots on me and my hand start bleeding but I didnt feel any pain . The blood is victorius  The power of the lamb the word of our testimony and the blood .I have been seeing spirits since I was a child so I am not afraid of them .Remember I told you about the parasitic spirit . It is a weak spirit that really needs energy and to be cleared so it attacks in every way it is so low it can not come to you it will find another being to try to attach to to get to you. They have to get to somebody weak and use people and some people do not know they are being used and some do . Prayer and a pure heart is the most powerful weapon . Satan was the most beautiful angel and a worship leader before he became an enemy and was cast down .It is not about people being in church either . Some of the biggest demons are right there in the church and they will hate you because you will have the true illumination and light so they can not lie to you or deceive you because his sheep hear his voice and the voice of a stranger they will not follow . HalleluYAH !!! The Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Yahuda  is Powerful .

Monday, December 29, 2014

Christ Consciousness Love and Illumination 333

Philippians 2:5-11King James Version (KJV)

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:
Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:
But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men:
And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.
Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name:
10 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;
11 And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Friday, December 26, 2014

The Isley Brothers - Voyage To Atlantis Yahshuah n 144000 bride class John 14 vs 2

YAY I did it

Peace and Love

I did it YAY ! I paid my application fee and submitted my application . I AM a successful trainer WOO HOO !! Now we just have to figure out how to crowdfund .WOO HOO ! Lets make it fun !!Last nite I was reading my LifeStyle Entrepreneur Book and I got so Cited . I said man I want to join this program too or the Best Seller Blue Print just because it would be fun and awesome .

So I am going to have to take pictures and start a new blog . I already have my new domain name and email address. I feel a little overwhelmed and nervous because I don't really know all the steps . I am not going to let it stop me . I remember this young girl telling me that she appreciated me spending time with her and she appreciated me and I thought to myself WOW I didn't really do anything. But what if we brought lots of girls and people and lifted them up ? WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW

Can u believe that the dream is coming true ? YAY!!I know I have a divine team and I am literally just walking it out one step at a time and I am open to feedback and constructive criticism .Bliss and Light and Peace YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!

What I love about the Creator is that if you have pure intention and things are aligned w divine Will you will be shown a way and people and things show up to help you make it happen .I am Dancing the Dream Awake like Asturius Miraculi said WOO HOO

Love and Blessings


NPR Music: Jazmine Sullivan Premeires "Stupid Girls" Soulful Talent YAY

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Whitney Houston Do You Hear What I Hear Live

Divine Assignments

People were mad when Yahshuah  was born and they were mad when Obama became president but that did not stop anything . It is funny how sometimes your own people can be the most interesting . I feel like you have to respect people. Just like Moses and Elijah and Siddharta  they all had divine assignments so once they said YES there was really nothing that could stop them

I did not like it when people were being mean spirited and evil and saying things just to be hateful and hurtful . It is just like Tyler Perry and Spike Lee . I really love how Tyler handled it . He is very awesome . Remember when Peter took the dude's ear and Jesus said put it back . YES YES YES WOO SAH

Love and Blessings


The Audacity of Hope and Timing WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW

Peace and Blessings

The Creator just revealed something so magical and beautiful all I can say is YAY and Halleluyah !!! K so I watching TV and I was hearing people say that they were mad at Obama because he said it was going to take time . I told my mom and we were laughing because no matter what he said they were going to be mad . I never voted before because I didn't really believe it made any difference especially after I saw them give the election to Bush after Gore won.

