Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cosmic Love and Bliss

Peace and Love

Job 22:28King James Version (KJV)

28 Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways 333!!!!
The planets are aligning and everything is coming together in perfect divine order !!!Shout YAY if in him you live and move and have your BEing in him 777!!!

God is so Amazing !! I woke up this morning in perfect Peace and Bliss.In the last couple of weeks we have had only 1 supercold day . I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it stays this way until the end of February!!!

I have attracted some new awesome females who are interested in growing and supporting others to be their best. I think it is so sad when I see women heading towards 50 and over fighting others on Tv and putting other women down. It makes me feel like Wow poor little pitiful messy things lol .I know that it is not real. It just sends a negative message .It is truly sad women  stalking other women on social media etc. They are supposed to set an example for the younger generation .Check out this show For my Man you have to see it . My prayer is that it will inspire someone and I know that lives are being changed .Strong Women are so powerful!!!May we Love Them and May We Be Them YAY 333 777 11 11!!!I am so grateful for them because they leave a positive impact and legacy. It is not about being perfect.It is just about loving each other and working through obstacles. You can feel the vibes !!!

I have received so many awesome emails in the last couple of weeks ! One person said that they moved to another state and into a home w other people who were driven like them and it turned out positive. It made me think of The Biggest Loser or Extreme Weight loss I forgot what they call it now. There was a guy who was like 459 lbs and lost over 200 lbs in a year !!! It was so awesome to watch his transformation 333!!I was like Wow !!I get so excited when I see people achieve their goals !! I feel like we are all One 777!!!It makes me feel like my goals are super achievable. 

Here is one of my secrets ! I get excited !!! Like Harmony used to say "Mommy I so excited !!" I am excited about a part time job !! I am excited about the new positive energies and experiences that I am having !!!So many things have shifted for me and I am cleaning and clearing so much !!!Everything is energetic !! Can you feel the shift ???

Love and Blessings 



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