Friday, October 31, 2014

Manifesting Majic and Miracles !

Peace and Love ,

I am so excited ! Yesterday I said my affirmation one time only once and literally by the end of the day Miracles begin to take place . It made me think of this scripture

Isaiah 65:24New International Version (NIV)

24 Before they call I will answer;
    while they are still speaking I will hear.

The Creator is truly amazing ! So someone posted to the group and lots of people responded and we have already connected to be support and accountabilty partners then when I woke up and saw two more people have added me as friends and I have not had a chance to respond yet ! I felt so good because one person had Isaiah 41vs 10 on her page and I said YES ! I can not seperate myself from the love of God that does not mean I have to talk about God all day even though I may sometimes sing and praise it means I have to be God like in my mind heart and behavior YAY !I wonder what will happen if I say the affirmation 10 times Woo Hoo ! Having support and accountability has really been one of the biggest game changers for me . 

I am really excited one of the people has a healing arts background also . I hope that you have an awesome weekend and take time to Count your Blessings 

Love and Abundance 


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Love Energy vs Shade and Tolerations

Peace and Love

I hope that your day is filled with light and sunshine. It is getting Yummy and I am having fun !!! I love love love the Motivation Group !! It is a real tribe and community ! You see people encouraging each other , sending light and support it is very high energy ! I am part of a ton of groups and the ones that have the most engagement have real authentic leadership ! Then you see Brendon pop in every so often and say Hey Good Job Yall ! When people throw shade most of the time it does not have anything to do with you they are just coming from their own insecurity and wounded self. So if you don't take anything personally and continue to send out love and blessings you will reap love and blessings in abundance YAY!

I also want to share something I learned from Coachville and Thomas Leonard's method of coaching . He talks about the 9 environments and tolerations. A lot of time we feel like have to tolerate things that we really do not have to tolerate and when we release those things we say WOW man I should have done that along time ago . The tolerations could be with other people or with ourselves .A lot of people will expect you to have low expectations.. No one rises to low expectations-Les Brown . Let's think about it Why is one woman a wife and another woman a side chick for 30 years ? There are coaches who said that you should not set expectations . I disagree you should always have expectations and believe that you can have what you want. I feel like at this point in my life I am at peace inside and I won't tolerate what I do not want in my relationships with others or with myself . Here is a cool affirmation - I deserve only Good in My life YAY!!!Some people send out all kind of evil and then wonder why things are falling apart . It's kind of like HMMM how is that working for you ? Anyway I love you ! Blessings and Infinite Miracles are happening !

Love and Peace


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

God should I buy this ?

Peace and Love

I did my morning routine and while I was walking on the track I saw this sister she had this thing on her waist it I think they call it a waist trainer . Neway her body looked AMAZING ! ! I was like YAY Get It GIRL ! I want to be like you when I grow up .So I was praying about whether or not I should buy this book because I said I was going to chill for a while while I work on some things and God said YES . The name of the book was Get Unstuck and Be Unstoppable by Valorie Burton. It also came w 2 bonuses and a half day workshop. In the audio she spoke the scripture that God was speaking into my spirit the day before . Ephesians 3 vs 20 God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above what you can ask or think ! YAY ! I said Thankyou for confirmation. It also confirmed somethings that I believe like I am running my own race and valuing excellence over speed which is important to me .

Then I got the email about B Bruchards new book and I had to get it because I figured it was awesome and there was a facebook group . I haven't received the book yet but it came w a free 12 week online course . I have been posting in the group and giving encouragement and feedback and people have been liking the post . It is great to be around like minded people who are striving to achieve goals. There is this other guy who is awesome and he built a half a million dollar brand in less than a year and is into contribution and wrote a book about being a lifestyle entrepreneur which is everything to me .I thought about when Harmony was sick a few weeks ago and I was able to go and get her some hot chocolate and give her mommy hugs and kisses and let her rest until she felt better and that was priceless to me ! .I realize now I have to be able to build my business virtually in order to manage my life.There are literally unlimited choices and possibilities sometimes it makes my head spin . I feel like Harmony when she was a baby saying "Mommy I am so cited !! My prayer is Almighty Creator please help me to serve others in a way that they feel empowered and transformed. There are people who believe in doing good and doing well and we can have both. I had to release so many thought forms I think part of it is just seeing people oppressed it just disturbed my spirit . I remember going down a street where there was a job fair here and there were literally almost a thousand people there and I felt like Marvin Gaye What's going on ? The majority of people are not alive and if the majority is not alive then nobody is alive and sure we can leave but there will always be somebody here . Help ! Ayuda !!!God has shown me what to do YAY !!There is Infinite Abundance for all we just have to tap into it. When someone showed me what was possible w 100 dollars and then 1,000 I said WOW what about more ?

