Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Positive UpDate

Peace and Love

All is well with the online programs that I am involved in. I have just spent the past few weeks spending time with my family and planning for the future.

This winter has been one of the mildest winters that I can remember here and I am so grateful I am excited about the creative projects that I am working on Woo Hoo Hope that you have A Blessed Week



Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Good News !

Requested a cashout from Richochet Riches and received it in less than 24 hrs ! Awesome !

The best thing to do is when you have 10.00 in your available balance to compound your advertising purchases.

Jss is still going strong !! I love it the best ! It is my number one because it was the first to really begin this type of program plus the advertising and mindset stuff is useful in any business !I will be sharing another update with you next week feel free to email me if you have any questions

Love Always


Friday, November 25, 2011

Brian Tracey 10 Keys to Personal Power Part 4 of 6

Thanks for visiting my blog I hope this is a blessing 2 u

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A New Program

Peace and Blessings

All is well with Just Been Paid and Jss Tripler I requested a withdrawal and recieved it within 24 hrs . Wealth Share Club is still paying but the roi has slowed down a bit.

There is a program that a sponsor payed it forward for me it is very similar to JBP and Jss Tripler but they have a 50/50 cash out rule . Feel free to check it out below and let me know what you think

Friday, October 7, 2011


Yesterday I watched Steve Jobs lecture at Stanford and he talked about how dropping out was the best thing he could have done. He also said how the crazy ones think differently. Its so true . I love being crazy. I love that he said have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

The other day I went to another bloggers site and he was talking about switching from blogger to wordpress. I thought about it . I even bought new domain names to build additional blogs on. I am still going to keep this blogger blog . I guess its sentimental to me.

I have been learning about outsourcing and I know that I should be focusing on other skills but I love building things and seeing them come alive and coming up with creative ideas. I will continue to learn and then outsource and have additional help. Its important when outsourcing to have a basic understanding of how things work .

All is well its a beautiful day you can see the leaves changing colors. I hope you have a Blessed Weekend

Love and Blessings


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Good News

One of my favorite programs is back ! The restart is complete ! I am so happy ! This is really a first for the online industry . As always use your own discretion with how much money you want to spend but it is good to know that it is working again . I really love the mindset stuff As the Kybalion says ALL is Mind .

If you want to sign up for the program click on the button on the right that says Just Been Paid . If you need help email me if you have Questions .workwithme3@gmail.com

I also joined another program that mirrors JPB same concept . You can see the link to the right of at the top of this blog post .

Have A Great Week



Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Sure Fire Way To Success

When I first started this blog a few years ago I had a vision for what I wanted to create . Since that time many changes have taken place .Last year a family member attracted a terminal illness and someone close to me crossed over . There are times when we have to step and rest and heal but we must NEVER GIVE UP !

I have met some really great people online and I am about to start doing circles to facilitate healing . If u want to learn more about that feel free to email me at workwithme3@gmail.com

Ok back to internet marketing I am looking at joining some long term programs that have had proven success in the past and been a while at least a few years .One thing I really want to stress when joining programs is dont spend more than you can afford to lose . This might sound like common sense but you would be suprised at what happens when people use emotion instead of logic to make decisions.

Here is an article that was shared with me so i thought I would pass it on

OFTEN LIFE DOESN'T go in the direction we
want it to. Does that mean our lives are
doomed and we can't achieve the success
we dream of? Let's be realistic: Everybody
fails. Consider the following.

Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper
editor because "he lacked imagination and
had no good ideas." Disney went bankrupt
several times before he built Disneyland. In
fact, the proposed park was rejected by the
city of Anaheim, California, on the grounds
that it would only attract "riffraff."

Thomas Edison's teachers said he was
"too stupid to learn anything." He was fired
from his first two jobs for being "nonproductive."
As an inventor, Edison made more than
1,000 unsuccessful attempts to invent the
light bulb. When a reporter asked him how it
felt to fail 1,000 times, Edison said that he
didn't fail all those times, but that the light
bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.

Albert Einstein did not speak until he
was 4 years old and did not read until he was
7. His parents thought he was "subnormal,"
and one of his teachers described him as
"mentally slow, unsociable and adrift
forever in foolish dreams." He was expelled
from school.

