Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Power of Vision and Focus

Peace and Love

A few weeks back I posted a comment about how I had a vision of working with Jack Canfield years ago and in my mind it seemed kind of far fetched although it was something that I wanted .

Now he has a best seller blue print YAY! I started getting all kind of emails about different programs and opportunities and I was like WOW <3 .="" nbsp="" p="">
So I had to stop and get clear and understand what that vision was all about and why I wanted to work with him as a mentor. He gives a ton of value . He is heart centered and authentic and he really wants to help people .

When people were telling me that I would be a good teacher or that I inspired them I felt that was my calling but I didn't want to do it in the traditional education system . I also want to provide strategies and positive experiences and not just inspiration but accountability and support WOO HOO ! YAY ! <3 nbsp="" p="">Have u noticed how on the Biggest Loser you see people get results? I think it is because the students are in controlled environments and that helps them with the transformation. I have always been intrigued about why one person heals and another one doesn't . All things are possible with God Pure Love Heals <3 nbsp="" p="">
Love and Light


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Why I dont celebrate xmas and other falsehoods

Why I do not celebrate xmas , easter, thanksgiving or other holidays based on falsehood. Here is a scripture from Jeremiah 10 vs 3,4for the customs of the peoples or nations is worthless they cut a tree out of the forest and the craftsman shapes it with his chisel They adorn it with silver and gold and they fasten it so it will not totter. The creator is a spirit and wants to be worshiped in spirit and in truth - If you have a relationship with him and ask any question he will reveal it to you by his spirit you can also research the origin of these things and clearly see that they are false . < 3

Monday, December 23, 2013

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me

Peace and Love

Did you feel the energy of the Winter Solstice ? It was so beautiful and amazing ! I am still enjoying it and feeling love and gratitude . Today's post is going to be interesting . I was debating whether or not I should share it and I am feeling like YES so I will.

Have you ever felt someone watching you ?  I mean energetically you just got this vibe ? This happens to me all the time now which lets me know that I am pretty awesome and fascinating LOL !
Let me give you some examples there are people on social media who every time I would write a post they would do a video about it . Another person befriended me and would repost every pic that I liked but never like any of them on my page eventually I deleted them because I felt like that was kind of eerie and koo koo for coco puffs .

Another post I commented on got like 14 likes and I was like WOW I was just speaking from my heart . Then someone told me that I was a leader and I said AWWW.Then I thought about it and said Yes this is true . I would say something in an email group then 5 minutes later someone else would say the exact same thing verbatim and it is like super profound then LOL

Well the purpose of this post is to bring attention to a few things . The first one is that you matter . You are powerful and influential. You can change the world with your love and intentions . The other thing is that emotional intelligence is very important .For me it is knowing what to ignore and what to focus on and amplify that makes the biggest impact in my life .One of my favorite people is Gandhi and he said BE the change you want to see in the world .Choose Love Over and Over Again Yay

Thanks for reading this blog post !

I love you


Friday, December 20, 2013

Endless Possibilities

Peace and Love

I am so inspired and excited ! I was having a conversation with someone in the energy healing arena and she told me that I was a master teacher and healer and I remember telling her that I just felt I should give freely and she said she wish that she could call Wells Fargo and tell them  she would send them some energy LOL!
So I realized that I needed to reframe my beliefs around healing and money .I spoke to a coach and she really helped me get clear on how valuable and life changing the work is and how money is just a means of exchange YAY!
Then I realized there were tons of ways that I could still give back like scholarships,and monthly free calls like Jack Canfield all kinds of cool stuff.
Once I got completely clear all kind of opportunities started to show up .Anything is possible !! Its so funny when people try to hard sell because that method doesn't work anymore . At least not for me anyway .Its all about letting people getting a feel for you and then relationship building . I have a few choices now and I am creating a plan that is so awesome .

I send love , light, and good vibrations 2 u



Friday, December 13, 2013

Divine Guidance

Peace and Love

There is so much light on the planet right now ! Yes and Yay ! It feels so awesome !! Today I am inspired to share something with you about divine guidance .

As I listen to the Holy Spirit I get these little nudges and whispers very gentle and kind and I say Yes one step at a time and more and more begins to unfold. The possibilities are really endless. I know that I am on purpose and in alignment and it is the best feeling in the world .

As I was searching for a mentor I observed some people and noticed that there are some who are insecure and want to create cult followers where everyone talks the exact same and do not have their own identity . That could not work for me . As I continue to search I find exactly what is perfect for me and will move me forward in the journey.

Now initially I was thinking well how am I going to get the money to work with this person or that person and then I thought about anything that I ever wanted to manifest for the highest good of all and I manifested whether I had the money or not because money is just energy . I am blessed and always have what I need when I need it . Then I realized it is about mindset ! Believing that you deserve all the blessings and abundance that the Creator has to offer .

Im going to share a story with you one day someone stole some money from me a while back and the next day the creator sent someone to give me 3xs what I lost . I felt so much gratitude .

I believe that when the Creator gives us a vision he will show us the big picture and then break it down in small pieces because it can overwhelm you if you try to figure it out in the natural realm.Just Imagine  a world where everyone is in alignment and saying Yes to their divine purpose and the divine plan ! Woo Hoo ! Yay ! Wouldn't that be Awesome !!

Have a Blessed Weekend !



Monday, December 2, 2013

Being Different

Peace and Love

Yesterday's step in the challenge inspired me so much !! It was talking about being different. I have been different all my life .I could see things in the future like trends and all kinds of stuff . Being from a religious background I kind of turned off my gifts when I was younger but I realize the gifts are a part of my blood line and a blessing so I joyfully accept them all.

Yay ! So being Different is Cool. I didn't even realize it so much until other people pointed it out. I just simply wanted to be myself and think for myself . When you find people who  are different like you and get it its such a good feeling ! The Creative Visionary part of me can be centered and focused and bring all the manifestations to life . I hope that you have an Awesome Week!

In Light n Love