Wednesday, October 29, 2014

God should I buy this ?

Peace and Love

I did my morning routine and while I was walking on the track I saw this sister she had this thing on her waist it I think they call it a waist trainer . Neway her body looked AMAZING ! ! I was like YAY Get It GIRL ! I want to be like you when I grow up .So I was praying about whether or not I should buy this book because I said I was going to chill for a while while I work on some things and God said YES . The name of the book was Get Unstuck and Be Unstoppable by Valorie Burton. It also came w 2 bonuses and a half day workshop. In the audio she spoke the scripture that God was speaking into my spirit the day before . Ephesians 3 vs 20 God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above what you can ask or think ! YAY ! I said Thankyou for confirmation. It also confirmed somethings that I believe like I am running my own race and valuing excellence over speed which is important to me .

Then I got the email about B Bruchards new book and I had to get it because I figured it was awesome and there was a facebook group . I haven't received the book yet but it came w a free 12 week online course . I have been posting in the group and giving encouragement and feedback and people have been liking the post . It is great to be around like minded people who are striving to achieve goals. There is this other guy who is awesome and he built a half a million dollar brand in less than a year and is into contribution and wrote a book about being a lifestyle entrepreneur which is everything to me .I thought about when Harmony was sick a few weeks ago and I was able to go and get her some hot chocolate and give her mommy hugs and kisses and let her rest until she felt better and that was priceless to me ! .I realize now I have to be able to build my business virtually in order to manage my life.There are literally unlimited choices and possibilities sometimes it makes my head spin . I feel like Harmony when she was a baby saying "Mommy I am so cited !! My prayer is Almighty Creator please help me to serve others in a way that they feel empowered and transformed. There are people who believe in doing good and doing well and we can have both. I had to release so many thought forms I think part of it is just seeing people oppressed it just disturbed my spirit . I remember going down a street where there was a job fair here and there were literally almost a thousand people there and I felt like Marvin Gaye What's going on ? The majority of people are not alive and if the majority is not alive then nobody is alive and sure we can leave but there will always be somebody here . Help ! Ayuda !!!God has shown me what to do YAY !!There is Infinite Abundance for all we just have to tap into it. When someone showed me what was possible w 100 dollars and then 1,000 I said WOW what about more ?

We Gone Make It ! When one is healed all are healed when one is harmed all are harmed We are all one ! Thankyou I love you


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