So neway when I saw Obama running for president I knew that he was going to be president. I posted to my group after he won and he said I know there is a girl in Missouri who probably did not believe that this could happen and I laughed because I knew that he was talking about me. It is weird because I had several dreams about him and then a native american elder said that he had a dream too. Then my father said he had a dream and I said WOW. Then we were talking about hope and how people were hating saying that we can not base things on hope . We know that hope is not the strategy . Hope is not the strategy it is just the seed of possibility .The vision God gave me years ago my consciousness could not fully realize it at the time so it was a process that had to take place first YAY !!!
So I voted and I realized that all the things that we are dealing with are prophetic . We can shift time and our minds by workng with energy and consciousness but there are some things that are planned and finished before the formation of the world. I remember when I stepped out of time and I was having the same experiences with different people that I was a multidimensional being even though I did not understand all of it at the time . It is like my baby I try not to give her more than her mind can comprehend because it will only frustrate her .If you believe the Creator you can overcome every obstacle with divine help . YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY My family told me that I have these moments of Euphoria . Its just a good feeling I love hearing stories of people that have overcome and triumphed YAY Victory is Mine Victory is Mine Victory is Mine Today and Forever I told Satan Get thee behind me Victory today is Mine

Love and Infinite Blessings


Neville Goddard, An Inner Conviction Powerful

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dr. Cindy Trimm, Bring Me Out

Contrast and Duality WOW

Peace and Love

WOW K so I was thinking about duality and Satan and Jesus and how they had a prehuman existence together. I thought about duality in this dimension and how it serves us . YAY !  So it was like when Jesus came in he knew everything he knew who would betray him , he knew he would be tempted etc he was just walking it all out . I thought about the same thing . I met someone named Mateo and he said he liked me but he would just be my friend and take care of me . I knew he meant it when he said it .

So it is like when God said he causes all things to work together for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose he/she really means it YAY !!! It is impossible for the Creator to lie .Things are really simple . Treat me good and I will treat u better YAY !!! There is this one person that I love I just see how he treats people and interacts with them in love and kindness . He is Awesome .

So back to the contrast . So remember  when Satan wanted to test Job he had to go and ask for permission. Then God said ok here are the conditions . Then he was tested and he was restored with more than he had before . The light reflects the higher aspects of consciousness like love , peace, joy, the fruits of the spirit .The lower aspects are just fear . When you are free u can jus say Awww and Love and Forgive people sometimes it is mindboggling and you feel like WOW this is crazy . The feelings of love and bliss feel so much better than the lower emotions . I feel like my soul and consciousness is growing so much and continues to grow more and more each day .It is weird like sometimes ppl want to contact me and instead of coming to me directly they try to contact me thru other ppl. I am not sure why. I always feel the energy . I try to be pretty approachable but then I realize that if it is not a frequency match that is what the issue is . So love is the answerYAY!! Speaking the Truth in Love   . Love is more powerful than hate and light brings information and healing WOW

K Cu later


Love and Blessings





Friday, December 19, 2014

Picking and Choosing your Battles

Peace and Love

I pray that you are having an awesome day . I was thinking of growing up and how interesting it was living here . People would say strange things to me like "Why didn't you tell my your grandma was white ? Or where are you from all the time . It is interesting because even when I was a small child my grandmother told me that there were people that wont like you because of the color of your skin but it is okay because you are awesome. She told me about segregated restaurants and places . She told me that she did not have time for it and that you should never deny any part of your heritage. She said we can cook our own food and make our own clothes and create whatever we want. Then my mother told me about the Native American Boarding schools and I thought to myself WOW . Really ? I thought about the man in Rosewood who said I aint going NOWHere and I said to myself sometimes it is just better to cut your losses and move on .I thought about Lloyd L Gaines who was born in 1911 and he sued The University of Missouri of St Louis and won because they did not want him to go to their school because he was African American . They say he had decided against it anyway because it was too dangerous and he started getting death threats. Then they just murdered him. He disappeared one day and they never saw him again.

It is so sad . It is just like when you hear people say I was the first person to walk at Walmart or McDonald's or anywhere. I say to myself why do they have to tell people they were the first ? One reason is because of oppression. Then you have the people who graduated and they said well thats nice baby but we do not hired colored people LOL . I said to myself If people had to vote for slavery in 2015 some people would still vote for it . If people do not want you to go to their school it is okay just think to yourself what is another alternative . My mother would always tell me places to stay away from certain places and the different demons in different places.It is so important to have a Divine Education. If you commit crimes rob , still and kill people you are probably going to get arrested . I'm just saying . I just refuse to be around things that are too crazy . I know how to go into a Zen moment wherever I am . I will not even engage in foolish conversations . I ask God to help me keep my mind focused and to have wisdom and to only fight battles worth fighting . YAY !

