Friday, October 17, 2014

Ascenscion and Recoding

Peace and Love

WOW. I have ascended !! YAY! I have survived institutionalized racism ,brules, or bs rules as Vishen says , and have remained my true self . What an accomplishment !!!Recoding is so powerful ! It is like returning to the true essence and soul !!!I chose to be here for such a time as a this . It is perfect and divine .

I have the tools to help anyone overcome everything !!! WOO HOO ! I found all the information that I needed for the non profit . It will take a longer time to develop because I have to have a board of directors and bylaws and a lot of other stuff. I am thinking maybe I should do the for profit route to start and maybe just get sponsorships that way and go the non profit way later.It feels so good to be myself. When I was younger I met a hindu man who was beautiful inside out and when we saw each other there was just an automatic divine connection.We had different beliefs systems but now I understand the deeper meaning of why we met. People say that I can not be a Christian or Messianic and do meditation and Yoga . I do not feel that way . I meditate on scripture and I serve the Most High and I still do yoga. It is very powerful.I am learning that as humans we are taught to hate and fear each other and it really does not make any sense.

It is so funny because when I was younger and even now people say Wow Karmen everybody talks to you or you talk to everybody. I could be at Barnes and Nobles or Walmart and it could be an older white person or a young person and they will just talk to me and I just listen. People want to be heard. I went to Applebee's and there was a man there who told me we had a class together and he was white and we just talked and I realized that we have more alike than we do different so why should I not like him because of the color of his skin or vice-versa. I believe that we should stand up against and racism but we can never heal racism or fight racism by fighting racism . It is like Einstein and many others said we have to raise our conscious awareness above the problem . It is funny because the other day my mother showed me a picture from birth and it looked like I was holding up the Peace sign .The Prince of Peace will bring peace to all humanity . Inner Peace for World Peace . RIP DR Emoto . I love you .

Blessings and Light


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