Thursday, October 16, 2014

Email Marketing

Peace and Love

I just remembered I was supposed to talk about email marketing . It is so powerful and Great !! Let me give you an example there was one email this morning and the offer was literally irresistible. 97 bucks for a monetization strategy and 20 minute strategy session. Now this is the early bird price .Even at 197.00 it is a great deal. Headlines are super important. I literally have gotten some emails and when they changed the headline I was like WOO HOO I am glad that they changed that because I would have missed it .

I realize that I could set up a business that is 80% or 75 percent passive. I love connecting with others so I would not want to just say it is completely set and forget but I know that if you communicate the write way you can attract the right people and then the rest is simple.

I didn't know that relationship building was a skill until a friend told me that It does not come natural for everybody . That is a great thing because all skillsets are learnable. I got another email that was great too about Facebook Ads and I will buy it at 7.00.The email was powerful and very well written.I always attract the perfect things at the perfect time . YAY ! Cool affirmation huh ?So anyway I will be offering services in the next year . I wont be writing articles for 2.00. Sorry no can do. I will do a complete book for 999.00 and also autoresponder series or a sales letter for 1000.00 but I will specials and incentives for repeat customers. I read a powerful article the other day that said Write like you want to be written to. Sale like you want to be sold to.Love like you want to be loved . It is that simple . It may not necessarily easy but I realize you can make 7.00 sales and sales for 497.00 but if a person does not provide value on a 7.00  product or deliver on a free item that you optin for you are not going to purchase from them. Consumer's are getting smarter and that is a good thing .I also noticed that if people want to spend over 500.00 bucks they want to talk to somebody which makes sense because they don't actually know you and want to make sure you are a real person. Just like in real life there are good and decent people you just have to do your due diligence.If you can write great emails and then follow up and give good value plus give a great call to action you can make a lot of money . It is like JC Penney said give people what they want and they will make you rich .

Love and Infinite Blessings


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