Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lifestyle Design and Seeing from a Soul Perspective

Peace and Love

I pray that your week is going awesome! Harmony the LightWarrior Princess will be 7.77 in a few days then back to regular price for about a month. So last week I talked about some of my experiences as a soul and growing up. Today I want to share about yourself as a soul. In my early 20's I started to remember things. I would see people and I would feel certain things like there was one guy and we sat down and had a conversation and I told him that I felt like he was a pharoah  in a past life time and he showed me his arm and on it was a tatoo that said Pharoah WOW right ?

I read Gary Zukav's book The Seat of the Soul and it resonated so deeply to me . It made me really see things from a higher perspective and not really judge so much but understand that we all came here to learn soul lessons .There are some spiritual frauds and there are others who believe that they have all the light and nooone else but it is simply not true. I feel like I am a facilitator of light and transformation. If something doesn't feel right to you then trust your inner guidance and higher light. Everything is about intrepretation and understanding. So I see Siddharta Gautama the Buddha and the Messiah as my friend and all the prophets and even the angels say that they are messengers and that we should worship God.

Around the time of passover is always very spiritual and lots of warfare . The light is prevailing and love is sovereign . Our time is so precious on earth and everyday is a gift .Coming into earth as a free spirit I remember thinking if I have to work for someone until it is time for me to fall out and die you can pretty much stick a fork in me because I am done LOL.Everything is about seasons. Being Harmony's mom is one of my greatest joy's . I realize that work can feel like play and be enjoyable and enrich the lives of everyone around me YAY !!! I am activated. Everyday the love and light that we spread creates ripple effects all over the world .It is so important to create and design a life you love otherwise you can get caught up in other people's agendas .Clarity is Queen YAY . I send you soul love light and Blessings


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Power of a Name Activating Your Divine Soul BluePrint

Peace and Love !

I am so inspired to share with you today ! YAY! I am going to share with you a little more about me and my journey. To be honest with you I was kind of afraid to share certain aspects of myself because I felt that I would be shunned or people would misunderstand also for centuries native people have been oppressed, diminished or killed . I am also African American and the native blood  on my father side is cherokee but it is mostly african. When I was a little girl around 7 a  native elder came to visit me and I was afraid. My cousin told me Karmen you are different you remind me of a girl named Andromeda . I thought Ok that is interesting at the time I did not have any idea what andromeda was or what she meant.

When my mother talked to me about the trail of tears and Mississippi and how the Choctaw nation was there . I could feel all of it . I felt the pain of everyone the sadness and it was really hard for me to understand why if God loved us were we so hated. What did we do wrong ?My mother is very smart and highly intuitive .

As a child I would sing songs and my family would call me and ask me to sing to them and I was super sensitive . I had several paranormal experiences . I would tone and use sound because energetically it felt good to my body and music makes everyone feel better. Years ago when I was studying the tree of life I searched what my name meant and they said it meant SONG in Hebrew . It also said my name was connected to my soul blue print so I searched other people with my name even if it was spelled differently but they were singers also . I didnt even know how powerful sound and light were to create the universe.I would receive so much information and people would ask me If I channeled . I felt like I was just getting information from the Creator and we are one so I was just sharing . When you have a dharma or soul purpose you fulfill it naturally if you are in alignment . It doesn't matter if you get paid for it because it is what you are to do and it feels good to your soul.It is like if someone says would you pray for me you don't say yes that will be 50 dollars please. I appreciate money and it is my friend I don't have to chase it . It is all about flow .        

 It also helps everyone because when one is healed whole and complete all are healed whole and complete. Another thing I learned is that when people try to diminish you and you have done nothing but show them love and kindness it is because you are great and awesome and they are in fear . You dont have to feel bad about being great because it is who you are and we are all capable of being great .

If you ask to be connected to the Holy Spirit you will receive guidance . We are here to help and support each other it is wrong to exploit each other or for a man to exploit a woman regardless of the amount of money he receives or his relationship to her . If you sell your soul for money you are a slave no matter how much money u have all that you have is your soul and your dignity and once it is gone there is nothing left. As first teachers and mothers our seeds are always watching and will imitate our actions because it is learned behavior.The feminine energy is so beautiful and our brothers are supposed to protect us and stand as king and queen not king and slave or king and whore . A nation can rise no higher than the woman . YAY My name is Karmen and I approve this message next week I am going to share about Life Design

Love and Peace


Monday, March 10, 2014

Congruent Communication

Peace and Love

I pray that you had a blessed weekend ! ! Last week I participated in Mindfest with Paul Scheele . It was so interesting. The main thing that I took away from it was congruent communication. He gave the example of when someone is trying to sell you something and they really dont care about your best interests you feel it and it makes you want to run !! It was so funny because I could relate . There is then one coach I usually dont say names but she was the one who was being copied  I wont say who was copying her. So her name is Ali Brown you have probably already heard of her and she has the ATM story about how she went to the ATM and was trying to get some money out and didn't have enough . I heard someone try to tell her story verbatim and it felt like someone had threw up all over me It just felt gross. I just stopped listening but I was thinking Cmon Now you couldn't just get creative and come up with something.

Now think about it in the positive sense when the communication is congruent and you feel it. It could be when you are talking to a soul sistar or brother and you feel their heart or positive intention.You could be with someone who really loves you from a place of pure love and you feel it by the way they hug you or talk to you or kiss you on the cheek . It is so lovely . anIt is really important in any kind of relationship people will tell you anything sometimes and expect you to be Sally Salala head . Im light -hearted but I dont miss a beat .Sometimes it takes a little time but if you pay attention you will pick up the vibes . The longer you spend with people who are not congruent are sincere you are blocking your blessings from the good the Creator had for you !!! Ask me how I know Lol ! I learn from everything and everyone . Someone told me that they wasted 12 years with someone who didn't have their best interest at heart. It helped me get my mind right quick . When your soul gets the lesson you know longer need the experience you can jus BE FREE and INJOY !!

Thankyou I love you !

Have a Blessed Week

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Good News Love and Gratitude

Peace and Love Family

Guess what ? I have met more people and become a part of more groups someone connected with me and let me know she liked my author central page and that we can work together and give each other honest reviews . She also homeshooled  4 children how cool is that ?She has multiple books.

So I am building a team of so we can work together and help each other by giving each other good honest reviews and feedback. There is so much power in working together . Together Everyone Achieves More  YAY !I am attracting people who are awesome I don't even know how they found me but I am grateful !So I updated the price. It is now 3.33 and should be updated within 24 hours Harmony the LightWarrior Princcess

It is all coming together lovely ! ! It is really true that wonderful things start to happen when you follow your bliss

Have an Awesome Weekend !!