Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Work Hard Lie

Peace and Love Family

Today I really feel inspired to share something that helped me to shift my mind . The other day I was thinking about leverage and how it is really impossible to do it all by yourself. I am sure that you have heard it before "If you work hard you will be successful " Think about it . Does that really make sense ? I remember reading a book a few years back called "Get Real Get Rich " by Dr Farrah Gray and in the book he talked about how his mom worked 3 jobs sometimes and was barely making ends meet and how that was a lie . Some people will get mad when you say that it has nothing to do with working hard maybe because they want you to work like a Hebrew slave until you fall out and die or maybe because they actually believe the myth. If you think about even the Hebrews were to be set free after 7 years .

This is coming from a person who has a great work ethic . When I first started working after I got out of  highschool I wanted to be excellent and always do my best and I still do . I believe that you should be diligent and manage your energy but it doesn't have to be hard . Think of the birds and the animals and how they just flow with nature . When you enter into the higher dimensions it is so crazy and fun like I think of something and BAM there it is . Simple ,Easy, No Struggle , No Stress  or Pain.

I realize now that there are unlimited options and there is a way to get help and answers with anything that you need . This is great because when you shift your energy it can help you in the corporate world or in your personal life . If you believe there is a solution to whatever challenge that you face you will find a solution but if you believe that it is hard it is a struggle you can stress yourself  out and actually become ill. We all worry sometimes right ? As I began to quiet my mind and think back I realized that even in stressful situations I was able to maintain a positive attitude and that would influence the way that people responded to me . Isn't that cool ? We all get rusty sometimes and need a tune up like our cars . After you mediate and pray for a certain period time for a consistent of time you begin to feel immense Joy and even Bliss . I love you C u Next Week

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