Friday, April 10, 2015

Success YAY

Peace and Love

I hope that you are having a good day ! The sun is shining and it is not too cold out today. YAY ! Yesterday Chocolate Socrates did a post that said Do not waste your time explaining things because people can only see from their perception which is often limited. This is so important.

As the earth and the people and the earth are ascending we are being forward at a very rapid rate there are Soul Lessons that we come here to learn and karma that we come to transmute. There are people on the outside looking in who may have judgements or not understand . It is okay. Think about it Messiah faced all kind of persecution and certain things he did not dignify with a response because it was not worth his time or energy .

I feel the same way. When I was younger people would look at me and say you are pretty you have to finish your degree . If you want to be successful this is what you have to do. I would be thinking like Hmmm are they making money while they sleep ? Do they have systems set up and automated processes ? I would just smile because I already know that what they are telling me makes no sense to me so I do not have to take it in or respond to it because it is irrelevant. When you know yourself and your soul you know what to do . There are times when you have to seek counsel but only from those with wisdom in the area you are seeking. Proverbs 15 vs 22 King James Bible
Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counselers they are established.

Decide that you are Winner and no matter what obstacles you face you will have the Victory !!! Because EmmanuEL lives I have Victory Everytime 333 YAY

Love and Bliss


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