Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Power of a Name Activating Your Divine Soul BluePrint

Peace and Love !

I am so inspired to share with you today ! YAY! I am going to share with you a little more about me and my journey. To be honest with you I was kind of afraid to share certain aspects of myself because I felt that I would be shunned or people would misunderstand also for centuries native people have been oppressed, diminished or killed . I am also African American and the native blood  on my father side is cherokee but it is mostly african. When I was a little girl around 7 a  native elder came to visit me and I was afraid. My cousin told me Karmen you are different you remind me of a girl named Andromeda . I thought Ok that is interesting at the time I did not have any idea what andromeda was or what she meant.

When my mother talked to me about the trail of tears and Mississippi and how the Choctaw nation was there . I could feel all of it . I felt the pain of everyone the sadness and it was really hard for me to understand why if God loved us were we so hated. What did we do wrong ?My mother is very smart and highly intuitive .

As a child I would sing songs and my family would call me and ask me to sing to them and I was super sensitive . I had several paranormal experiences . I would tone and use sound because energetically it felt good to my body and music makes everyone feel better. Years ago when I was studying the tree of life I searched what my name meant and they said it meant SONG in Hebrew . It also said my name was connected to my soul blue print so I searched other people with my name even if it was spelled differently but they were singers also . I didnt even know how powerful sound and light were to create the universe.I would receive so much information and people would ask me If I channeled . I felt like I was just getting information from the Creator and we are one so I was just sharing . When you have a dharma or soul purpose you fulfill it naturally if you are in alignment . It doesn't matter if you get paid for it because it is what you are to do and it feels good to your soul.It is like if someone says would you pray for me you don't say yes that will be 50 dollars please. I appreciate money and it is my friend I don't have to chase it . It is all about flow .        

 It also helps everyone because when one is healed whole and complete all are healed whole and complete. Another thing I learned is that when people try to diminish you and you have done nothing but show them love and kindness it is because you are great and awesome and they are in fear . You dont have to feel bad about being great because it is who you are and we are all capable of being great .

If you ask to be connected to the Holy Spirit you will receive guidance . We are here to help and support each other it is wrong to exploit each other or for a man to exploit a woman regardless of the amount of money he receives or his relationship to her . If you sell your soul for money you are a slave no matter how much money u have all that you have is your soul and your dignity and once it is gone there is nothing left. As first teachers and mothers our seeds are always watching and will imitate our actions because it is learned behavior.The feminine energy is so beautiful and our brothers are supposed to protect us and stand as king and queen not king and slave or king and whore . A nation can rise no higher than the woman . YAY My name is Karmen and I approve this message next week I am going to share about Life Design

Love and Peace


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