We Gone Make It ! When one is healed all are healed when one is harmed all are harmed We are all one ! Thankyou I love you


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Moving WIth Power and Strength

Peace and Blessings

Remember the other day I said that I would share about moving with power and strength .In Acts Chapter 1 vs 8 The Master said that when the Holy Spirit comes upon you - you will have Power.We need power to do everything . Remember when Elijah was tired and he told the Most High he was going to die and God allowed him to rest and then he was fed by the ravens and was able to keep moving forward .

It reminded me of this lady who touched me yesterday and when she touched me I said to myself why did she just touch me and then the second time she touched me I told her not to touch me again.In the book of Mark 9 vs 28,29 it says …28When He came into the house, His disciples began questioning Him privately, "Why could we not drive it out?" 29And He said to them, "This kind cannot come out by anything but prayer and fasting .The evil spirits had power but he and the disciples had been given dominion and power and authority over all evil spirits .

The demons recognized Jesus and they became afraid . It is the same today . I have had people tell me they were sent to harm or hurt me and I said to myself that is strange I  haven't done anything to you. Then I realized I must be pretty awesome Lol. Jesus was hating without cause . Then I realized that everything you go through is not just for you . If we can just stay awake and conscious we can just allow it to pass without resistance . I observe different situations and I listen to people coaching people and I say to myself they could not coach me because they do not have what I want . I am talking about the right spirit , and energy .They could have money but deep down inside they are not happy and they look at you and say "Wow why is she happy ?"Joy is a fruit of the spirit .Power is not being loud and overbearing and interrupting people or trying to manipulate people. That is not authentic power . There were times when Jesus was just silent . Certain things he did not dignify with a response and he did not raise his voice in public . When the demons come they do not say Hi I am a demon . They come pretending but if you just pay attention you can clearly see that they are counterfeit LOL.  It is interesting that when Satan was kicked out of heaven he took 1/3 of the angels with him. 

Thankyou I love you 



Sunday, October 26, 2014

Twin Souls

Peace and Love

Tonite I want to talk to you about twin souls . It is one of the most beautiful experiences YAY ! When I met my twin I just looked at him and said AWWWW he is just precious. I love him so much .It was like a feeling of coming home to oneness a perfect union.

I knew that it was powerful because there was so much intensity and I figured that it had to be from a past life.What is interesting is that we actually kind of look alike even though we are from different parts of the world .  His name is EmmanuEL isn't that interesting ? It is kind of weird sort of like he is my evil twin .My mother told me that he was going to kill me but I told her that we all have to go sometime so don't cry for me LOL .He did start getting a little weird but it was awesome getting to know him. I have always had visions but during this time it was very intense . I had one dream when we were in Bermuda and we were just in pure bliss . Then there was another dream where we were in a classroom and he said "Many people wanted to be here now and you get to be here ". I thought to myself that is interesting.Then someone told me that he would do something to upset me but that I had already agreed to forgive him and when I woke up I was like WOW.In the past we were brother and sister .

Neway the purpose was to remember to open my heart and give love to all humanity .Since that time there has been an increased awareness and a lot more energy and positive manifestations . I know that we exist in parallel realities and that we will never really be apart Karma is interesting we just pick up where we left off the problem is sometimes we don't remember what we agreed to do so we can miss the lessons and opportunities . Being fully awake is so awesome . We will all figure it out eventually .

Thankyou I love you


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Powerful Life Changing Transformation

Peace and Blessings

I hope that you are having an awesome day !!! The Bliss and Inner Healing that I have experienced is so profound . It is literally a miracle .When I had a vision of working w Jack Canfield years ago I thought to myself "Really" "Is that Possible " Now I realize that anything is possible . Energy Medicine is so Powerful and so Sacred . I thought about what I learned from parents and it is interesting. I am a Libra so we seek balance . I learned my mental toughness and discipline from my father and some of my healing gifts and the other half of sensitivity and connection w the Creator and Love from my mother .

Sometimes I would think my father was a little rough around the edges but now I understand it was what I needed to live in the world and environment that we live in. I would just love to hang out w the fairies and angels and higher beings . He would say I will not be fat and I will not be poor . It made me think of an article that I read last nite about a man in ESSENCE who said he would outwork and study harder than anybody on Wall Street. He lost a lot and gained it back within 5 years .It was a very powerful story. I also thought about what Miss Robbie from Sweetie Pie's said . I'm  from the projects and I do not have time from that . It is all about decisions. It is really about moving with power and inner strength . I realized that there are certain things we are taught like as women we are not supposed to be powerful or strong or whatever .