Love and Blessings


Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Peace and Blessings

I pray that you are having an awesome day . WOW I was feeling so wonderful and the Holy spirit was there remember when I said I was worshipping w the angels . Right after that the enemy came in and tried to harass me one last time .I am moving forward all my dreams are coming True .

As I work with my Life Path information I have a greater understanding. Part of my journey is  a peacemaker , natural born leader, feel responsible for the world. I get that as someone who is here to share empowerment and divine inspiration it is so important for me to release all that disempowers me . I feel so Free . YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy and grateful that God is by my side and helping me to move forward to the most exciting part of my life . During the time Harmony was small it was so important that I take on my most important role as mommy as my first priority . Now I am ready to take over the world like Pinky and the Brain YAY !!!!!

We are born who we are !!!!It is so important to keep ourselves in the good feeling place . As an empath I have to work with my feelings on a constant basis .I am so cited about this upcoming project !! There are several components that are going to make it all come together perfectly .

What if it is not only life changing but a lot of fun ???What if it is affordable and awesome like a couple hundred bucks ? I will never forget when I would go to Jamaica and some of the people would say Hey I have a down the bottom price for you and I would look at some of the work and say WOWWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW but I do not believe in taking advantage of people so I would pay them . If you give people what they want they will keep coming back over and over and over . Sometimes you might have to fight them off w a stick LOL.

I am realizing that being able to spot good talent is really importamt . I know my job should not be coding or trying to figure out how things work but I feel like you should have some intermediate knowledge of how things work . I had an idea for a technology company that I want to create I think I can do both the Training and Technology  thing at the same time. I will start w the training program first and I want the learning to be very experiential. It is like the Messiah I can tell you about it but when You get to know him for yourself You say YES and YAY because you know that you know . Powerful !!!!!!!!

InJoy the Rest of Your Week

Love and Blessings


James Moss - Restored Yes I AM

Monday, December 15, 2014

Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On Divine Inspiration YAY

The Power and Presence of God

Peace and Love

I pray that you are in Good Spirits . This weekend I had such a powerful supernatural worship experience that all I can say is WOW. I love the Lord so much !!! I am Messianic . I am not a Christian because Yashuah was not a Christian he was a Hebrew . God is truly amazing. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was praising from the Innermost parts of my soul and I felt the light of the Creator and the king of glory come in and I just started Crying . There were just bliss . There are no problems just perceptions. Jesus cast out demons , walked on water and resurrected the dead. He said all that I do you will do and more . I believe him. I love him with all my heart . I saw some demons trying to attack me in the spirit and I did not even flinch I just sent them to the light because I know that nothing can seperate me from the love of God in Mashiach. We all have our battles and karma or demons to fight . Energy work , healing work and all that is great but he said apart from me you can do nothing . I am the vine and you are the branches abide in me and bear much fruit "Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing. John 15 vs 5 YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! Holy Spirit you are welcome Here Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

For a while I was like where do I worship because you know Im not celebrating Easter or Christmas or believing in a fake Saint Claus . So I just worship by myself or with my daughter . It is so interesting my daughter was 3 when she said Mommy promise you will never take me to church ? I asked her why and she said Just Promise so I pinky promised and that was that . There are a lot of imposters I am not saying that we have to be perfect but we at least have to try . I will go to anybody's home and praise God and Have Bible Study and if I find a messianic congregation somewhere I will go . We are the Church . Think about the Mayans were so connected to the Creator one day they just bounced . They said YAY we are out of here WOO HOO ! It is the same w us it is in our DNA to worship and love the Creator and no matter how many people try to supress it and repress it it is there because nothing can seperate us from the love of God . It is funny when people try to lie to me about God and I know they are lying they will smile in your face and have the worst intentions . That is why I ask God to not let look at the physical but to discern the spirit by the spirit . The Crystal Babies can see the spirit too. They come from all cultures and backgrounds and when they see your aura they smile and look at you and laugh and giggle. They are so preciousMy baby would look at people and start crying or screaming or smiling when she would she would see peoples spirits  .

