Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Beautiful Reminder from Maya Angelou

Peace and Blessings

Yesterday we got the news that our beloved Maya Angelou had crossed over .I didn't know her personally but you know how Wendy Williams talks about how you have friends in your head ? Well she was one of them and Oprah and Tyler Perry and Jack Canfield and Rodney Dangerfield and a host of other people too many to name .

One of the beautiful lessons that I reflected on last nite was a recent masterclass that she did with Oprah and she talked about all her challenges and how love liberates , it doesn't bind . It sets you free !! YAY ! It made me think of the twin flame relationship and I remember when I met my twin I just loved him unconditionally and it was so funny because people would tell me that they say him doing this or talking to this person or that person and I would just say that is nice .If you love someone you just love them .It got me thinking about the Celestine Prophecy that I read about years ago and it talked about control dramas and how there are four main ones that people get caught up in.

I was watching Dr Drew the other night and there was someone on there talking about how the majority of relationships are dysfunctional and how sometimes you hear people play songs on the radio that say I cant live without you or breath without you and how that is crazy .Only the Creator can be your everything but people can add value , fun , joy and blessings to your life and you can add to theirs YAY !

I remember a situation where there were to women in Mississippi who had never been convicted of crimes and the man was sleeping with both of them and so the girlfriend killed the pregnant fiance and now she is sitting in jail and the man has moved on and is not even thinking about her . Lesson - Never ever ever fight over a man because if you loves you - you wont have to fight over him and if   he loves someone else 2 you can be sisterwives YAY ! Okay maybe not- but violence is not the answer. Men do the same thing . The was a sitiuation where a man was cheating and the woman said okay Im leaving and he said no and decided to murder her. Possessiveness and Control and Obsession are forms of insanity. If you love someone let them know that they are wanted needed cared for and loved and then set them free to decide whether to love you back or not .

Love and Blessings



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