Monday, November 10, 2014

Abundance and Am I a Futurist

Peace and Love

I decided to do a post about abundance today YAY ! I had posted a facebook qoute from Bob Marley about riches and a few people liked it . Some people did not understand what I was saying .I was not saying that I was poor I was just saying that my riches come from Inside and as a result materialize in the physical world .

I was talking to someone and they said that I was a futurist . I thought that was interesting . You kind of have to be able to see the future to be successful. I say I'm a Visionary . I want to share a story with you  .There was a woman I saw on TV and she wanted to start a tech company and someone was interviewing her and they asked her "What if you do not get the money and she just kind looked like What do you mean ? She said I will get the money and in less than 4 years she raised a little under 30 million dollars . Isn't that Awesome ! YAY! Where did the abundance come from . It came from an idea in her mind.

What if she would have doubted herself and said well maybe they are right maybe I wont get the money .She had faith and her desires materialize . I have more abundance stories . I remember I wanted to manifest money and it came so quickly and the man said all you had to do was ask. I was like Wait a minute I dont have to do anything but ask .The bible says you receieve not because you ask not . The problem is that we are taught we have to work hard . ASK is also a powerful success principle. The key to asking is understanding that you are not begging for anything you are giving others an opportunity to participate in an awesome opportunity and it is a blessing to you and a blessing to them YAY ! I knew that she would get what she asked for because I could feel her energy and see that she not only had good intentions but a spirit of service.She really 10xed like Grant Cordone says .I was so excited like YES and YAY ! What God has done for others he/she can do for me ! Thankyou I love You


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