Thursday, April 23, 2015

YAY Joy and Bliss

Peace and Love

I hope that you had a blessed day !! My day was great . I made a new friend and we are going to mastermind about ebay and amazon YAY. I really want to get a clear understanding of what is the benefit of selling on amazon or ebay vs your own site with a shopping cart. I got a beautiful t shirt yesterday and I love the fabric I would love to sell something like this with awesome designs .

I only lost a couple of pounds this week so next week I have to do better .Neway Joy is so important .In addition to doing a clearing for myself I had someone to some clearing and it was wonderful !!! There are a lot of things we can work out for ourselves but even if you are trained in 15 modalities it helps to have someone else from the outside looking in. I realize that some of the energy was past life with my twin EmmanuEl because it was so intense. For a minute I was thinking what is going on but then I realize everything is happenening to help me ascend higher and higher .

The experiences that I have been happening are super mystical and blissful !!!I realize that my steps are really ordered .We are here to bring the light and love onto the planet right now . This is the highest call 333 !! I realized when I saw the 97 dollar course from the person I thought was awesome and he said we will be able to ask questions and get feedback and then someone else offfered me the same option I realized I need to clear and go deeper . It is about bringing more light into the body and our cells .The beings that were attacking me and trying to prevent my ascenscion  were advanced . I thank the Most High for the Heavenly Host of Angels and Divine Love 333

I pray that you have a Blessed Weeked

Love and Light


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