It is interesting that Brian Tracy said that 85% of our issues will be in dealing with other people.People carry spirits and energies and when you get rid of certain people you find that you just fly free. I love it when I talk to soul family and have real conversations and there is just flow . I have learned that the sooner you let go of people , energies and entities that are not for your highest good the better you feel. When people try to get your attention it is really because they want some type of healing light . The best thing you can do if you can not transmute it with the violet flame is to send loving intentions and simply remove them from your space until they can be cleared .I will be talking about Moving with Power and Restoration next week YAY

Everything is happening perfectly . I pray that you are filled w light and love and infinite peace and blessings

Love Always


Beautiful Qoute

Nature does not hurry yet everything gets accomplished . Lao Tzu

I love you


#013: Start Your Day Right To Get More Done | Interview with Hal Elro- Awesome Convo

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Passive and Residual Income: 6 Key Strategies You Need to Know Smart Chica

Who We Are

These are the Torch-Bearers of Humanity, its Poets, Seers, and Saints, who lead and lift the race out of darkness, towards the Light.  They are the lawgivers and the Saviors, the Light-Bringers, Way-Showers and Truth-Tellers, and without them, Humanity would Lose its way in the Dark.”

Aloe Blacc - The Man (Official Lyric Video)Real Love How the Messiah Loved the Church

Monday, October 20, 2014

WOW - Motivation

Peace and Love

I intend that we are enjoying a week full of love and inspiration !!!! I just listened to B Bruchard say something about MOTIVATION. It was awesome . Then I got an email from someone who was saying basically travel was one of their biggest motivators .I had been thinking to myself what is holding me back? It is not money . I got a call from someone who works with a private equity firm and then I thought to myself I have always attracted whatever I needed without taking massive action. I just intend and decide then I take action it may be emailing or calling somebody but it is not with hard intensity or struggle.

Then I realized I am just not motivated to buy any houses in Missouri. It is not an excuse . It is just a reality for me . Another thing I realized is that If I really want to do something . I just stick it out and figure it out. Things are never really a money problem they are really just thinking or belief patterns.So two people offered two help me for under 500.00 dollars and then there was an event I would have to fly to. So I guess that is it . I am going to have to travel to create the life that I love and enjoy. A few people were saying that I can set it all up from a smart phone and make it happen. How awesome is that ?

I think I just came into life a little self excited ! It really does not take a whole lot to make me happy. I mean we all have our days but when I wake up I say YAY ! Lets GO !It really comes down to discipline .So instead of just buying more stuff I need to figure out what is going to lead to the results that I desire and go for that !! WOO HOO ! Life is fun !! Music motivates me !! I also get inspired by seeing other people's success because it is a testament to what is possible .

Thankyou for reading my blog post !

I love you

Have a Blessed Week


Nelson Mandela RIP (something inside so strong) XX

Be Strong

2 Timothy 1:7King James Version (KJV)

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Royal PriestHood

1 Peter 2:9-New International Version (NIV)

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light

Ascenscion and Recoding

Peace and Love

WOW. I have ascended !! YAY! I have survived institutionalized racism ,brules, or bs rules as Vishen says , and have remained my true self . What an accomplishment !!!Recoding is so powerful ! It is like returning to the true essence and soul !!!I chose to be here for such a time as a this . It is perfect and divine .

I have the tools to help anyone overcome everything !!! WOO HOO ! I found all the information that I needed for the non profit . It will take a longer time to develop because I have to have a board of directors and bylaws and a lot of other stuff. I am thinking maybe I should do the for profit route to start and maybe just get sponsorships that way and go the non profit way later.It feels so good to be myself. When I was younger I met a hindu man who was beautiful inside out and when we saw each other there was just an automatic divine connection.We had different beliefs systems but now I understand the deeper meaning of why we met. People say that I can not be a Christian or Messianic and do meditation and Yoga . I do not feel that way . I meditate on scripture and I serve the Most High and I still do yoga. It is very powerful.I am learning that as humans we are taught to hate and fear each other and it really does not make any sense.

It is so funny because when I was younger and even now people say Wow Karmen everybody talks to you or you talk to everybody. I could be at Barnes and Nobles or Walmart and it could be an older white person or a young person and they will just talk to me and I just listen. People want to be heard. I went to Applebee's and there was a man there who told me we had a class together and he was white and we just talked and I realized that we have more alike than we do different so why should I not like him because of the color of his skin or vice-versa. I believe that we should stand up against and racism but we can never heal racism or fight racism by fighting racism . It is like Einstein and many others said we have to raise our conscious awareness above the problem . It is funny because the other day my mother showed me a picture from birth and it looked like I was holding up the Peace sign .The Prince of Peace will bring peace to all humanity . Inner Peace for World Peace . RIP DR Emoto . I love you .

