Friday, January 31, 2014

Spiritual Warfare and The Power of Praise

Peace and Love

I hope that you are being blessed and filled with love. Over the past couple of days in meditation and prayer I got so much revelation . Our Creator is so AWESOME ! YES ! As I began to question the thoughts that were coming to me I began to examine the thoughts and I realized that they were not mine and they were not true . A scripture came up in my spirit and it said John 10 vs 10 Yahshua came to give life and more abundantly and the theif come to kill , steal and destroy . WOW . Right now Christ Consciousness is increasing on the planet .

There is a battle and there is an enemy and he has an agenda and agents that are sent to carry out warfare on the saints . But we have the victory ! Halleluyah !~ We were created to be here now for such a time is this . The enemy tried to kill me literally .


2 Timothy 1:7

King James Version (KJV)
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.How do you identify the devil ? He is a liar . He also will try to challenge you for example when he came to Yahshua and said if you are the son of God. How did the messiah respond he said Go Away Satan It is written 

New International Version John 10vs 27
My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.Another tool is deception he will send people with smiling face but remember Jesus said these people honor me with their lips but their heart is not with me
When the Advocate comes, whom I will send to you from the Father--the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father--he will testify about me.John 15 vs 26The Comforter is a Pure Loving Spirit of Truth there is no deception or confusion . It is clear. He warned us John 16 vs 33
New International Version
"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."Halleluyah I pray that you have peace and love and the fruits of the spirit that nobody can take away Keep Praising God The Lord Inhabits the praises of His people

In His Love 


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Transformation and Working with the Shadow Self

Peace and Love

I hope that you are having an awesome week ! My week has been very interesting . There is a part of me that says  YAY ! I am a champion it is happening I have attracted a real estate mentor network marketing mentor and being invited to other groups and connecting with other like-minded souls .

Then there is this other part of me that is fighting with the little voice inside my head or the monster like Emininem talk about that says" Cmon Nemo you think u can do this thing but you really can't . Just be nornal LOL . I have never felt so much transformation and light in my life .I realize that I am not the only one who goes thru this process and that I just have to observe it and not judge anything but just observe and continue to move forward. I am doing a post next week about Giving and Attracting Awesome people. Every day I set the intention to send blessings love and light to at least 5 people. Some people are nuts they just want to add you as a friend so they can tag you hijack your timeline see what you are doing invite you to their events or sell you something.

I realize that most of this is not intentional but human nature says  a lot of people are just out for self and not about creating a win -win situation. 90% of the people I met are awesome so that is what I try to focus on. I hate it when people automatically invite me to their events or list me as going to their event especially if it is someone that I do not know or something that I am not interested in . I do not mind if people invite me just let me decide if I choose to attend or not . For example someone invited me to a speaking group and I really appreciated it. Someone else said they would show me how to make money with facebook ads. That is lovely. It is all about the way you do things . YAY

I know that the little voice will probably not ever go away completely so I have to make the other voice Louder and More Powerful . The truth is , in my opinion we can be do and have what we want if we allow it in . Preparation is key . I love video . I know that it converts really well. I like the ones with the powerpoint with a small pic in the bottom it brings it alive for me.It is so cool that we can be across the world and connect with anybody anywhere .The lesson I am remembering this week is that it is ok to embrace your shadows . There is divine perfection in every imperfection YAY

Love and Blessings

CU Next weeks



Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Harmony the LightWarrior Princess

YAY I noticed a few days ago I didn't share the link to the ebook about the ebook. Here is the link

Harmony the LightWarrior Princess

Love and Blessings

Do I need to buy more Stuff?

Peace and Love !

Today is awesome !! I got an email from Brian Tracy that recommended Brendon Bruchard and the content was phenomenal !!!! Then a lightbulb went off . He gave tons of information that I have paid for and that others charge for for free!!

Then I got some insight and said WOW !! I love buying stuff ! YAY! It is a good feeling. What I really need to do is just focus on the content and the information that I already have . Don't get me wrong it is good to pay for coaching and training and learning but sometimes we just have to do what we know and continue to move forward .

There is so much good information !! Everyday I feel like it is just expanding and expanding and growing .I am working on another ebook that should be out in about 60 days . I am so excited ! ! I am not going to buy anything for 6 mths . I am going to focus , focus , focus and keep sharing blog content .

Love and Light


Monday, January 20, 2014

Blessings , Systems and Formulas

Peace and Love

This weekend was really awesome . I spent some time in self reflection and I got divine downloads literally. Last week I was in my feelings for 24 hours and then I heard the Creator say I am redirecting your steps.

Friday after doing prayer and meditation someone told me that they wanted to share something with me and so I sat down and it was an episode about a woman named Dani Johnson . It really resonated with me . One thing she talked about was what I said about treating others the way you wanted to be treated. She was also honest and said that initially she only cared about people because she wanted them to join her business but then she changed and received many blessings.