 K YAY Have an Awesome Week

Love and Blessings

Cindy Trimm - Power Of Prayer

HALLELU HALLELU (Tehillim/Psalm 96) YAY

SHEMA YISRAEL by Micha'el Ben David YAY

Friday, December 12, 2014

All my Dreams are Coming True YAY !!

Peace and Love

All my dreams are coming true !!! To be honest I am just in Awe ! Like I know the scripture says God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above anything that you can ask or think but WOW Reallly ? My heart is filled with love and joy and I am just standing back processing lots of work to do .

Taking it one day at a time in Gratitude

Pure Love Heals

I love you Thankyou


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jah Cure - Nothing Is Impossible

Carlos Santana - Por Ellos, Sí Podemos (English) | @AmFam®

Love and Devotion

Peace and Love

How are you today beautiful souls ? I am AWESOME YAY !!!!!!! Yesterday God led me to an awesome person who is here in the vicinity doing beautiful Amazing things right here now . I am so grateful . Archangel Chamuel and Charity are here . There is love all around .There is Bliss and There is Pure Light . I am so grateful . If you have enemies it means that you are doing something right . Jesus said if you are not with me then you are against me. It is okay because people can not put you in a heaven or a hell. They can either get on board or move aside because The Light is Here and it Will Prevail !!!!!! YAY !!!

Pure Love Heals !!!

I love you Thankyou


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Staying in Love and Removing Parasites

Peace and Blessings

I love you ! I know that it is hard but we have to stay connected to love . I feel so good and I am attracting lots of awesome healers and people . There is Emmanuel . He will not let go so I have been clearing and cleaning and blessing thanking loving and accepting him . He is trying to destroy my spirit . I feel deep compassion and figure he must be in pain . That is what hate or non-love as Shanel Cooper -Sykes says is . Anybody who tries to create a relationship with me he tries to sabotage . I feel like at the deepest level we are only love . I attract white people , brown people , Unicorns , and Fairies and I love them all and if you don't love me because you can not control me I still love you . You are free and I am free.

I talked to someone and they said that it is just a lower parasitic energy that wants to feed off of the light . I still feel only love in my heart and what is best for him .It is like Selena remember the Mexican American artist she was awesome and the lady still killed her . I realize that no matter how much you love people they will still try to hold you back because they are not in a happy place but we just have to keep moving in the light .

I am going to share a post with you next week about working within the system to create the positive changes that we want to see .We all live here and we all have to make it better . Black on Black Crime Imagine a young immigrant working hard doing everything they can to make it and finally open up their own small little food shop and a hater comes and not only robs him but murders him. WOW Really Cain and Abel same ole story .Human nature does not change. God is reading hearts . Love and Hate comes in all colors .



Numerology and Prophets

Here is a scripture from Yerimiyah or Jerimiah 10 vs 2-4

Jeremiah 10:2-4King James Version (KJV)

Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.
For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.
They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.
King James Version (KJV)

Today I want to talk to you about numerology and prophecy. There are prophets and then there are profits . What is a prophet ? A prophet is the mouthpiece of the Most High or Creator .A prophet speaks what thus saith the Lord . You have false prophets and true prophets . The false prophets do not speak the work of God . How do you know the difference ? When a prophet speaks a prophecy and it comes true then you know . If the prophet speaks a word and it does not come true or they make false predicitions you know it is not from God .When I was child my family explained to me that Christmas was false and that it did not please God or make him happy. I got it instantly and we never celebrated it . I realized that all of the holidays were false and I thought WOW that is interesting. I also thought it was interesting how in the bible there were certain numbers like 24 and 12 and 72 . 

