Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mentors and Blissness 333

Peace and Love

I pray that you are having a good day ! It rained this morning and then the sun came out . I am feeling really loving and joyful and blissful 333!!! I want to ask you a question . Do you think that you can experience anything outside of your consciousness ?

I have been thinking about how powerful are beliefs and thoughts are . I mean I really took time and studied. For example in the beginning of Think and Grow Rich it talks about how Dale Carnegie was able to coach people to becoming financially successful and coach others and how regular education does not teach you about money and finance. Then I have been paying attention to the 7 and 9 and 10 year old's and I am sure that it is all Mindset and Consciousness. I have always believed this on some level but it is good to get confirmation so that you know you are not crazy or the only one.

It is also about focus . When I wanted to learn about Real Estate Investing I attracted the right information and then had a seven minute conversation with someone who is very awesome . He is an older man from the country also and he loves bacon lol ! I did not really think about his skin color I just thought that his energy was good and I was right YAY !His mentor and friend is awesome also and is good at raising money. Some people say that you really do not need that much money to get started but I know that if you want to expand and scale you do .I think that if you have in your consciousness that you can attract good people and experiences it will happen.

So I realized it is not really about the money . It is the thoughts and feelings and intentions and energy around the money. Now that I am clearing and releasing a lot of stuff I see money as Energy or an energetic tool like air and water in abundance .It is so important to get clear because if you don't you will sabotage yourself like the lottery winners and people who do not consciously prepare for the money .I think it is the same with love also .I think Love is a High Frequency like Abundance and feeling loving attracts abundance and good things YAY !!

Love and Blessings


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