Friday, May 30, 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Beautiful Reminder from Maya Angelou

Peace and Blessings

Yesterday we got the news that our beloved Maya Angelou had crossed over .I didn't know her personally but you know how Wendy Williams talks about how you have friends in your head ? Well she was one of them and Oprah and Tyler Perry and Jack Canfield and Rodney Dangerfield and a host of other people too many to name .

One of the beautiful lessons that I reflected on last nite was a recent masterclass that she did with Oprah and she talked about all her challenges and how love liberates , it doesn't bind . It sets you free !! YAY ! It made me think of the twin flame relationship and I remember when I met my twin I just loved him unconditionally and it was so funny because people would tell me that they say him doing this or talking to this person or that person and I would just say that is nice .If you love someone you just love them .It got me thinking about the Celestine Prophecy that I read about years ago and it talked about control dramas and how there are four main ones that people get caught up in.

I was watching Dr Drew the other night and there was someone on there talking about how the majority of relationships are dysfunctional and how sometimes you hear people play songs on the radio that say I cant live without you or breath without you and how that is crazy .Only the Creator can be your everything but people can add value , fun , joy and blessings to your life and you can add to theirs YAY !

I remember a situation where there were to women in Mississippi who had never been convicted of crimes and the man was sleeping with both of them and so the girlfriend killed the pregnant fiance and now she is sitting in jail and the man has moved on and is not even thinking about her . Lesson - Never ever ever fight over a man because if you loves you - you wont have to fight over him and if   he loves someone else 2 you can be sisterwives YAY ! Okay maybe not- but violence is not the answer. Men do the same thing . The was a sitiuation where a man was cheating and the woman said okay Im leaving and he said no and decided to murder her. Possessiveness and Control and Obsession are forms of insanity. If you love someone let them know that they are wanted needed cared for and loved and then set them free to decide whether to love you back or not .

Love and Blessings



Tuesday, May 27, 2014

An Awesome Manifesting Story

Peace and Blessings

I hope that your week is going well so far . Last week I said an affimation that I am open to receive freely and easily and then I went to get Harmony something to eat and they said  Would you like a free sundae ? I said Yes and Yay ! It is a small thing right ? It is like Harvey Mackay says "Little things mean everything ! " YAY !

Then Harmony was having bath time and told me that she wanted to create a project to clean up the earth . She said that we wanted to start in Missouri and then move to other cities like Texas and Florida . It was so interesting because she said it like she was asking to go to the park or take a walk .Awwww.

I realize that it is good to practice with small things and then it becomes easier and easier I realized that I had manifested somethings without even thinking about it . I just wrote it down once and someone showed up and I said WOW NOW ! Yay ! This is fun life changing stuff ! I would love to hear any of the things that you manifested and if they showed up right away or if there was a period of time before it showed up .

Love and Blessings XOXO


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Work Hard Lie

Peace and Love Family

Today I really feel inspired to share something that helped me to shift my mind . The other day I was thinking about leverage and how it is really impossible to do it all by yourself. I am sure that you have heard it before "If you work hard you will be successful " Think about it . Does that really make sense ? I remember reading a book a few years back called "Get Real Get Rich " by Dr Farrah Gray and in the book he talked about how his mom worked 3 jobs sometimes and was barely making ends meet and how that was a lie . Some people will get mad when you say that it has nothing to do with working hard maybe because they want you to work like a Hebrew slave until you fall out and die or maybe because they actually believe the myth. If you think about even the Hebrews were to be set free after 7 years .

This is coming from a person who has a great work ethic . When I first started working after I got out of  highschool I wanted to be excellent and always do my best and I still do . I believe that you should be diligent and manage your energy but it doesn't have to be hard . Think of the birds and the animals and how they just flow with nature . When you enter into the higher dimensions it is so crazy and fun like I think of something and BAM there it is . Simple ,Easy, No Struggle , No Stress  or Pain.

I realize now that there are unlimited options and there is a way to get help and answers with anything that you need . This is great because when you shift your energy it can help you in the corporate world or in your personal life . If you believe there is a solution to whatever challenge that you face you will find a solution but if you believe that it is hard it is a struggle you can stress yourself  out and actually become ill. We all worry sometimes right ? As I began to quiet my mind and think back I realized that even in stressful situations I was able to maintain a positive attitude and that would influence the way that people responded to me . Isn't that cool ? We all get rusty sometimes and need a tune up like our cars . After you mediate and pray for a certain period time for a consistent of time you begin to feel immense Joy and even Bliss . I love you C u Next Week

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Victory and Law of Attraction

Peace and Love

I am so happy ! Crying tears of Joy !!! The light is here and it is has the VICTORY ! YAY !!I look around and see that I have attracted everything that I desire for the highest good of all and I am so grateful !!I was thinking do I need a literary agent or do I just want to create a community and crowdfund my book . I really want to engage with the readers.

