Wednesday, March 14, 2018

More Good Stuff Let's Share our A-has and Insights !!! Let's Go!!!

Peace and Love !!!

You know I always try to share good stuff with you . Today I want to share the book of coaching with you .

The Book of Coaching

We can share our Insights and A-Ha's and have a conversation and talk about what we learned . I think it is important to have a framework and methodology for what we do . Having a strong foundation helps us to be resilient and push through obstacles and focus on our why .

Can't Stop Won't Stop !!!

Let's Go and Grow

C U Later



Tuesday, March 13, 2018

All About You Here is a more recent song

marty abdullah singing the blues baby!!!!!! This is my Uncle 888 views Abundance

Baalam Ji | Salim Sulaiman feat. Sattar Khan | Holi Special

Indian idol sattar khan

Stevie Wonder - All i Do Genius Let's Gooo Yesss 7777 Divine

Genius Yesss777 Let's Keep Going

Peace and Love !!!

This is the day The Most High has made let us Rejoice and Be Glad in It !!!I got some great emails over the last few days that make me say YESSS!!! I am looking at some awesome campaigns one book raised 500,000 for times more than their goal and then there was a guy who did a watch all kinds of cool stuff!!!

I think it's so stupid when people hate on sites that are for crowdfunding.Money like Energy and Time is just a concept .If you don't want to participate then Don't do it but don't be a Hater people have been doing fundraising and crowd funding since the beginning of Time I feel like its kind of like preselling . I guess the advantage of the crowdfunding site is that it has more features . Hmm I am still figuring it out

Today I want to share a few videos of people operating in their Genius !!! One is by Stevie Wonder I woke up singing and dancing to this song and the other is by Sattar Khan from India .

InJoy the Rest of your Week 333