Remember when the false prophet tricked the true prophet into going with him after the Creator already warned him not to go and he ended up dead . I said to myself WOW it is serious .It is like the demons recognized Jesus and they were afraid and they tried to trick him but he followed every prophecy down to the end because he was annointed and on purpose . AWWWW  Love Him so Dearly . Precious Heart . Proverbs 3 vs 5,6 Lean not to your own understanding in your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path. I remember when I was a kid and growing up I was thinking WOW I am going to have to drop out of society and go live in a treehouse or something because none of this makes any sense .It is funny how God will bring you people like you. One day I met someone and he was raised like I was so it was simple and we were at the grocery store and a lady said something about Holidays and he was really nice and told her thankyou but we dont celebrate holidays and she said Arent you glad u r in this country ? He was like WOW I was born here . He is Mexican american and I was thinking to myself WOW . It is getting better more people are starting to understand that we live in a diverse country with diverse backgrounds and that we all do not have to believe the same way but we can respect each other . 

It would just irritate me when people would try to force their beliefs on me or try to get me christmas cards or presents when I clearly said I dont celebrate. It has nothing to do with the messiah . Then someone told me they felt sorry for me because I don't celebrate . I said Awww don't feel sorry for me I eat good and 1 Corinithians 2 vs 9 says eyes have not seen ears have not heard what God has in store for those who love him . YAY !!!!!


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Women and Community Men

Peace and Love

I hope that you are having an awesome day !!!!!! I was watching like 5 minutes of reality TV last nite it was so funny and interesting . The women were arguing over the men and acting like they were going to kill each other over a man.The lady is saying but this is MY man. In my head I am thinking he has a woman and 52 side chics so he really does not belong to anybody lol . I know it was a joke but there are people who live this way in real life.

One time when I was going salsa doing this guy   asked me how many novios boyfriends I had and my friend told him I had 20. I said I do not have any they are all just my friend. I read it somewhere I cant remember where but it said No man is a good catch that is not madly in love with you . It is so true !!!!!There is one he will never leave me alone I think he is going to always find out where I am . It is weird because I am like dont you already have a woman and a hiram of other people who love you? I am just going to ignore him .

It would be so awesome if we just loved each other as women and sisters. I love my sisters and I wont be woman number  52 .Eat the cake Annie Mae .......... How about you eat the cake ???? I mean even dudes that are from the streets have some kind of respect and loyalty how is it okay to disrespect your wife in public ?Really ? Seriously ? I remember listening to Maya Angelou talk about how this man did something to her and she packed her stuff and got out of there because she knew if she didn't he would pick her to death . It is like you just have to keep it moving . I remember talking to this one sister and she said she gave this man the best years of her life . I think the problem is that we stay too long .Keep it moving !! Especially when you hit 30 and over . Life is so precious and we are all awesome

Thankyou I love you


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Love and What I am Working On

Peace and Love

I hope that you are having an awesome day !!! I am love you are love . I am here to raise the vibration of the planet and assist the earth with Ascenscion.YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAY
There have been so many forces that want to hold on to the fear and darkness but the light is so bright and it is getting brighter and brighter . I have a beautiful tool box of wonderful meditations , oils and sounds that I make that are so beautiful .

I am meeting so many souls that I have met before and it is like HEY how have u been . We are not alone we are on a divine mission with infinite love and support . I love you .This is a beautiful time of reflection for me . My new year does not start until the spring .I realize that I need to build a personal brand . I have attracted everything by just being myself. Everything I do is just organic . I had to totally reframe the way that I saw Sales and Marketing . I feel like it is just about giving people what they want. It is interesting because some people say that you can not make 6 figures right out of the gate. What they really mean is I can not make 6 figures out of the gate just speaking from their own experience . There are several people who have done 6 and 7 figure  launches multiple times . So now I am like its just numbers whether its a 5 figure or 6 figure or whatever . I never really compete with people I just run my own race and do what feels good and right for me . The most important thing is that I am in alignment and in JOY and SERVICE YAY !!!!I have noticed when you visit places where people may not have as much materially sometimes they have a real sense of Purpose and Inner Power. You can have whatever you want but the Inner always comes first. I am focusing on intense self care and love and joy and peace . Fun like a Libra - YAY!! Have an Awesome Week

Love and Blessings


Friday, December 5, 2014

Thursday, December 4, 2014

What we Can Do YAY !