During this time I am reminded of the power of Praise and the Most High and the angels inhabit the Praises of His People. Like David said Bless the Lord at all times and his praises shall continually be in my mouth .In this upgrading process it has been so interesting . It is really true that if you have the faith of a mustard seed and the belief and pure heart like a child miracles happen.

It is a good day 2 Celebrate

Love and Blessings


Friday, May 16, 2014


Peace and Blessings

Solange is not crazy ! That is all.

Love and Peace


Peace and Love

There is so much light on the planet. It is so beautiful !!!! I am receiving so much information at once it is crazy and I am just taking it all in .Letting go of the energies and things that no longer serve us automatically lifts us up higher into the light !!! YAY !

The work that we are all doing right now is so valuable and so needed right now !! Every thought of love , kindness, and compassion is shifting the trajectory of the planet. Our love and our intentions are powerful !!

I had really been struggling with Healing and Money and really not wanting to focus on the money aspects but just wanting to spread love and light and healing to Humanity .I think that a lot of the resistance came from being laid off several times and seeing all kind of situations like once there was a job that said that people do not get a lunch and I said that it was against the law and they said well if you have a special situation or you are sick then it is okay . That was so funny to me I was thinking even on a plantation you have to at least give the slave food and water right so they are able to be productive right ? I think it was a Missouri thing . They held on to slavery as long as they possibly could. So a part of my resistance I think was to the greed and exploitation that I was seeing. As I talk to the Creator and Angels about it I got the message that you are receiving everything that you need by sharing with other people. So it is very necessary to share . I also received the  message that yes it is good to be humble and respectful but I can have whatever I want ! YAY ! I create as I speak Abracadabra ! WOO HOO !People were telling me that I needed a team and all this stuff and It just felt kind of overwhelming . I know that I am here to uplift and serve all of humanity with light and        sound 33 . I really feel that I am a world server . I feel so much love, joy and compassion in my heart . I give myself permission and the Creator has given me permission to prosper from my gifts and the more I prosper the more energy I have to share and give to others ! YAY !

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Joy and Trust

Peace and Blessings

I pray that all is well and you are feeling the Good Vibes !! It is so interesting I was thinking if our vibrational frequency increased all at once we would probably explode !! I feel like that is why it is good to trust the process even the painful parts and affirm All Is Well -All things work together for my GOOD and then when you get to the other side it is all worth it !!! Freedom or Fweedom and someone special says !!

I believe in Miracles and Instant Healings like the Messiah talked about but I think it depends on the level of faith and belief !!  That is why he said do not tell other people because he knew that there would be haters and doubters and that negativity could bring down their immune system .

There is a divine plan for all of us and we know when we are on it because we feel a bliss , a sense of joy , a knowing that we are on purpose and plan . I remember a time when I was not sure how everything would work out but after the Most High shows up over and over and over and over you can look back and say WOW - Divine Protection , Blessings , Guidance and Light !!!There is a law of attraction but the master said Abide in him and we will bring forth much fruit but apart from him we can do nothing - and where 2 or 3 or gathered he is there in the midst YAY ! <3>There are messiah seeds and there are seeds of satan . How do you identify them ? As Yashuah said by their fruits you shall know them .

John 10:10

New International Version (NIV)
10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. So the one who comes to give us peace love and Joy those are the fruits that we want . 

Pure Love Heals ! 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Initiation , Transformation, and Ascenscion

Peace and Love !!

I pray that you are in good spirits and feeling positive vibes . So much has happened in the last 30 days it feels like 200 lifetimes clearing at once . I am seeing things that I have never seen and feeling things that I have never felt.Can you feel the major shift happening ? It is so powerful !

I have been receiving a lot of information and I know that I am not the only one. We have help and assistance and guidance . We just have to trust and have faith and know that all is well . A lot of people are promoting fear so that people can get all upset and out of wack and ruin their vibration and lower their frequency . All is well . I am well . I am Love . I am Loved . YES ! and YAY ! Woo Hoo !

Transformation is a process when you upgrade your consciousness it is good to upgrade your cells and the food you eat and the water you drink . The most important thing is to keep a clean pure heart and spirit and focus on joy and the higher vibrations .

Thankyou I love You <3 nbsp="" p="">
C U Later