Saturday, November 29, 2014

God Will Show You His Will - Dr Charles Stanley

His Grace is Sufficient for Me

YAY All is well . I will keep blogging and going. It warms my heart when people say that they enjoy my writing or if I sing them a song I feel better . I am going to share a message with you today for the Children of Israel and all those who love the Most High

Love and Blessings


Friday, November 28, 2014

Miguel - Candles in the Sun

kenny rogers gambler lyrics

Prayer and Blessings

Peace and Love

Divine Download - I can not stay here any longer it is a Wrap Please stick a fork in me because I am done. I have just signed up for a crowdfunding course and I will be going over it in the next week. I do not know if I am moving to Phoenix , Hawaii, California or Georgia but I know one thing I am getting out of here in 2015 .

People at my jobs would look at me and say Hi Karmen from Spanish Harlem what are you doing here shouldn't you be in Lax or Miami or somewhere .I love Florida but I do not want to live there right now . God is protecting me and I am grateful but I see the handwriting on the wall and I know that I need to move expeditiously . I am so grateful for all the good that is coming into my life and I am calling on The Most High and Archangel Gabriel for Strength .I will be an author, speaker and trainer and help people on skype but I can not get sick to make people well. I have to live and Harmony does too . The frequency is too steeped in fear and ignorance and backwardsness and as Blissful as I feel I have to get around some other love frequency beings.I am going to do a lovely meditation and I will be back in about 3 weeks . I love you

Blessings and Peace


Sensitivity, Expansion and Is Obama Coming

Peace and Love Beautiful Family

I pray that you are having an amazing and awesome day !! I love you ! I was just thinking today about my sensitivities when I was young I could not drink milk and I had a serious allergy . It is funny now when I think about it because cow milk is for the baby cow and human milk is for the human.People were asking me if I would feel the same if it was a white boy on the ground and I said Absolutely you can scroll back through my blog and see when they left the baby in the car to burn to death I was devastated .

Neway a part of me feels like taking a blog break I am expanding so fast . It is crazy like I just think HMMM I need to raise money and the angels say Sure Here you go Get to Crowdfunding . In my mind I am thinking I need help . Who is going to sit on my board of directors? I just feel a little overwhelmed . I might just have to start with a for profit LLC and get it moving.I love Saint Louis . It really made me a champion. YAY!

Is Obama coming ? I feel like he sent his homie like Moses sent Aaron sent the High Priest . He is not going to come and change or oil or change our light bulbs or take us to the grocery store lol. I get it we are taught learned helplessness and people feel powerless`but the truth is this place has been going to hell in a hand basket for a long time and if we want to be successful we have to just Decide. I am going to be completely honest . I feel apprehensive everyday but when I think about it I can not fail. I am better off starting a business and calling ten thousand people and fighting for my life than waiting for somebody to come and save me . We all need accountability and support but we have to take the first steps .

I remember my friend said I was either crazy or a genius and I said I will just go with genius . It is insane that people are still talking about jobs the same thing we were fighting for over a century ago. In my mind Enough is just  enough I am a creative being with an intelligent mind and I am not going to allow someone to decide whether or not Harmony and I eat YAY . Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result . What if the job is gone and it is never coming back ? I have studied Change and Change Management and Emotional Intelligence and Human Nature says that most people will not change until they are forced to change and by that time it is usually too late . I will be asking for volunteers and help from everywhere YAY Together Everyone Acheives More . We are all deserving and worthy and abundance is our divine right . Money is just an energetic resource like air and water and fire . It is simply a tool .

Thursday, November 27, 2014

God makes my way perfect

I am so happy and grateful that God makes my way perfect . He uses every person and every situation to bring me my highest good !I declared before this happened that I am co creating a company that is transforming the world and it is going to happen. I attracted another angel who can help me raise money because they know how YAYAYAYAYAY !

God is my Strength and Power and He Maketh my Way Perfect  2 Samuel Chapter 22 vs 33


Next Week We will talk more

I love you

Blessings and Peace


The Voice 2014 Blind Audition - Elyjuh René: "XO"So Awesome 33

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Harmony through Conflict The 4th Ray YAY !!!!