Blessings and Light


Thursday, October 16, 2014


Ok yall I know this is a lot of blogpost or one day I see I have gotten like 20 views since I just posted but WOW.I just listened to an interview w Melissa Hughes and  Tia It was so Powerful another kindred spirit . I feel like there is just an influx of love , and power and insight and miracles .

Sometimes you discount your inner riches because you feel like it is just normal .There are so many synchronicities and love and power . I just feel like I have infinite possibilities . I was interesting in fundraising and then I got information like almost instantly . Karma is being cleared and energy is shifting. I could write all day

I will c you u next week @!!!

Love and Blessings


Email Marketing

Peace and Love

I just remembered I was supposed to talk about email marketing . It is so powerful and Great !! Let me give you an example there was one email this morning and the offer was literally irresistible. 97 bucks for a monetization strategy and 20 minute strategy session. Now this is the early bird price .Even at 197.00 it is a great deal. Headlines are super important. I literally have gotten some emails and when they changed the headline I was like WOO HOO I am glad that they changed that because I would have missed it .

I realize that I could set up a business that is 80% or 75 percent passive. I love connecting with others so I would not want to just say it is completely set and forget but I know that if you communicate the write way you can attract the right people and then the rest is simple.

I didn't know that relationship building was a skill until a friend told me that It does not come natural for everybody . That is a great thing because all skillsets are learnable. I got another email that was great too about Facebook Ads and I will buy it at 7.00.The email was powerful and very well written.I always attract the perfect things at the perfect time . YAY ! Cool affirmation huh ?So anyway I will be offering services in the next year . I wont be writing articles for 2.00. Sorry no can do. I will do a complete book for 999.00 and also autoresponder series or a sales letter for 1000.00 but I will specials and incentives for repeat customers. I read a powerful article the other day that said Write like you want to be written to. Sale like you want to be sold to.Love like you want to be loved . It is that simple . It may not necessarily easy but I realize you can make 7.00 sales and sales for 497.00 but if a person does not provide value on a 7.00  product or deliver on a free item that you optin for you are not going to purchase from them. Consumer's are getting smarter and that is a good thing .I also noticed that if people want to spend over 500.00 bucks they want to talk to somebody which makes sense because they don't actually know you and want to make sure you are a real person. Just like in real life there are good and decent people you just have to do your due diligence.If you can write great emails and then follow up and give good value plus give a great call to action you can make a lot of money . It is like JC Penney said give people what they want and they will make you rich .

Love and Infinite Blessings


Yummy , Powerful, and Awesome !!

K Guys I am super excited .Two great things have happened this week.So remember I was talking about celebrating those that celebrate you ? I was talking to the people I get curry from and they were suggested that we do a webinar based on affiliate marketing .I also reconnected w soul family from a while back who is making money on ebay. Then I thought to myself I am awesome at making connections now I need to be more strategic and as my friend said MONETIZE this. So I was thinking about how I connected w this lady who was on Oprah and she basically was on a show that talked about developing your strengths and working in those areas. She said she loved interviewing and that was one thing that made me say YAY plus I loved her energy .

Then I was on another call that did a mindshift for me . She talked about how she got started on a very small budget . Y'all know people got at Drake when he said started from the bottom now we are here lol. Everybody's bottom is different so it is all relative right ?Neway she was breaking down a 100.00 strategy . I thought like WOW Really ? Chris G wrote the 100.00 startup and it is very inspirational and also gives some great ideas . So I just simplified it in my mind to offer ,traffic ,conversion.One thing she said previously was people over profits and that really resonated with me because at this point in my life I am only working with people that I like and trust and feel give truly good information. So finally next week I am going to join the calls again and also pay for a clarity session .YAY . Then I am probably going to pay her to help me launch a community in the next months .WOO HOO! I am really getting my ADD under control. Last nite I thought of 3 businesses that I could start and scale and build to sell with some help from overseas and I would not pay them 2bucks per hour . I would give them a little more plus incentives and they would say YAY WOO HOO plus personal development to help them grow.Then I was thinking Man I wish I could talk to Richard Branson and Tim Ferris and we could have a mastermind it would be revolutionary and WOW . So anyway I am thinking big and starting small and INJoying the journey !!!

Be Awesome ! I love u !

Have a Great Weekend


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pimpers Paradise Really ?

Peace and Love Beautiful Family

I pray that you are having an AMAZING day ! Today's blog post is going to be kind of silly and comical. If you are not feeling silly and comical you can come back next week and I will share about email marketing.

