Wednesday, April 15, 2015

God is Amazing Something Big is coming 333

Peace and Love
I hope that you are having a good day ! Today I was being experiencing a psychic attack and at the exact moment I got a text from a beautiful coach and I knew it was a sign and was like Awwww YAY 3333.

Yesterday a friend posted something about people who smile to your face and lie straight through their teeth and I was thinking oh wow. Isn't that the truth ? There are a lot of fakes , imposters and judases . I see them from a mile away and I just think to myself WOW really ? I am going to share with you how jinns and demons operate. Sometimes they come to you as a friend but in reality their intentions are not pure . I always know. You will feel something energetically it will just be off.They Be Like Hey Chica Let's Be Friends . I'm thinking how about no . If you are coming for me you are going to have to come direct because I don't do fakeness . I say what I feel. If I am tired . I say I am tired . If I feel love I share it YAY

It is the same with children. They have a pure vibration. If you have a child and they are telling you something .Listen to them. We are in a spiritual battle . The holy spirit is the revealer of all truth. God is amazing !! He causes everything to work together for the good for those that love him and are called according to his purpose. There were two instances where one person ended up dead and the other ended up in prison because they trusted the wrong people. The enemy targeted them but they did not listen to the spirit of discernment. I believe we get warnings and signs if we are tapped in . Remember HananiYah , Azariyah, and Mishael they were blessed even in Babylon. They said we know our God is able to deliver but even if he does not we are not going to bow. Magnify the Most High in every situation!! With the Most High all things are possible 333

Love and Blessings


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