I intend that as we work with the 4th ray of Harmony through Conflict we focus on the positive and keep our hearts open. I am so grateful for all the peaceful protests and the solidarity of our brothers and sisters all over the United States All is happening perfectly. I was feeling like WOW when I saw fire before it manifested it in the physical. Now is the time of transformation, purification and healing When one is harmed all are harmed and when one is healed all are healed There will only be love and peace when all people are treated with respect and dignity and equal protection under the law

I am going to be totally honest I saw fire everywhere before it manifested and I was like WOW NOW I don't want to see anybody else get hurt . But it is done . I do not condone violence but when God showed me the vision before it happened I said MY GOD  Dios Mio . Did they just leave that young man in the street for 4 hours .Jesus help us . It was just the straw that broke the camel's back. I said to myself I need to send his mom an e card because I feel for her and my heart goes out to her . God is so amazing he allowed his death to mean life for someone  else and for Good to come from this situation. All things are possible w the Creator and Noone can stand against him .He has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound Mind

Praise Always ! Do not let anything or anyone break your spirit

I love you


Alaine - Bye Bye Bye- Official Video

Monday, November 24, 2014


Peace and Love

What if we all just loved each other ? I know it sounds kind of crazy and far fetched but WHAT IF it was possible ? I mean just Imagine it ? Wouldn't it be Awesome !!! YAY !! What if we were all these highly evolved beings that just lived in a constant state of bliss and joy and love . If our vibes got low we could just shift back into higher and higher states of light and love . WOO HOO !

I love you !!! Have an Awesome Week ! !

It could Happen ..... Shawn K Dempsey YAY >>>

Sagittarius New Moon Yes Baby New Moon is Here Uplifting Energy New Starts Inspiration

Friday, November 21, 2014

Focus, Focus, Focus

Peace and Blessings

We are all connected !!! WOW K so I so I got this email for another 7 dollar product for Eben Pagan and it was so juicy I was like MAN he is a genius and then an extra google hangout How can I say No ? Some of these small purchases are really life changing .

In the Motivation group today somebody was writing about having too many choices and how to really conquer it . I know this feels like a great problem to have but it can really be a challenge especially if you are like WOW NOW all the time .One thing that I suggested was just asking is this decision going to lead me closer to my goal or is it just a distraction or is it something great but something that I need to delay for a more appropriate time ? It is really helpful .

I was thinking of something that Dr Demartini says that was so awesome . He said that when he met Paul Bragg who is the Apple Cider Vinegar guy which is awesome . He said for John to say to himself  I AM a Genius and I apply my wisdom and that was life changing for him . Self Talk is powerful. I also want you to think about something . Most people only know what they have been taught or what they have experienced and that is it . So if you want to 10x it you have to find someone who has already 10xed and if they give you the exact steps you can do it . That is one thing I love about my grandmother is that she would always say anything that anyone else can do you can do . It sounds so common sense but some people do not believe it .

So I have always asked myself what are these people doing that I am not doing ? What do they know that I don't know ???I rememember when I first heard of Tim Ferris and I thought wow he is like my friend in my head and then most people loved his book right and then you have the hater's right well that is not possible you can not work 4 hours a week. What if you can just take the concept and work 14 hrs a week or 20 who cares ? Take the information see if you can apply it in your life in any capacity for example saving time while you are cooking or making meals . I saw this awesome I phone cake that I am going to make w Harmony over this week and my beautiful niece I can not wait to see her ! YAY ! K so my point is that you can really learn from people if you are humble and willing to listen .The accountability that I am creating is life changing!! I am totally transformed !!!

Infinite Bliss and Love


Thursday, November 20, 2014


Never do something permanently foolish because you are temporarily upset . I know its hard sometimes but do not be a fool think long term .

I love you


Bob Marley - Forever Loving Jah (long version)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ms Denise and the Prophetic

Peace and Love

I pray that your day is going well and that you are filled with love and blessings .I don't know if I ever told you guys about Miss Denise I think I did in a previous blog post but if I did forgive me because she came up in my spirit today and I feel inspired to share .

I met Miss Denise at a women's bible study and she shared her testimony with me and we just had an instant connection. I think what made me think of her is that I was thinking of the other Denise that I was speaking of yesterday I did not even think about them having the same name until I reflected on it . She told me that God wanted to use me and that I was going to write a book and it was going to be powerful . Then a few weeks later I got a call that she was in the hospital . We went to the hospital to see her and pray over her and within days she crossed over .