Every cartoon that Charles Schulz,
creator of the comic strip Peanuts, submitted
to the yearbook staff at his high school was

After Fred Astaire's first screen test, the
memo from the testing director of MGM, dated
1933, read, "Can't act. Can't sing. Slightly bald.
Can dance a little." Astaire kept that memo
over the fireplace in his Beverly Hills home.

Decca Records turned down a recording
contract with The Beatles with this fascinating
evaluation: "We don't like their sound.
Guitar groups are on their way out."

A friend of mine in the music industry
personally auditioned a singer by the name
of Reg Dwight in the 1960s. He unceremoniously
shoved the singer out of his office for
wasting his time. That singer is now better
known as Elton John.

Imagine if these individuals had given up,
believing they were doomed to failure and
would never achieve success. Do you think
they ever felt down and depressed? Sure. But
they didn't allow a gloomy state to overtake
them, to overpower their desire to succeed. In
every case they did succeed--in a huge way,
far greater than their wildest dreams.

Bad experiences can be viewed as positive
in hindsight. They can be stepping stones
rather than stumbling blocks. It's your choice.
But be determined to never give up.

Andrew Lock - http://helpmybusiness.com/

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Paying it Forward

I have found a great program that someone benefactored me into .It is great to see the big picture
Here is the big payplan if you would like to sign up click the link below and I will benefactor u

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Update on Fast Action Prosperity

This program has launched and has been paying out ! I have been paid and one of my refferals has completed level 2 Get in now ctc me if you have questions workwithme3@gmail.com

Sunday, August 14, 2011

7 Tips for Working With a Virtual Assistant by Brendan Bosmans

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can save you time, increase your productivity, and be a rewarding experience. Although, if you are not careful, managing your assistant can be a headache and take more time then doing the job yourself. It doesn't matter if your Virtual Assistant is in Indiana or India. These few simple tips can help you get the best out of your relationship:

1. Give Detailed Directions

It seems like 90% of all the problems that I have encountered with a Virtual Assistant relates to this one issue. As the task giver, you must give clear detailed instructions to your assistant. Do not leave any room for your assistant to assume what you need.

The best way to give directions to your assistant is to write them down and send it to them a day or two before the work is to begin. This will give your assistant time to review the tasks and come up with any questions that they may have. After your assistant has reviewed the task sheet, set up a time to meet with your assistant either by phone or instant messenger to answer any questions they may have and to make sure that the assistant clearly understands your requests.

2. Take the Time to Teach the Task

No matter how simple the task may seem to you, still take the time to teach your assistant how to do the task. The best way to do this is to talk to them by phone or instant messenger, walking them step by step through the task. By doing this, you will make sure that they clearly understand what you are asking of them and that you are getting the results you anticipate.

3. Set Up Multiple Lines of Communication

Make it as easy as possible for you and your Virtual Assistant to stay in communication with on another. Your assistant should be able to have some way to reach you 100% of the time if they have any questions or need directions. Make sure that you and your virtual assistant share each other's phone number, email address, and Skype/Instant Message screen name. My favorite of these communications is instant messenger. Instant messenger allows you and your assistant to communicate in real time without causing any major disruption to sc

4. Give Deadlines

When giving your assistant a task, make sure that you give a deadline for when you expect the work to be done. Then communicate this deadline to the assistant and make sure that it is feasible. Once you have both agreed upon the deadline, stick to it.

5. Ask for Daily Updates on Your Task

To make sure that your assistant is getting your task done in a timely manner, request that they send you two updates every day. The first one should be an email at the start of their work, letting your know that they have started your task. The last email should be sent at the end of the workday, letting you know what they have completed and how much time they spent on the given task.

6. Get to Know Your Virtual Assistant

Take the time to get to know your Virtual Assistant. By learning about your assistant, you will create a better work environment and help to create loyalty and trust. I have found that one of the most rewarding experiences of hiring a foreign assistant is that it has helped me learn about new cultures and form lasting friendships.

