Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Stepping into the Light and Sowing Seeds

Peace and Love

I am feeling really Yummy and Awesome ! !! I have made my smoothies for the day and did one round of meditation and excercise and I feel great ! YAY! I have owned the fact that I am a master teacher High Priestess and Coach or Facilitator. That is what has been confirmed for me .

I also got more revelation about sowing seeds and making information accessible to everyone ! I can do a facebook community along with my book to create community and I will also have to learn how to crowdfunding.I saw someone raise 42000 for potato salad and I said WOW all things are possible.

I did a post about sowing seeds before and it came up in my spirit again last nite. It could be a 7 dollar seed 97 or 99 dollars or whatever . I remember one queen saying she spent 10 dollars and it was the best decision of her life . I also have been part of community where there was a small seed to sow but the harvest and reward was great and I can create the same thing YAY ! The main thing is creating support and collaboration. You hear people say take 100% responsibility for your life and that is true but you have to have support and as you align and work on your mission you will receive the support and blessings. There was another Ayurveda class that I was required to sow a small seed for and it is comprehensive , awesome and amazing ! I feel like the floodgates of heaven opened up and I said YES and YAY WOO HOO ! When I had the vision about California I was not sure what to make of all of it but now it is becoming clearer . I also found another community that is like 47 dollars per month and looks amazing.I spoke to a family member who said that we need thousands of dollars to do anything and I kind of agree but I also see that there is always a way to get started. Another thing I realized is that I have been meditating and praying for over 10 years and training all my life to do this type of work but I will never stop learning and growing because when you stop growing you die .I am going to create several opportunities for people to learn from me YAY !!!!!

Thankyou for reading this blog post

I love you


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