I just thought about how you never know who the Creator will place in your life and for what purpose. I am so glad that I met her even though it was a brief encounter .I am thinking of my loved ones who crossed over and imagining them smiling down and saying YAY ~ We love You ~ I feel empowered

I love you



Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Beautiful People

Peace and Love

YAY More Awesomeness is Happening !! This morning Denise J Hart sent me something about crowdfunding WOOHOO ! My accountability partner and I are going to talk about some options on Thursday is God Truly Amazing or What ? If I had 10,000 tongues I could not tell it all !! My accountability partner was a stranger about 30 days ago WOWWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW.

This is exciting !! I was looking at some sample campaigns last nite and some of the incentives and my creative juices just flowed and flowed !! I have to sequence everything ! It is all about doing the right things in the right order . It is not about going 90 miles an hour it is about moving forward with persistence and determination !!! YAY ! Creating it all from scratch !! I just want to say if God gives you a vision hold on to it and Never Let it go !! Persist in the direction of your dreams and they must manifest !!!

Doing the Happy Dance !! It is finished !! All things are possible W God Halleluyah !!! Infinite Abundance is my Reality ! I give thanks for Increase Always in All Ways

I love you !! Thankyou for Reading

I AM Divine Inspiration


Deitrick Haddon - Mighty God

Mr. Vegas - I Am Blessed (Official Video) HD Say YAY if you know are Blessed

Monday, November 17, 2014

YAY My Money is Waiting On Me

Peace and Blessings

I pray that your day is filled w the love of the Messiah . The Creator is so awesome !!! You remember I said I cried last week. It was the annointing . I felt the annointing !!!! I did not ask the man if he was a believer but I know he was . I was listening to a podcast and the woman was saying she had no clue what she was doing but she started raising money and she learned . It made me think of what I would say as I worked in tech support . Every expert was a beginner . It is so true !!!!YAY!

So I asked myself how do I want to do this ? There are several options one is crowdfunding the benefit with that is that I do not have to pay the money back . Then there is business credit .There is also venture capital which means that I would have to give up equity in my company but I was found there were some options that were like to 6-10% equity and there is mentorship and support YAY WOO HOO !!So the key is what makes the most sense ? I am definitely willing up to give up profit for knowledge I just want to make sure that it is an awesome heart centered partnership . YAY ! Then there is also corporate sponsorships WOO HOO . This book and program is going to be awesome and life changing!! I see it ! I see people being blessed and being lifted up in community and being transformed !!!! Hallleluyah !!! WOO HOO !! With God All things are Possible !!!!!!! There are so many choices and options I pray that I will be led by the spirit of wisdom . I give thanks that I have the right mentorship  the right ideas and divine infinite supply !!! YAY ! Have a Blessed Week !!! Give thanks for Life and Life More Abundantly John 10 vs 10

I love you


Friday, November 14, 2014

"What is Yogic Flying?," Asks Larry King to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Pure Love Heals

Calling in all the light of the Rishis Maharishi Babaji♥ Yahshuah Paramahansa Pure Love and Light Can Transmute it all All is well with my soul We are not alone

Richard Smallwood & Vision - Angels

Calling on the Most High and the Angels

Calling on the Most High and the ArchAngel Michael for Protection and Archangel Gabriel for Strength and Archangel Raphael for Healing and Transmutation - The Cherubims and The Seraphims and all the Ascended Masters

Prayers for Peace and Justice

Peace and Love Fam

If you could take just a few minutes to pray for the city of Saint Louis and Ferguson 5 to 7 minutes if you can it would mean a lot . It breaks my heart and I do not want to see any more bloodshed . Prophecies are being fulfilled . There is a power within you that is greater than any outside force. The Light Exposes all things.Jah kingdom come Jah will be done on earth as it is in Heaven .

Thankyou I love you


YAY!!! I love my Unicorns No more Free Stuff

Peace and Love

I pray that your day is going awesome ! I saw snow this morning and it was just enuff and not too much !!!!!I noticed that I am gettting a lot more visitors to this blog and more and more things are happening quickly . I just wanted to share about the other day why I was crying . You know you meet people all the time right ? But there is something about when you met a kindred spirit with a pure heart it is just magical .

They are not threatened by you . They are 10 steps ahead of you and excited just like you with similar ideas and passions and a lot of big picture thinking !!! Always know you make a Difference . Whether you monetize or not you are Powerful and Beautiful and Amazing and there will be people who will mirror that back to you .It does not matter what their race or gender what really matters is the heart YAY ! ! !

