Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Power of Association and Managing Your Energy

Peace and Love

Things are going well with the challenges . So many insights and revelations have been coming through full force and new positive experiences and people are flowing into my life . At the same time energies that are not beneficial are also flowing out of my life and I am saying YES and YAY !!!

One of the things that has been a blessing and sort of a curse in my life is my sensitivity to energy . I can always feel people and what they mean and intend no matter what they say . This makes people happy or it makes them uncomfortable if they want to hide . Paying attention to how I feel and connecting with my intuition has been the key to my survival and also pricked me whenever I didn't listen.

So for me understanding that when  people hate you they really love you they just don't know how to express it . It's not really about you it is about the way other people feel about themselves. When I see successful people I get excited because I know what is possible for one is possible for all .

Paying attention to your feelings will tell you what vibration you are in.Stay in the good frequency place and close to the things that bring you joy . For me that is being in nature, music , art and spending time with my beautiful daughter Harmony . It is an awesome time to be alive and on the planet . Wishing you lots of love and Blessings