Thursday, November 13, 2014

Training and Self Image

Peace and Love Beautiful Family

I pray that your day is filled w infinite light and sunshine . This morning when I woke up there were snowflakes outside and they were so beautiful ! YAY! So today I wanted to follow up on what I was saying about self image. So I have been attracting all Awesomeness right ? It is amazing . There are also the naysayers etc it just comes with the territory . I feel like as healers , wayshower, coaches and lightworkers it is so important to be strong physically , mentally, emotionally and spirituallly .The reason I am attracting awesomeness is that I am consciously vibrating higher . Nothing has changed about me physically other than the fact that I choose to vibrate higher . Well I take that back I have been eating better food and taking better care of myself but I pretty much look the same as I did when I was 28 .

When I see a coach and they want to coach or pastor and they talk about being healthy but they are severely overweight it is insane. I know that they say we teach what we most need to learn but we should at least be always working to create the best version of ourselves. I told myself I needed to lose 20 lbs . 15 now and someone told me that was my perception and noone would refuse to coach with me . I get it that is probably true . There are some coaches who are overweight and still attract clients but I want to be completely healthy so that is what I am focusing on and I feel better than ever . In my mind I tried to figure it out and I think it is just a lack of discipline especially if you have the money you can hire a personal trainer and have a personal chef .It is something that we have control over so it is a good idea to make it fun and talk to our bodies in loving ways and excercise YAY!!!!Plus it feels really good and yummy it actually releases endorphins. I did this one pose from this Ayurveda class and it felt like my whole chakra system just opened up completely and shifted . WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. It is really about self love. When you really love yourself and say Awww I love you precious heart and I am going to make sure you are looking and feeling amazing.

I know that I can coach others because I am like the mad scientist trying things out and figuring what works the best . Some people say that you can not learn from reading books you absolutely can but the best way to learn is by learning then application and implementation and also getting accountability from others .One lady said well you don't have to wake yourself to early and it reminded me of what this one investor left on my vm about an investor meeting he said Get your Butt Here LOL . I know why he said it based on a conversation we had on facebook . You have to really push yourself to do the thuings you need to do . Its like Jeff Olson says in The Slight Edge these things are easy to do and also easy not to do . We all have the same 24 hours in a day . I love you .

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