7. Consider Working with a Virtual Assistant Firm

When choosing a Virtual Assistant, I would highly recommend working with a firm. A reputable Virtual Assistant firm will prescreen its assistants before hiring them. This means that you get higher quality assistants that in fact have the credentials that they say they do. Another reason to work with a firm is that if for some reason a certain assistant is not working out for you, a firm can seamlessly assign someone new to the job. The last reason to work with a firm is that if your assistant is out ill or on vacation, a firm can assign another assistant temporarily to the job so that

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5153164

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Great Program Get In Early

This program has a great compensation plan and pays you for advertising It is in the early launch phase so now is a great time to get started

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A New Way to get Traffic

I found a great way to get traffic to your sites . As a free member you can add one banner as a paid member you can have 5 banners in rotation and earn refferal commisons on several levels to learn more click the banner below

Real Viral Traffic at vTrafficRush.com!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Earn Daily No Sponsoring Required

I recently found a great site called just been paid you can join as a free member and check it out . They have success strategies and mindset training that you can apply to any business . There is also a JssTripler program that earns 2% a day for more info

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If you have any questions email me @workwithme3@gmail.com

Love and Blessings


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Marketing from the Heart an Easier Marketing Plan by Angela Willis

Easy Marketing Plan - Be Who You Want to Be
Do you ever wish marketing your business wasn't so hard? Do you wonder why you are even doing what you do to promote your business?

Let's change it up a little!

What if you just marketed your business in a way that suits YOU. In a way that fits your personality, that makes you feel happy, useful and helpful. Would that make a difference to your business and your life?

I think so.

Marketing Doesn't Have to Suck
You see, too many people see marketing their business as a nasty task. They hate selling to people. They hate being pushy and trying to shove their business in other people's faces. If you hate that too then I have a simple solution for you - stop doing it!

You've been lied too if you've been told that you have to market in a way that goes against who you are and what you stand for. You've been lied to if you think marketing has to be 'in your face' 'hunter vs. prey' type of situation where you come out the winner or you don't get to feed your family.

You absolutely can be the amazing, brilliant, shining YOU and make money!

Ok enough of the fluffy, just how do you do that? How do you make money by being you?

A Practical Plan to Marketing Your Business
The thing is there are hundreds of ways to market your business and they all work. You just need to find out what you like to do.

Me, I love to write about stuff I know. I love to share that with other people. So I blog, I podcast, I do videos, I write articles and I share. While I do that I am marketing my business. Right now I am marketing my business by giving you advice on how to market yours and I LOVE that!

Now of course you've got to be practical with your business and your marketing. I'm not saying you should do what you love and the rest will work itself out. You MUST also watch your numbers, understand your market and make sure you are getting a fantastic return on any investments you make. Those are a given and parts of your business that should never be ignored.

You've seen all the lists of how you can market your business on and off the internet. Go to them now with a new mindset. Pick through them based on what you enjoy, what you're good at and what you can scale up big to make even more money.

I've got more ideas for you too! At this point I'd love to invite you to grab a free copy of my special report called "Market From The Heart".

It's a report that shares How to Be You & Be Profitable. As a special bonus you'll also be subscribed to my email list where you'll get only good stuff on how to build a business you love.

Here's where to grab your free report now: http://www.marketersmojo.com/freebies/mojo-tips/

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Angela_Wills

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5139282

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A New Revolutionary System

Today I want to share with you a new revolutionary systemIt is very powerful. A simple strategy that you can use is the pay it forward option and then your tea that is affordable for anyone . It is called autoxten. You can get started for 10.00 or you can qualify for all levels buy paying 150.00 for phase 1 one time .

A simple strategy that you can use is you can build a team buy paying it forward and spreading the love a little bit at a time

Here is a link to find out more information http://www.autoxten.com/kprincess

If you have any questions feel free to email me at karmenluvsbooks@yahoo.com

Monday, June 20, 2011

Do You Believe in YOU by Ali Brown

We all have days when we feel less than on top of our game, shrinking and self-doubting, but are you spending too much time on the bottom?

Take this quiz to find out how confident you really are.

