Thursday, January 2, 2014

Celebrate Everything !

Peace and Love

Today someone asked the question in a facebook group about how did you first make money online . It really made me reflect . I remember back in 2004 I was so excited I started two groups one was about internet marketing and the other one was a yahoo book club where I would post healing links and scripture and inspiration.

Then I remember when I got my first subscriber for this blog . I said Yay Woo Hoo ! The experiences that you have and the people you meet are priceless. I remember doing freebie trading back in 2007 and the forum shutting down. Then there were a couple of other programs that lasted for a short time  .

Now I am in a place where I want to build a sustainable business being who I am and doing what I love and helping others . I realize that you can not really put your faith in programs or jobs or opportunities you just have to learn as you go and build assets that you can own and control for yourself . Celebrate everything ! In my mind there is no failure there is only feedback about what is working and what is not working

Love and Blessings


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