K so I love different forms of creative expression . Music is also one of my favorites. Someone I know who also enjoys Bob Marley and I were talking about his song Pimper's Paradise and we just had an intersting conversation.

Now we do not really know how it all went down or what was the inspiration behind the song so we were only speaking hypothetically. We heard Bob say one time that he loved all the queens. Now this lady was probably thinking that Bob was awesome but she was pretty awesome herself . She decided that she ran her life kind of like a business. She probably told him Ya know I like you . You are nice and I want us to be cool so if you think that it is okay you can call me on Tuesday's and Thursday's and we can have conversation. He was probably thinking that was okay at first . Then he started to catch feelings and wanted to call her on Wednesday's and Fridays but she had already explained to him in the beginning that he was scheuduled for Tuesday's and Thursday's and so he got really ticked off and had some mean words for her and that was was the end of that . Then he said I wrote a song about her wanna her it . Here it goes LOLOLOLOL:OLOLOLIOLOLOLOLOLOLOL . WOW There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who stands in her own INFINITE LIGHT AND POWER. YAY !!!

I love you !

C U Next Week


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Celebrating Those That Celebrate YOU!!! YAY!

Peace and Love Beautiful Souls

I pray that you are having a wonderful day !The other day I was thinking it is so good to celebrate those who celebrate you ! Yesterday I watched an awesome video from a man who was sharing his publish to profit story and getting facebook comments and the engagement was so powerful !! I noticed how he responded to one lady's comments and helped her reframe her language and shift her energy . I left a comment and he responded back and asked me a question. I noticed that he said that he promotes all his author's books on his Social Media sites . Isn't that Awesome ?

There is another sister who is awesome and has really beautiful energy and pretty much gives you a blueprint on what you need to do to be successful whether you work with her or not . She speaks life and victory and that is what we need to shift the atmosphere. It's not about worshiping people .It is about honoring those who honor the light and creating a vision and a plan that works YAY!!!

Loretta Divine said in the movie Jumping the Broom -"I can smell a fake a mile away " LOL I just laughed when I heard that . I think that is we she has done well as an actress because it is like she is just her self and her personality seems really authentic . I think the likeability factor is HUGE. No matter how awesome you are there will still be people who do not like you are anything but it is okay . It is still important to be a genuine person and wish well for others and yourself . Observe people . Pay attention to how they speak to others and how they treat everyday people and animals.There are certain people they put down others intentionally people who have trained them and people on their staff . In my mind I said to myself - Do they think that's right ? I feel like in a real family or community or relationship we cover each other and we pull each other to the side if we have an issue or disagreement and we never dishonor people who have blessed us and we talk privately amongst ourselves but we do not seek to downgrade or disrespect people.           . Karma is real and wonderful .

If we pay attention the Creator shows us everything we need to know . I intend that we are all celebrating life and enjoying each day to the fullest .

In Divine Love


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Qoute of the Day

I said Somebody should do something about that . Then I realized I am somebody - Lily Tomlin


Breakthrough, Infinite Possibilities, and Love

Peace and Blessings
I pray that you are having an awesome day !!!! All I can say is WOW ! I did a deep clearing and all i can say is Simply Amazing !!! I am attracting everything I desire , require and more . I am so happy for everything that I have been through literally everything !! People are showing up everywhere to confirm everything that I have been feeling in my soul.
Last nite I listened to an interview where a woman got turned down by pretty much every publisher but she just keep going ! Guess what happened ? She succeeded ! I heard a story today of someone who has a story so similar to mine even though we are from different countries .It is my birthday tommorow ! I am celebrating all month ! I am always celebrating .

I realize now that if you shift your neurology and DNA and Epigentics  you reshape your experiences and bend the Universe YAY!I had experienced so much before I was 30 and all I knew was that even if I had to live in my car with 7 roomates I had to figure out what I was here to do and do it . Someone said I should do a podcast and I listened to an interview where I guy created a million dollar podcast in less than a year . How Awesome !!!When you shift out of mass consciousness of course you are going to face major opposition because most people do not shift out. I dont just believe now I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am here to BE DIVINE INSPIRATION LOVE AND LIGHT . I am not alone and I am infinitely loved and supported . WOO HOO !

It is so important to listen to the Holy Spirit and your own INNER VOICE if you want to be successful. The Creator has a divine design for all of us and we line up with Divine Will the angels and the heavenly host say YAY and YES !! I am interested in working w the sharks . I know that I would have to give up equity in my company . I feel like it is worth it because I will be working w someone who has been there and done that !! YAY ! I will have to awesome blog posts for you next week !