She also talked about skillset which really was important to me as well. After have numerous jobs in different industries I realized that the Creator would promote me and teach me things about how to add value, increase the bottomline and leave people and places better than I found them . I needed confirmation because I had been looking at Empower Network since it first began . I have not ever seen so many people successful and I believe that is because they have a system.

So many people talk to me about profit , profit , profit . In my mind I don't have to chase money or be greedy or as we say money hungry . That is energy and you can feel it . There is also an energy of love and abundance and it is a higher frequency and you can tell when people are in that frequency.

The messiah said I am the vine we are the branches and if we remain in him we can bear fruit but apart from him we can do nothing. YAY! ! I love to study principles that are timeless and universal.

Another lesson I remembered is that every situation brings a gift to me !!! When one door closed another one opens !! I am always divinely guided , guarded and protected . I allow miraculous manifestations into my life with grace and ease !!!!.To be honest , I love network marketing, the personal development aspect as well as the residual income aspect . I felt kind of crazy because I was like most people dont get it . Then I attracted someone who said that they have a formula and also share their traffic sources that is what I mainly need to know . I am happy for everyone and I realize if you have the right blue print you can just follow directions and course correct .So I am creating a plan  and giving thanks.

Love and Blessings


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Be Careful How you Treat People

Peace and Love .

Today I want to share a scripture with you that blessed me it is Proverbs 24 vs 3 and it says "By wisdom a house is built up and by discernment it is made secure .

Last week was so awesome ! I attracted an earth angel who is very skilled at what she does and has a beautiful spirit . When I made the decision to work with her I prayed and I listened to my inner guidance and I got a YES!!

A lot of people say you have to take emotion out of business and I get their perspective but I use my feelings as a compass or a guide to feel energy and the Holy Spirit reveals all things to us . There is another person that I had been following for sometime and when I joined their program one of their coaches said that they had someone complete a project and did not pay them anything  because they didn't do the work properly. I was thinking WOW some people in Saint Louis                                 people will kill you over a piece of cake  or 5 dollars and you had somebody work for you and complete a whole project and you didnt pay them . Are you serious ? Really?

Now in my mind when I am having somebody work on something I am going to check periodically to make sure that everything is organized and working properly . Maybe it is just me I just feel like everybody's time has value .

Then there is another person who is talkng about God using fake testimonials and going on a speaking tour and when you pay for the tickets she is not sending out any event details . Then I realized she is probably using the money from the sales to fund her event but that is not a way to do business. In my family sometimes we would ask each other Am I doing to much ? Am I getting wild ? So you know me I am like well let me email customer service I really try to give people the benefit of the doubt but then I realized it is what it is called my cc company and just let it go .

There is a reason that you see certain coaches or bloggers who are making money and then they just disappear . The Law of Giving and Receiving says that what you give out you receive back ten fold.So I practice the law of harmlessness but please dont try to play me .God Jah Yah is my best homie so you cant try to pimp me and think it is going to work out well for you .

On a positive note there is a lot of love and joy in the new community a lot of talented people who are creating awesomeness in the world !!! When I spent the money to find a mentor I looked at it as what type of experience will this give me ? How will I grow and expand as a result of working with person ? What type of energy does this person have ? Who is she aligned with ? Psalm 37 vs 4 The Creator has given me the desire of my heart and it was so smooth. I had a question  got an answer back . It just feels like a flow . Yay !!!I am creating an awesome blog post next week that I hope will be of value to you !!

Love Blessings and Peace



Harmony the LightWarrior Princess is on sale again ! YAY!

Peace and Blessings

Harmony the LightWarrior Princess is going to be on sale January 21st 22nd and 23rd . It is a beautiful story about a king and queen who create a miracle child. She discovers that her soul purpose is to bless and heal humanity !!!

Thankyou I love you


Friday, January 10, 2014

Helping your Child Manage their Energy !!

I have been working with Harmony so that if she has feelings of frustrations or gets upset she can create a special space in her mind where there is joy and happiness and all good things so last nite she got upset and she caught herself and she said Let me take 5 deep breaths and was able to bring herself into a peaceful state of love and light and Harmony awwwww Yay

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Celebrate Everything !

Peace and Love

Today someone asked the question in a facebook group about how did you first make money online . It really made me reflect . I remember back in 2004 I was so excited I started two groups one was about internet marketing and the other one was a yahoo book club where I would post healing links and scripture and inspiration.

Then I remember when I got my first subscriber for this blog . I said Yay Woo Hoo ! The experiences that you have and the people you meet are priceless. I remember doing freebie trading back in 2007 and the forum shutting down. Then there were a couple of other programs that lasted for a short time  .

Now I am in a place where I want to build a sustainable business being who I am and doing what I love and helping others . I realize that you can not really put your faith in programs or jobs or opportunities you just have to learn as you go and build assets that you can own and control for yourself . Celebrate everything ! In my mind there is no failure there is only feedback about what is working and what is not working

Love and Blessings