Sunday, October 26, 2014

Twin Souls

Peace and Love

Tonite I want to talk to you about twin souls . It is one of the most beautiful experiences YAY ! When I met my twin I just looked at him and said AWWWW he is just precious. I love him so much .It was like a feeling of coming home to oneness a perfect union.

I knew that it was powerful because there was so much intensity and I figured that it had to be from a past life.What is interesting is that we actually kind of look alike even though we are from different parts of the world .  His name is EmmanuEL isn't that interesting ? It is kind of weird sort of like he is my evil twin .My mother told me that he was going to kill me but I told her that we all have to go sometime so don't cry for me LOL .He did start getting a little weird but it was awesome getting to know him. I have always had visions but during this time it was very intense . I had one dream when we were in Bermuda and we were just in pure bliss . Then there was another dream where we were in a classroom and he said "Many people wanted to be here now and you get to be here ". I thought to myself that is interesting.Then someone told me that he would do something to upset me but that I had already agreed to forgive him and when I woke up I was like WOW.In the past we were brother and sister .

Neway the purpose was to remember to open my heart and give love to all humanity .Since that time there has been an increased awareness and a lot more energy and positive manifestations . I know that we exist in parallel realities and that we will never really be apart Karma is interesting we just pick up where we left off the problem is sometimes we don't remember what we agreed to do so we can miss the lessons and opportunities . Being fully awake is so awesome . We will all figure it out eventually .

Thankyou I love you


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