Monday, March 10, 2014

Congruent Communication

Peace and Love

I pray that you had a blessed weekend ! ! Last week I participated in Mindfest with Paul Scheele . It was so interesting. The main thing that I took away from it was congruent communication. He gave the example of when someone is trying to sell you something and they really dont care about your best interests you feel it and it makes you want to run !! It was so funny because I could relate . There is then one coach I usually dont say names but she was the one who was being copied  I wont say who was copying her. So her name is Ali Brown you have probably already heard of her and she has the ATM story about how she went to the ATM and was trying to get some money out and didn't have enough . I heard someone try to tell her story verbatim and it felt like someone had threw up all over me It just felt gross. I just stopped listening but I was thinking Cmon Now you couldn't just get creative and come up with something.

Now think about it in the positive sense when the communication is congruent and you feel it. It could be when you are talking to a soul sistar or brother and you feel their heart or positive intention.You could be with someone who really loves you from a place of pure love and you feel it by the way they hug you or talk to you or kiss you on the cheek . It is so lovely . anIt is really important in any kind of relationship people will tell you anything sometimes and expect you to be Sally Salala head . Im light -hearted but I dont miss a beat .Sometimes it takes a little time but if you pay attention you will pick up the vibes . The longer you spend with people who are not congruent are sincere you are blocking your blessings from the good the Creator had for you !!! Ask me how I know Lol ! I learn from everything and everyone . Someone told me that they wasted 12 years with someone who didn't have their best interest at heart. It helped me get my mind right quick . When your soul gets the lesson you know longer need the experience you can jus BE FREE and INJOY !!

Thankyou I love you !

Have a Blessed Week

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