1. You’re face to face with a potential client who loves your product or service, but they want you to reduce your quote by 20%. You’ve been chasing this client for months. What do you do?

a. I politely thank them for their time, decline, and leave.
b. I tell them that I need to re-work the figures and consider some options, and I’ll get back to them the following day.
c. I say, “Sure. Okay.”

2. How do you feel about your ability to achieve your goals in life?

a. Excellent, I’m well on my way.
b. I could use a lot more focus… and maybe some talent to boot!
c. There is no point in setting goals for myself. I hardly ever follow through.

3. You’re at a networking event and you desperately want to meet the keynote speaker. What do you do?

a. I walk straight up to the speaker, smile, and introduce myself.
b. I ask someone to introduce me to them.
c. Nothing. I wouldn’t know what to say.

4. How do you view your body?

a. I’m where I want to be and am comfortable with myself.
b. I could lose a few pounds.
c. I’m ashamed to be seen in public.

5. You’ve been planning a trip with your honey for a while, but now your family is asking you to do something with them that weekend. Their task could easily be rescheduled. What do you do?

a. I stand up for what I want to do and ask my family to reschedule.
b. I try to take care of my family’s demands before I set out on my trip, delaying it if necessary.
c. I cancel my plans—family comes first, no matter what.

6. How would your rate yourself in terms of how critical you are to your clients?

a. They need me more than I need them.
b. They will never replace me because I constantly keep in contact with them.
c. I’m not sure.

7. How do you view your future?

a. I’ve accomplished every one of my goals and have established a pleasant life for myself.
b. I’ve accomplished some goals, but others I had to let go. Life is about compromise, after all.
c. I’m not sure where I’m going and what I really want.

8. How well do you trust yourself to make decisions about your future?

a. No one knows what’s best for me but me.
b. My own opinion has weight over everyone else’s.
c. I think that other people often have more insight than I do on how to best navigate my future.

9. I’m a person who gets what she wants.

a. Right on!
b. Well… sometimes. When I deserve it.
c. I try to be satisfied with what I already have.

10. My overall feeling about my life is:

a. Contentment and excitement.
b. Worry and courageous resolve.
c. Frustration and regret.

Your Score:

For every “A” answer, award yourself 3 points. For every “B” answer, 2 points, and for every “C” answer, you get 1 point. Add them all together and find out your results below!

26-30 “The Warrior”: You’re quite the confident one! There is no task that you fear, no obstacle that can stand in your way, and no challenge that you’ll let go unmet. Your confidence may in fact be your greatest asset in life, so hold on tight to it!

16-25 “The Waffler”: You have a fairly healthy degree of confidence in yourself and your abilities. While you might sometimes hesitate, not knowing whether or not you’ll succeed at a task, you always give it the old college try. If you want to succeed, work to strengthen your inner resolve and learn to trust yourself more.

10-15 “The Wallflower”: You may be suffering from a serious lack of self-confidence in your life. No doubt this is holding you back from the success you deserve. Take some time to re-assess your life and focus on those things that you like about yourself, and your proudest achievements


© 2011 Ali International, LLC

WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR EZINE OR WEB SITE? You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it:

“Entrepreneur mentor Ali Brown teaches women around the world how to start and grow profitable businesses that make a positive impact. Get her FREE CD “Top 10 Secrets for Entrepreneurial Women” at www.AliBrown.com ”

Friday, June 17, 2011

Receive 20 $ dollar payments over and over

Here is an opportunity that is affordable for everyone to get started . There is a one time fee of 49.99 20 goes to you 20 goes to your sponsor and 9.99 goes to admin . Then as you get referrals you recieve 20.00 from the people who have joined your team

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Systemize to Create Time and Boost your Bottom Line by Donna Toothaker

The most successful businesses on the planet got that way not because they put out fantastic products, (i.e. McDonald’s) but because they came up with a streamlined, reproducible, consistent system for delivering those products to market. In doing so, they have given the customers what they want (quick service and a consistent product), while boosting their profits exponentially as their businesses multiply.

