Thursday, October 16, 2014

Yummy , Powerful, and Awesome !!

K Guys I am super excited .Two great things have happened this week.So remember I was talking about celebrating those that celebrate you ? I was talking to the people I get curry from and they were suggested that we do a webinar based on affiliate marketing .I also reconnected w soul family from a while back who is making money on ebay. Then I thought to myself I am awesome at making connections now I need to be more strategic and as my friend said MONETIZE this. So I was thinking about how I connected w this lady who was on Oprah and she basically was on a show that talked about developing your strengths and working in those areas. She said she loved interviewing and that was one thing that made me say YAY plus I loved her energy .

Then I was on another call that did a mindshift for me . She talked about how she got started on a very small budget . Y'all know people got at Drake when he said started from the bottom now we are here lol. Everybody's bottom is different so it is all relative right ?Neway she was breaking down a 100.00 strategy . I thought like WOW Really ? Chris G wrote the 100.00 startup and it is very inspirational and also gives some great ideas . So I just simplified it in my mind to offer ,traffic ,conversion.One thing she said previously was people over profits and that really resonated with me because at this point in my life I am only working with people that I like and trust and feel give truly good information. So finally next week I am going to join the calls again and also pay for a clarity session .YAY . Then I am probably going to pay her to help me launch a community in the next months .WOO HOO! I am really getting my ADD under control. Last nite I thought of 3 businesses that I could start and scale and build to sell with some help from overseas and I would not pay them 2bucks per hour . I would give them a little more plus incentives and they would say YAY WOO HOO plus personal development to help them grow.Then I was thinking Man I wish I could talk to Richard Branson and Tim Ferris and we could have a mastermind it would be revolutionary and WOW . So anyway I am thinking big and starting small and INJoying the journey !!!

Be Awesome ! I love u !

Have a Great Weekend


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