So here we go guys no more giving away my good stuff . It is like the lady said about her easy rocking chair If I can't sell it I am just going to sit down upon it . I am not going to give it away . LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL . Seriously , I am partially joking and partially telling the truth.  I can do both YAY ! Free stuff and Paid stuff . It just feels so YUMMY right ? It is like I can charge for this !! It does not even feel like work . I feel great because I literally have 22to 33 ideas every hour so there are no limitations. I was like 1000 really seriously ? Then I thought about it I said I have enough info in my head to create 22 products tommorow and it really wont create me anything but time and then setting up my site etc and some marketing etc . I am like superstoked. !!!! I was like WOWOW ! Then I got my mind right and set FOCUS Karmen .That ADD is a hummdinger LOL. So I had my smoothie this morning it was lovely and I will be doing my afternoon routine .I have unlimited choices . Miracles and Wonderful Blessings follow me everywhere I go .Find your unicorns no matter what it takes . It is so much more fun to create with like minded people .

I love you Thankyou for reading


Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) ღ Aloha Ke Akua

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Training and Self Image

Peace and Love Beautiful Family

I pray that your day is filled w infinite light and sunshine . This morning when I woke up there were snowflakes outside and they were so beautiful ! YAY! So today I wanted to follow up on what I was saying about self image. So I have been attracting all Awesomeness right ? It is amazing . There are also the naysayers etc it just comes with the territory . I feel like as healers , wayshower, coaches and lightworkers it is so important to be strong physically , mentally, emotionally and spirituallly .The reason I am attracting awesomeness is that I am consciously vibrating higher . Nothing has changed about me physically other than the fact that I choose to vibrate higher . Well I take that back I have been eating better food and taking better care of myself but I pretty much look the same as I did when I was 28 .

When I see a coach and they want to coach or pastor and they talk about being healthy but they are severely overweight it is insane. I know that they say we teach what we most need to learn but we should at least be always working to create the best version of ourselves. I told myself I needed to lose 20 lbs . 15 now and someone told me that was my perception and noone would refuse to coach with me . I get it that is probably true . There are some coaches who are overweight and still attract clients but I want to be completely healthy so that is what I am focusing on and I feel better than ever . In my mind I tried to figure it out and I think it is just a lack of discipline especially if you have the money you can hire a personal trainer and have a personal chef .It is something that we have control over so it is a good idea to make it fun and talk to our bodies in loving ways and excercise YAY!!!!Plus it feels really good and yummy it actually releases endorphins. I did this one pose from this Ayurveda class and it felt like my whole chakra system just opened up completely and shifted . WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. It is really about self love. When you really love yourself and say Awww I love you precious heart and I am going to make sure you are looking and feeling amazing.

I know that I can coach others because I am like the mad scientist trying things out and figuring what works the best . Some people say that you can not learn from reading books you absolutely can but the best way to learn is by learning then application and implementation and also getting accountability from others .One lady said well you don't have to wake yourself to early and it reminded me of what this one investor left on my vm about an investor meeting he said Get your Butt Here LOL . I know why he said it based on a conversation we had on facebook . You have to really push yourself to do the thuings you need to do . Its like Jeff Olson says in The Slight Edge these things are easy to do and also easy not to do . We all have the same 24 hours in a day . I love you .

Have a Great Weekend



Flo Rida - Good Feeling [Official Video]Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Yahudah YAY

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Holy Spirit - Lyrics - Jesus Culture - Kim Walker-Smith - in HD


Isaiah 41:10New International Version (NIV)

10 So do not fear, for I am with you;
    do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Peace and Love 

Today I want to share an amazing story with you .Over the weekend I was listening to a success story from a young man who said that picking the right mentor and going through this program changed his life and it was so inspiring . I could feel  the energy and love and I was so inspired and I reached out to this person and he said he loved getting messages like that and how could he help me . I just started crying tears of joy and love and felt full of Bliss . I just praised God ! He literally is an earth angel God in action . 

He didn't ask me how much money I had .He is going to get paid of course . The creator is so Amazing and Wonderful and he will put the right people in place at just the right time .It was just a few short years ago when my friend and husband left the planet and I was feeling soul loss and sadness and I now I feel pure love and joy. God has the power to restore everything that you ever lost . The inspiration and the Love has to come first . When you raise your frequency and stay in faith and love all good things will come into your life and then you take inspired action . YAY!!! I am Blessed and Grateful . I love you.. 