Your goal may not be to open multiple VA businesses. However, systemizing your VA business – having standard operating procedures, a company manual, and a way to easily manage your projects, team and clients – not only gives you the option to expand when and if you decide to do so, it frees you up in a number of ways. Having a system allows you to:

Keep your eye on the ball. When you have multiple clients and team members, you have many moving parts to keep track of! A project management tool is a great systemizing tool to keep an eye on all the communications between team and clients, find documents in a pinch, and keep that ball rolling in the right direction.

Breathe easily. Knowing you have a system, with a way to stay on track with projects, and document your actions, your teams actions, your tasks, and client requests, means your business is more predictable. You’ll have fewer “surprises,” like things falling through the cracks, and you’ll spot potential problems before they become fires you need to put out.

Use your time for what counts! Systemizing your business means your team can handle the day to day, while you spend your time in whatever way means the most to you – marketing your business, developing new products and services, or enjoying time with family and friends.

Boost your bottom line! When you have a system in place, you and your team are able to provide services to clients with less effort and more efficiency. The extra time and ease this creates means you can take on more clients and/or offer more services to your current clients, and grow your business.

Reproduce your business, or sell your system to others! Once your systems have been up and running, the kinks have been worked out, and you see consistent, positive effects on your productivity and profits, you can now consider opening new VA start-ups, or sell your system as a turn-key business to other budding VAs.

The bottom line: systemizing your business will make you, and your business, far more effective. When your means of producing, selling, supporting and marketing your products and services are systemized, you’ll be able to grow your business in a portion of the time, with a portion of the effort, that it would have taken previously.

Donna Toothaker is CEO, founder and coach of Step It Up VA Coaching. These highly sought-after VA coaching programs have been created for established, successful VAs who wish to create the 6-figure business of their dreams. Visithttp://www.stepitupva.com to receive the free report, Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Creating a 6-Figure VA Business.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

Leveraging the Power of The Internet

Today I want to share an opportunity that allows you to have leverage the power of the internet and help others at the same time .

I have been in several programs and I have been online for a few years and this is one of the powerful systems and I am going to share three reasons why .

1. It is simple . You dont have to know programming or anytime of code you can plug in and there are step by step videos that will walk you step by step.

2. It is affordable for anyone . I am also a part of another program where you have to have 500.00 minimum to get started. And then you dont have the option of paying the difference. With this system you can start small and If someone upgrades at a level above you . You will be qualified for that amount. How cool is that ?

3. It is duplicatable. If you follow the marketing plan you will succeed. Your sponsor receives 20% of your productivity and it is a team effort you dont have to pass up any sales . If you dont want to return phone calls there is a closing system that will do that for you

Visit here for more information 16

img src='http;//www.thepeoplesprogram.com/banners/16peoplesolid-red.gif'border=0 alt=""width="125"height="125" />

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Living The 7 Habits

Peace and love Family

I am so excited to share with you this weeks book. It is one of my favorites . It is called Living the 7 Habits Stories of Courage and Inspiration by Stephen R Covey. One of the most powerful things that I love about the book is that the habits are universal and timeless and sometimes we are living the principles without being consciously are of it .

Another thing that I love is that you can apply the principles to your organization , family, or personal life and they work . I am going to leave a list of the 7 habits with you .
1.Be Proactive
2.Begin with the End in Mind
3.Put First things first
4.Think Win Win
5.Seek First to Understand then be Understood
7.Sharpen the Saw-Constantly renew yourself physically spirituallyemotionally mentally

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beware of Demotivation

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Beware of the Demotivation Point
Posted on April 15, 2011 by Tina

Think big and all things are possible right? Woo hoo!

As much as I love this idea, in practice I’ve actually seen this work against people in business (myself included). I call this the demotivation point, and it’s something that we all need to be aware of.

When it comes to setting goals – in particular financial goals – I find that they tend to fall into 1 of 2 categories:

1. A “wishing” goal - picking a number that sounds really great in theory but isn’t really attached to anything. Ie: these days we hear a lot about creating “your 7-figure business!”… sounds great but isn’t always attached to reality. And quite often it comes from outside of the person (do they really want 7-figures or is it just all the rage right now?).
2. A “wanting” goal – being really clear on what you want from life and biz, and then looking at how this can be created via your business. Letting the truth of our lives and business situation pull us forward to reaching this goal in a manner that you can see and feel.

