Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pimpers Paradise Really ?

Peace and Love Beautiful Family

I pray that you are having an AMAZING day ! Today's blog post is going to be kind of silly and comical. If you are not feeling silly and comical you can come back next week and I will share about email marketing.

K so I love different forms of creative expression . Music is also one of my favorites. Someone I know who also enjoys Bob Marley and I were talking about his song Pimper's Paradise and we just had an intersting conversation.

Now we do not really know how it all went down or what was the inspiration behind the song so we were only speaking hypothetically. We heard Bob say one time that he loved all the queens. Now this lady was probably thinking that Bob was awesome but she was pretty awesome herself . She decided that she ran her life kind of like a business. She probably told him Ya know I like you . You are nice and I want us to be cool so if you think that it is okay you can call me on Tuesday's and Thursday's and we can have conversation. He was probably thinking that was okay at first . Then he started to catch feelings and wanted to call her on Wednesday's and Fridays but she had already explained to him in the beginning that he was scheuduled for Tuesday's and Thursday's and so he got really ticked off and had some mean words for her and that was was the end of that . Then he said I wrote a song about her wanna her it . Here it goes LOLOLOLOL:OLOLOLIOLOLOLOLOLOLOL . WOW There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who stands in her own INFINITE LIGHT AND POWER. YAY !!!

I love you !

C U Next Week


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