Monday, October 20, 2014

WOW - Motivation

Peace and Love

I intend that we are enjoying a week full of love and inspiration !!!! I just listened to B Bruchard say something about MOTIVATION. It was awesome . Then I got an email from someone who was saying basically travel was one of their biggest motivators .I had been thinking to myself what is holding me back? It is not money . I got a call from someone who works with a private equity firm and then I thought to myself I have always attracted whatever I needed without taking massive action. I just intend and decide then I take action it may be emailing or calling somebody but it is not with hard intensity or struggle.

Then I realized I am just not motivated to buy any houses in Missouri. It is not an excuse . It is just a reality for me . Another thing I realized is that If I really want to do something . I just stick it out and figure it out. Things are never really a money problem they are really just thinking or belief patterns.So two people offered two help me for under 500.00 dollars and then there was an event I would have to fly to. So I guess that is it . I am going to have to travel to create the life that I love and enjoy. A few people were saying that I can set it all up from a smart phone and make it happen. How awesome is that ?

I think I just came into life a little self excited ! It really does not take a whole lot to make me happy. I mean we all have our days but when I wake up I say YAY ! Lets GO !It really comes down to discipline .So instead of just buying more stuff I need to figure out what is going to lead to the results that I desire and go for that !! WOO HOO ! Life is fun !! Music motivates me !! I also get inspired by seeing other people's success because it is a testament to what is possible .

Thankyou for reading my blog post !

I love you

Have a Blessed Week


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