Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Love and Bliss and Deep Feelings 333

Peace and Love

Today when I woke up  I just felt so blissful! There was a young girl on TV who reminded me of Harmony and she made clothes and designed jewelry and she knew when she was 8 she wanted to be a business owner and now she is 15 and she is a business owner with 7 employees and some of them are adults. I was so grateful that the girls parent's listened to her instead of telling her she was crazy. It made me think of when I was a little girl and my teacher loved my books and I got invited to the Young Author's Conference and won awards for my writing . Isn't it awesome that when you are a child you do not really listen to resistance you just create from the heart and soul and feeling YAY !!

It works in both ways it can just be a bad vibe you get from someone or something that they do that let you know something is right .When we listen we WIN when we don't we learn and have a story to tell lol. I have been having some really intense emotions and energies that are coming through right now and they are beautiful !!! My prayer is that I will continue to let go of the lower energies more quickly and stay in Divine Love and Bliss !

Love and Light


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