Friday, January 29, 2016

Progress and Praise YAY We were Born Rich YAY !!

Peace and Love

I hope that you are having an awesome day !!!Wow I was thinking of how I was in this personal development class and we would talk about our gains and wins or you can say Praise Report or Progress Report !! I am going to share mine with you . I signed up for a Project Management Course and a Social Media Management Course YAY !!

I was thinking about how people say get paid what you are worth and I was like that does not make sense . Our worth is quantum it is infinite !! I guess they mean you should be paid well and that is awesome !!

I feel like we just need to take the edge off . I see all these awesome projects and they are mutually beneficial YAYAYAYAY!!!!I am amazed at the 100.00 start up and someone else said they put together a conference for 300 bucks WOWWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!I just want to have a few thousand dollars because I feel like it just makes it a little easier . I dont like feeling like I am squeezing an orange. Somebody raised money for potato salad so all things are possible YAY !!!

I was Born Rich like Bob Proctor says and so were you !!!!There are so many creative ideas !! Money is just energy and there are enough resources to feed and clothe the world 333!!!! I ask myself so many questions like what is money and what is debt and how is wealth created .

I have so much awesomeness to share with you !!!! Have a Great Weekend !!!

Stay Tuned

Infinite Love and Blessings


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cosmic Love and Bliss

Peace and Love

Job 22:28King James Version (KJV)

28 Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways 333!!!!
The planets are aligning and everything is coming together in perfect divine order !!!Shout YAY if in him you live and move and have your BEing in him 777!!!

God is so Amazing !! I woke up this morning in perfect Peace and Bliss.In the last couple of weeks we have had only 1 supercold day . I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it stays this way until the end of February!!!

I have attracted some new awesome females who are interested in growing and supporting others to be their best. I think it is so sad when I see women heading towards 50 and over fighting others on Tv and putting other women down. It makes me feel like Wow poor little pitiful messy things lol .I know that it is not real. It just sends a negative message .It is truly sad women  stalking other women on social media etc. They are supposed to set an example for the younger generation .Check out this show For my Man you have to see it . My prayer is that it will inspire someone and I know that lives are being changed .Strong Women are so powerful!!!May we Love Them and May We Be Them YAY 333 777 11 11!!!I am so grateful for them because they leave a positive impact and legacy. It is not about being perfect.It is just about loving each other and working through obstacles. You can feel the vibes !!!

I have received so many awesome emails in the last couple of weeks ! One person said that they moved to another state and into a home w other people who were driven like them and it turned out positive. It made me think of The Biggest Loser or Extreme Weight loss I forgot what they call it now. There was a guy who was like 459 lbs and lost over 200 lbs in a year !!! It was so awesome to watch his transformation 333!!I was like Wow !!I get so excited when I see people achieve their goals !! I feel like we are all One 777!!!It makes me feel like my goals are super achievable. 

Here is one of my secrets ! I get excited !!! Like Harmony used to say "Mommy I so excited !!" I am excited about a part time job !! I am excited about the new positive energies and experiences that I am having !!!So many things have shifted for me and I am cleaning and clearing so much !!!Everything is energetic !! Can you feel the shift ???

Love and Blessings 



Thursday, January 14, 2016


Peace and Love !!!

I pray that your morning is filled with light and sunshine and bliss and love !!! So it is like the Angel and the Holy Spirit have been sending me these beautiful messages . I was reading a story I think it was from Forbes but I do not remember. The story was about a girl who had her degree and quit so she could work at Trader Joe's . She said it made her happy YAY!!!Then I read another story about a girl who got fired from her job and used it as inspiration. Then I read countless other stories about people who had their Master's Degree and were making 10.00 per hour working at a call center . 

It was such a confirmation for me . I remember working for a company and I enjoyed it from the time I was 19 until I was about 23. I really enjoyed it ! I met a lot of great people and saw a lot and had to learn how to make executive decisions and think fast. I saw people give their whole lives and basically at the end lose their retirement . Then I worked in collections and moved into loan processing and mortgage and underwriting . I saw people making money and then all of a sudden it came crashing down. Then I worked in Tech Support for a while and I liked it . I would tell the customers that every expert was once a beginner !!!Here is what is I learned Corporate America looks out for their own interest and you have to do the same. You can make a million dollars for them one day and the next day they can tell you "You know that feather in your hair we decided that we do not like it and we are going to have to let you go lololololololololololol !!!!

By the time I was 30 I was like somebody please stick a fork in me I am done !!! I had a beautiful earth angel tell me that he wish that he could go back to my age I appreciate him so much.Don't get me wrong we have to do what we have to do part time job temp job or whatever .I had some experiences that made me say I am going to spend the majority of my day in Love , Joy , Service and Fun !!!! As Indigo Children we have to do work that helps others and feels good to our Soul 333! What people want is the JOY !! Some ppl feel like it is in the Corporate Ladder. They feel like whatever society tells them is right . People would tell me I am a Leader . In my head I was like Awesome I am just trying to lead myself and make it out Alive and THRIVE !!!

Another thing I learned is that you do not have to listen to others or explain yourself to others . Remember that man from Saturday night live and people would call and he would said Okay and Your Name is And I know you from ? You can be loving and kind and stand in your power and decide what is best for you .

The Last thing is to surround yourself with other dreamers and healers and fairies and hippies and those who believe in you and ignore those who don't !!!YAY!! I am going to listen to the podcast with Daymond John and fill myself up with Bliss 333 777 11 11 

I love you !!! 

Have a Blessed Weekend !!


Monday, January 11, 2016

Oh Wow

Peace and Love

The last couple of weeks have been really AMAZING!! Someone sent me something about a campaign they were raising like 25,000 and almost raised 10xs that so far!!Abundance for all YAY!!!

Yesterday was teleconference day !! I love love love teleseminars !! It has to be one where I can call in and listen because the click the link ones I dont like. I like to be able to put the fone down and just listen or take notes .This morning I was so happy my doors were not frozen shut HalleluYAH!!

I am going thru this crowdfunding course and it really shows how people love to be a part of the process and see the manifestation of things go live !!! As part of this book launch group people got to look at the covers and see which ones they enjoy and give feedback it is so much fun to watch it all come together and give and respond to feedback !!!

K next I want to share about compensation plans !!! I remember when I first saw Infinity Downline and I was like Oh Wow that is cool . Then Empower Network came and now there is a similar system. Here is something that I learned I do not like matrixes . You know the 3x5 or 4x6 or 5x8 . Unless its a 1x2 or something like that. The other day this guy broke down the numbers  and I was like Interesting . He was like basically even if it took you 12 years being super conservative it would still be worth it . WOW !!!! Something else I noticed is that a lot of people left Empower Network . I wonder why ? I dont promote nutritional products . I know that Herbalife has made a lot of people money .I just prefer educational products .I feel like the hybrid model 80/20 compensation is awesome also.It is more of a direct sales model .

Neway How are you feeling ? I feel lighter and more expanded and blissful overall.Seeing the results that certain people are getting from working with this community makes my heart say YAY ! Celebrate others and what you make happen for others God will make happen for you !!!!! Another thing I realize is could be awesome for me to be a part of another coaching organization while I build my own brand and business YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!Good things are happening !!!

Stay in Love and Bliss