Friday, November 21, 2014

Focus, Focus, Focus

Peace and Blessings

We are all connected !!! WOW K so I so I got this email for another 7 dollar product for Eben Pagan and it was so juicy I was like MAN he is a genius and then an extra google hangout How can I say No ? Some of these small purchases are really life changing .

In the Motivation group today somebody was writing about having too many choices and how to really conquer it . I know this feels like a great problem to have but it can really be a challenge especially if you are like WOW NOW all the time .One thing that I suggested was just asking is this decision going to lead me closer to my goal or is it just a distraction or is it something great but something that I need to delay for a more appropriate time ? It is really helpful .

I was thinking of something that Dr Demartini says that was so awesome . He said that when he met Paul Bragg who is the Apple Cider Vinegar guy which is awesome . He said for John to say to himself  I AM a Genius and I apply my wisdom and that was life changing for him . Self Talk is powerful. I also want you to think about something . Most people only know what they have been taught or what they have experienced and that is it . So if you want to 10x it you have to find someone who has already 10xed and if they give you the exact steps you can do it . That is one thing I love about my grandmother is that she would always say anything that anyone else can do you can do . It sounds so common sense but some people do not believe it .

So I have always asked myself what are these people doing that I am not doing ? What do they know that I don't know ???I rememember when I first heard of Tim Ferris and I thought wow he is like my friend in my head and then most people loved his book right and then you have the hater's right well that is not possible you can not work 4 hours a week. What if you can just take the concept and work 14 hrs a week or 20 who cares ? Take the information see if you can apply it in your life in any capacity for example saving time while you are cooking or making meals . I saw this awesome I phone cake that I am going to make w Harmony over this week and my beautiful niece I can not wait to see her ! YAY ! K so my point is that you can really learn from people if you are humble and willing to listen .The accountability that I am creating is life changing!! I am totally transformed !!!

Infinite Bliss and Love


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