When I decided that I really wanted to take my biz to the next level a couple of years ago, part of what came into play was, of course, to pick my financial goal. At the time the conversation in my head pretty much went like this:

“How much money do I want to make in 2010? Hmmm…. I dunno, everyone around me seems to be focused on making 7-figures, so yea. That sounds good, 7-figures it is.”

So bam -that was my goal… and away I went on the journey of growing my biz. I had talked to people about making 7-figures, I had mapped out various ways to reach this goal, and it was all looking great on paper. But come fall of 2010, I was nowhere near that point… and I started to feel demotivated. As much as I thought I wanted to make 7-figures, the idea wasn’t actually that motivating for me and I was feeling stuck.

I remember talking to my coach about it and he just asked me a simple question in return:

“So what do you want to make then?”

Well, when I really took a look at my life as it is now, where my business is at and such, I actually came to a much different number. Instead of 7-figures, I was looking at a number in the 6-figure range (which I was actually really close to already for the year).

And an amazing thing happened when I re-evaluated the number – I could actually SEE it happening. I could conceive of actually reaching that goal, mapped out a plan, got specific and, most importantly, felt connected to the goal.

Connection is the key here – if we don’t feel connected to our goal, it’s not going to happen. And I daresay that if we aren’t connected to our goal, that means it’s probably someone else’s goal, not our own.

I’ve seen the same thing happen through our OBM Training & Accountability programs. We talk to everyone about how “yes, this can be a 6-figure business”… and as much as I’d love to see that happen for everyone, what I came to realize over the past year is that not everyone wants that. Some people would LOVE to make $30K in a year – for them that is super dreamy!! And once they reach that goal, I know they’ll be ready for more the next year, and so on.

The bottom line is this – if you have a goal that you can’t see yourself achieving – energetically and literally – then it is time to revisit that goal. Where did it come from? What do you really want in life? And how much does that cost? List everything out with actual numbers to come up with your total.

Yes, a goal should stretch you, yes it could (and should) feel a bit “eek!” in some ways… but if you truly can’t even conceive of reaching that goal, if you can’t see yourself there, then it may become more of a burden than a motivator. That’s when you’ve hit the demotivation point – where your goals work against you vs. for you – where they paralyze you instead of pull you forward.

So the obvious question is, does your current goal feel attainable with a dash of “eek” thrown in? If yes, you are in the right spot. If not, then now is the time to revisit. Get clear, hit the reset button and get ready to work it here for the rest of 2011. Now that’s a woo hoo in my books. ;)

Tina Forsyth is the author of Becoming an Online Business Manager: Playing a Bigger Game with Your Clients and Yourself. She writes and consults in advanced online marketing and business systems for business owners and their support teams. www.OnlineBusinessManager.com

Monday, March 21, 2011

How to Get More Clients

Free PLR Article: How to Get More Clients

I’m back with another “FREE Content for Your Blog” Friday!

What is “Free Content Friday”? It’s exactly what it says – I’ll post free content every week that you can publish on your blog. :)

Some of the content that I post here will come with PLR rights. Others will come with reprint rights. Either way, it’s free stuff (articles, reports, audios, videos) that you can post on your blog/website or publish in your ezines (and most will include the opportunity to earn some money).

If you missed last week, I posted this free PLR article: What Are 4 Things a Blogger Can Outsource?

If you’d like to learn more about what PLR is and how you can use it in your online business – and stock up on some high quality content, I recommend you swing by www.EasyPLR.com for more info.

ok. Here’s the article. See rules/rights for how you can use it in your business (on your blog, ezine, etc.) at the end.

Virtual Assistants: 4 Ways to Get More Clients Today!

Alternate Titles:
Ghostwriters/Designers/Copywriters/Service Providers/Freelancers:
4 Ways to Get More Business/Clients/Traffic (Now/Today/Immediately)

If you’re a Virtual Assistant (substitute ghostwriter, designer, copywriter, service provider, freelancer), you know that the one thing that keeps your income steady, is a finding clients. Luckily, there are several ways to keep a steady stream of clients coming in through your door.

