Friday, May 16, 2014


Peace and Love

There is so much light on the planet. It is so beautiful !!!! I am receiving so much information at once it is crazy and I am just taking it all in .Letting go of the energies and things that no longer serve us automatically lifts us up higher into the light !!! YAY !

The work that we are all doing right now is so valuable and so needed right now !! Every thought of love , kindness, and compassion is shifting the trajectory of the planet. Our love and our intentions are powerful !!

I had really been struggling with Healing and Money and really not wanting to focus on the money aspects but just wanting to spread love and light and healing to Humanity .I think that a lot of the resistance came from being laid off several times and seeing all kind of situations like once there was a job that said that people do not get a lunch and I said that it was against the law and they said well if you have a special situation or you are sick then it is okay . That was so funny to me I was thinking even on a plantation you have to at least give the slave food and water right so they are able to be productive right ? I think it was a Missouri thing . They held on to slavery as long as they possibly could. So a part of my resistance I think was to the greed and exploitation that I was seeing. As I talk to the Creator and Angels about it I got the message that you are receiving everything that you need by sharing with other people. So it is very necessary to share . I also received the  message that yes it is good to be humble and respectful but I can have whatever I want ! YAY ! I create as I speak Abracadabra ! WOO HOO !People were telling me that I needed a team and all this stuff and It just felt kind of overwhelming . I know that I am here to uplift and serve all of humanity with light and        sound 33 . I really feel that I am a world server . I feel so much love, joy and compassion in my heart . I give myself permission and the Creator has given me permission to prosper from my gifts and the more I prosper the more energy I have to share and give to others ! YAY !

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