Peace and Love

I hope that you are having an awesome day ! Today has been an interesting day ! I was just feeling so overwhelmed and I said what can I do ? Then I got an email saying that we can give to a cause that feels good !!!! So there was an organization that is helping farmers in Africa and I said YAY and there was another one but that one didn't have hardly have any funding so I choose the first one because I think they are more likely to reach their goal.

There is another campaign where someone was raising money for cancer and someone said what if he really does not have cancer and I said well that is between him and God . I always say that we should just give from the heart and let god worry about everything else . YAY !!! I signed up with You can choose to be repaid or not.I choose not to be repaid . It is awesome ! I also noticed with crowdfunding there was a campaign that raised over 200000 and had over 7000 donations and most people just gave small amounts . It all adds up and we can all make a difference.Woo Hoo !!!

I am going to stay focused on the good which means I can not watch the news for a while and I have to stay uplifted and send out light and good vibes . We can shift the vibration of our planet with Love and Light There are lots of people doing great things and we just need to hear more of it !If you want to give you can check out MoringaConnect on

Love and Blessings


Bob Marley - Redemption Song

Bob Marley- Could you be loved

Bob Marley Rastaman Chant

Garnett Silk- Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders

Luciano - Its Me Again Jah

Sanchez - Never Dis Di Man

Lupe Fiasco - Around My Way [Freedom Ain't Free]

Eric Benet - Dust In The Wind We are Awesome Pure Spirit

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I am so cited !!! I can work w all the people I love . I can only work with one or 2 at a time . Like Lashanda is awesome. I can learn different things from her that I can learn from Jack or someone else .

It is so cool how we all have our own awesomeness and light YAY !! I love Deepak 2 and so many more people there are too many to name . I feel so grateful 2 b here now .

I love you



Peace and Love

This is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in It !! So I was brainstorming and i just started going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole . I was thinking I love so many people how can pick 1 . I love Uncle Jack and Lashanda and Jesse and Brendon and Tim and I could go on and on. I am going to follow the vision God gave me and work with Uncle Jack . It is so interesting I had an app idea and I was like I wonder what Jesse thinks about this and then my mind said he doesn't care . Then the other part of my mind said what if he did care what would he say like what kind of feedback would he give you . Then I was like Wow I want to join his program too. It is just the enjoyment of the creative process if that makes sense.

So I was thinking I could raise 33000 to get started then someone said I could raise 100000 in 30 days then somebody said it could happen in 2 days . I said WOW Anything is possible w God YAY ! It would have to be like SUPERVIRAL . WOO HOO . I am going to go back to doing my Ayurveda the breath is so powerful . I am getting more blog visitors like I had 100 visitors 2 days in row last week Have a Great Day

I love you



Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This too shall Pass

WOW. Last week was really interesting. The children are so precious they had such a funny conversation. My niece said I am not sure what happened but I know the protestors burned Ferguson down. Harmony responded. She has this song Pack Your Bags and Leave this Town. I can not remember who the artist is .

I just reassured her that all is well. This too shall pass and that they are wanted ,needed, cared for and loved .Harmony is empathic like me so she can pick up energies and spirits . Tommorow we will move forward . It is so amazing when I see ordinary people raising money and doing awesome things. Every day I am determined to keep moving forward and stay encouraged so that I can be a blessing and light .

Ferguson will never be the same . We can and do make a difference even with the little things that we do. I find comfort in the word of God knowing that he will never leave or forsake us . YAY I love Jah and Jah love Mi .

I really want my book and programs to change lives and and bring transformation to all people .

Love and Blessings


Monday, December 1, 2014

No school 2 day Ice

Peace and Love

Harmony does not have school today due to weather conditions so I am going to watch her play and dance and sing and draw she is an amazing artist

I hope that you have a good day

Love and Blessings


Beyoncé - Blue ft. Blue Ivy