Here are just a few:

1. Advertise in Ezines.
There are online newsletters everywhere that accept advertising. The key is to purchase advertising in publications that reach your target market and to create your ad to showcase your expertise. Don’t try to be everything to everyone or you won’t attract clients.

Ad Example of what Not to Write: “Hire me to lighten your workload. I can do everything that you don’t want to do. Let’s talk!”

Ad Example of what works: “Are you ready to get more leads to your business? I will handle your ezine advertising campaign for you. No more searching for targeted ezines, no more writing and tracking your ads. I’ll handle it all it all. My clients experience a boost in subscribers after I complete my ezine advertising campaigns that will pay for my services. Check out my website for testimonials and free tips.”

Recommended Resource: Check out the Directory of Ezines to find Ezines for you (or your client) to advertise in.

2. Write and Submit Articles.
The key is to stay on topic. Don’t write and submit articles about health or pet care. Present a problem in your article and solve it. Make sure your author bio is very compelling to attract potential clients.

Recommended Resource: If you’ve never tried article marketing, I’d suggest this course to get started – www.EasyArticleMarketing.com

3. Network where *successful* people hang out.
A huge mistake that VA’s make is to hang out on forums where there are other people struggling to make money. Instead, join a membership site for your target market and you’ll find yourself in the "inner circle"

Recommended Resource: The best place to meet new clients is live and in person. The event that I recommend you attend first is NAMS.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Having Job Security means Creating Multiple Streams of Income by Connie Sloane

Is your company downsizing and cutting staff due to the economy? Do you worry about your financial future and job security? If you've answered yes to either of these questions, you are among the majority of the nation's working population who are two paychecks away from the curb. There is no such thing as "job security" today, which is why you need multiple streams of income.

There is nothing more humiliating than to have to walk past your co-workers with your box of personal belongings as you are escorted out of the building. I witnessed this shameful scene once or twice at my places of employment and my heart always went out to those employees. I remember this happening to an Executive Vice President who made a six figure income. I would presume the absence of a paycheck of that size would had an adverse on effect on the family's finances. Unfortunately, this is happening everyday in the workforce to people who don't expect it and do not deserve it.

For this reason, people must be proactive in their approach to financial security. Having a job should be the back-up plan instead of the main goal. One must have multiple streams of income so that if one source of finances falls short, there are several others to close the gap.

The internet allows people to develop multiple streams of income. One way is to become an Affiliate Marketer. By piggybacking off of the sale of products sold on the internet, you can build several streams of income.

How to identify the best products to promote

The first thing to do is to identify the types of products that you can promote from your blog or website. It's best to select products that you have an interest in yourself. If you are convinced that your product is worthy of the selling price, you will be able to convince others. The key to attracting buyers of your product is to create interesting content about the product that will provide your audience with reasons to purchase it.

New affiliate marketers and even more experienced ones often feel that certain products pull in the commissions more easily than others and spend a lot of time trying to find that most marketable product. The fact is, you could have the best product in the world, but if no one knows about it, what good is it? You have to create interesting content around a product to draw people's interest.

For example: Let's say you are promoting a weight loss product. Your job would be to separate what makes your product better than the thousands of others on the market. Maybe the product you are promoting is all natural containing certain herbs that are conducive to rapid weight loss. You would want to educate your audience about those herbs, where they are grown and how it aids in weight loss. This would generate interest and would give people looking for a natural weight loss product a reason to want to purchase one that contains these herbs, so why not yours? Once you have a good amount of content available to your viewing audience, you will gain their trust and you will make sales, lots of sales!

So instead of worrying that one day you will be carrying your personal belongings in a cardboard box out of your workplace, start creating multiple streams of income as an Affiliate Marketer. Promote multiple products that you can create interesting content around and maybe one day you can fire your boss and hire yourself!

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Connie Sloane is a writer and researcher of profitable on-line businesses. She enjoys sharing tips and useful information for people who want to make money on the internet.

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