There is noone like the HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL 

Blessings and Peace 



Monday, November 10, 2014

Abundance and Am I a Futurist

Peace and Love

I decided to do a post about abundance today YAY ! I had posted a facebook qoute from Bob Marley about riches and a few people liked it . Some people did not understand what I was saying .I was not saying that I was poor I was just saying that my riches come from Inside and as a result materialize in the physical world .

I was talking to someone and they said that I was a futurist . I thought that was interesting . You kind of have to be able to see the future to be successful. I say I'm a Visionary . I want to share a story with you  .There was a woman I saw on TV and she wanted to start a tech company and someone was interviewing her and they asked her "What if you do not get the money and she just kind looked like What do you mean ? She said I will get the money and in less than 4 years she raised a little under 30 million dollars . Isn't that Awesome ! YAY! Where did the abundance come from . It came from an idea in her mind.

What if she would have doubted herself and said well maybe they are right maybe I wont get the money .She had faith and her desires materialize . I have more abundance stories . I remember I wanted to manifest money and it came so quickly and the man said all you had to do was ask. I was like Wait a minute I dont have to do anything but ask .The bible says you receieve not because you ask not . The problem is that we are taught we have to work hard . ASK is also a powerful success principle. The key to asking is understanding that you are not begging for anything you are giving others an opportunity to participate in an awesome opportunity and it is a blessing to you and a blessing to them YAY ! I knew that she would get what she asked for because I could feel her energy and see that she not only had good intentions but a spirit of service.She really 10xed like Grant Cordone says .I was so excited like YES and YAY ! What God has done for others he/she can do for me ! Thankyou I love You


Saturday, November 8, 2014

The highest level of performance come to those who are centered, intuitive, creative and reflective, people who know how to see a problem as an opportunity Deepak Chopra
— feeling loved.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I love yall so much !!!! I can not contain it !!! Where the spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty YAY!! I feel so good and amazing . I just want everyone to feel like this ! Right now I am working on my self image . I know that I am beautiful in the most humble way. I just want people to see my heart and soul

Like I was confused because people I didnt know would be like Hey First Lady where is the pastor ? Then other people would say I was sexy and beautiful and In my mind I am like well I am supposed to be spiritual right so how does all this work ?I accept and love all parts of myself

I am a Multidimensional Being made in the Image and Likeness of the Creator I AM THAT I AM LOVE AND JOY AND PEACE AND BEAUTY YAY ! It is not only okay it is AWESOME ! WOO HOO !!!


I love you Thankyou for BEing Here Now


Infinity Quantum Qi Gong Presentation, Ama Lia Wai Ching Lee

Type this in You Tube Awesomeness and Bliss !!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Another Accountability Partner

YAY! Lets Go !

I love You !

Thankyou !


Stepping into the Light and Sowing Seeds

Peace and Love

I am feeling really Yummy and Awesome ! !! I have made my smoothies for the day and did one round of meditation and excercise and I feel great ! YAY! I have owned the fact that I am a master teacher High Priestess and Coach or Facilitator. That is what has been confirmed for me .

I also got more revelation about sowing seeds and making information accessible to everyone ! I can do a facebook community along with my book to create community and I will also have to learn how to crowdfunding.I saw someone raise 42000 for potato salad and I said WOW all things are possible.

I did a post about sowing seeds before and it came up in my spirit again last nite. It could be a 7 dollar seed 97 or 99 dollars or whatever . I remember one queen saying she spent 10 dollars and it was the best decision of her life . I also have been part of community where there was a small seed to sow but the harvest and reward was great and I can create the same thing YAY ! The main thing is creating support and collaboration. You hear people say take 100% responsibility for your life and that is true but you have to have support and as you align and work on your mission you will receive the support and blessings. There was another Ayurveda class that I was required to sow a small seed for and it is comprehensive , awesome and amazing ! I feel like the floodgates of heaven opened up and I said YES and YAY WOO HOO ! When I had the vision about California I was not sure what to make of all of it but now it is becoming clearer . I also found another community that is like 47 dollars per month and looks amazing.I spoke to a family member who said that we need thousands of dollars to do anything and I kind of agree but I also see that there is always a way to get started. Another thing I realized is that I have been meditating and praying for over 10 years and training all my life to do this type of work but I will never stop learning and growing because when you stop growing you die .I am going to create several opportunities for people to learn from me YAY !!!!!

Thankyou for reading this blog post

I love you