Monday, January 20, 2014

Blessings , Systems and Formulas

Peace and Love

This weekend was really awesome . I spent some time in self reflection and I got divine downloads literally. Last week I was in my feelings for 24 hours and then I heard the Creator say I am redirecting your steps.

Friday after doing prayer and meditation someone told me that they wanted to share something with me and so I sat down and it was an episode about a woman named Dani Johnson . It really resonated with me . One thing she talked about was what I said about treating others the way you wanted to be treated. She was also honest and said that initially she only cared about people because she wanted them to join her business but then she changed and received many blessings.

She also talked about skillset which really was important to me as well. After have numerous jobs in different industries I realized that the Creator would promote me and teach me things about how to add value, increase the bottomline and leave people and places better than I found them . I needed confirmation because I had been looking at Empower Network since it first began . I have not ever seen so many people successful and I believe that is because they have a system.

So many people talk to me about profit , profit , profit . In my mind I don't have to chase money or be greedy or as we say money hungry . That is energy and you can feel it . There is also an energy of love and abundance and it is a higher frequency and you can tell when people are in that frequency.

The messiah said I am the vine we are the branches and if we remain in him we can bear fruit but apart from him we can do nothing. YAY! ! I love to study principles that are timeless and universal.

Another lesson I remembered is that every situation brings a gift to me !!! When one door closed another one opens !! I am always divinely guided , guarded and protected . I allow miraculous manifestations into my life with grace and ease !!!!.To be honest , I love network marketing, the personal development aspect as well as the residual income aspect . I felt kind of crazy because I was like most people dont get it . Then I attracted someone who said that they have a formula and also share their traffic sources that is what I mainly need to know . I am happy for everyone and I realize if you have the right blue print you can just follow directions and course correct .So I am creating a plan  and giving thanks.

Love and Blessings


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