Friday, December 13, 2013

Divine Guidance

Peace and Love

There is so much light on the planet right now ! Yes and Yay ! It feels so awesome !! Today I am inspired to share something with you about divine guidance .

As I listen to the Holy Spirit I get these little nudges and whispers very gentle and kind and I say Yes one step at a time and more and more begins to unfold. The possibilities are really endless. I know that I am on purpose and in alignment and it is the best feeling in the world .

As I was searching for a mentor I observed some people and noticed that there are some who are insecure and want to create cult followers where everyone talks the exact same and do not have their own identity . That could not work for me . As I continue to search I find exactly what is perfect for me and will move me forward in the journey.

Now initially I was thinking well how am I going to get the money to work with this person or that person and then I thought about anything that I ever wanted to manifest for the highest good of all and I manifested whether I had the money or not because money is just energy . I am blessed and always have what I need when I need it . Then I realized it is about mindset ! Believing that you deserve all the blessings and abundance that the Creator has to offer .

Im going to share a story with you one day someone stole some money from me a while back and the next day the creator sent someone to give me 3xs what I lost . I felt so much gratitude .

I believe that when the Creator gives us a vision he will show us the big picture and then break it down in small pieces because it can overwhelm you if you try to figure it out in the natural realm.Just Imagine  a world where everyone is in alignment and saying Yes to their divine purpose and the divine plan ! Woo Hoo ! Yay ! Wouldn't that be Awesome !!

Have a Blessed Weekend !



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