Thursday, October 2, 2014

Breakthrough, Infinite Possibilities, and Love

Peace and Blessings
I pray that you are having an awesome day !!!! All I can say is WOW ! I did a deep clearing and all i can say is Simply Amazing !!! I am attracting everything I desire , require and more . I am so happy for everything that I have been through literally everything !! People are showing up everywhere to confirm everything that I have been feeling in my soul.
Last nite I listened to an interview where a woman got turned down by pretty much every publisher but she just keep going ! Guess what happened ? She succeeded ! I heard a story today of someone who has a story so similar to mine even though we are from different countries .It is my birthday tommorow ! I am celebrating all month ! I am always celebrating .

I realize now that if you shift your neurology and DNA and Epigentics  you reshape your experiences and bend the Universe YAY!I had experienced so much before I was 30 and all I knew was that even if I had to live in my car with 7 roomates I had to figure out what I was here to do and do it . Someone said I should do a podcast and I listened to an interview where I guy created a million dollar podcast in less than a year . How Awesome !!!When you shift out of mass consciousness of course you are going to face major opposition because most people do not shift out. I dont just believe now I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am here to BE DIVINE INSPIRATION LOVE AND LIGHT . I am not alone and I am infinitely loved and supported . WOO HOO !

It is so important to listen to the Holy Spirit and your own INNER VOICE if you want to be successful. The Creator has a divine design for all of us and we line up with Divine Will the angels and the heavenly host say YAY and YES !! I am interested in working w the sharks . I know that I would have to give up equity in my company . I feel like it is worth it because I will be working w someone who has been there and done that !! YAY ! I will have to awesome blog posts for you next week !



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