Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Do I need to buy more Stuff?

Peace and Love !

Today is awesome !! I got an email from Brian Tracy that recommended Brendon Bruchard and the content was phenomenal !!!! Then a lightbulb went off . He gave tons of information that I have paid for and that others charge for for free!!

Then I got some insight and said WOW !! I love buying stuff ! YAY! It is a good feeling. What I really need to do is just focus on the content and the information that I already have . Don't get me wrong it is good to pay for coaching and training and learning but sometimes we just have to do what we know and continue to move forward .

There is so much good information !! Everyday I feel like it is just expanding and expanding and growing .I am working on another ebook that should be out in about 60 days . I am so excited ! ! I am not going to buy anything for 6 mths . I am going to focus , focus , focus and keep sharing blog content .

Love and Light


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