Thursday, April 16, 2015

More Unicorns and Bliss 333

Peace and Love

I met another unicorn and we had a conversation and I was like okay he is light too . He is successfully making money while he sleeps and he has a spirit where he truly wants to help others. I was blessed a few times today and sent out blessings and light.Some people say they want everyone to win but they are lying and they say they are doing hundred thousand dollar launches but they are lying it is okay . You will be led to the perfect people and situations at the perfect time YAY !!! There is so much light coming in right now it is unstoppable .

I feel like everything I desire is right at my fingertips 333. It is the most amazing feeling !!!I feel like I am 21. When I was 21 I had so much Chi it was like WOW watch out world. The ascenscion is happening now and we are here for such a time as this . I am building my success network YAY . I truly want everyone to bliss out 333. Just imagine walking around and seeing everyone blissed out in light and love !!! I remember when I was sitting here and all kind of craziness was going on and I saw my facebook friend blissed out jumping off a cliff I thought that is pretty awesome. How can I make that happen ?

So for the next few months I am going to focus on staying blissed out and doing yoga and spreading love and light everywhere I go . If someone sends me anything that is not light I just wish them infinite blessings and love and peace . The flowers are starting to bloom and blossom you can see them everywhere when you are driving . They are almost magical 333 I have 45 subscribers to one of my youtube channels and I just try to add awesome videos. I realized man what could happen if I actually set up a plan for this stuff like a google plus plan  and twitter also WOW the sky is the limit 333 Abundance comes from being in Joy and Bliss .I can not wait to start yoga and water aerobics and zumba Woo Hoo

Have a Blessed Weekend



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