Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Having a Vision For Your Business Is Critical - What's Yours?

by Donna Toothaker

Have you ever had a really great dream where everything was perfect and things happened just as you wanted them to? And you wake up feeling calm, peaceful and happy? I love dreams like that!

Visions can be a lot like dreams, except that visions are mental images that you actually create yourself of how you imagine something to be. It could be your perfect vacation, your dream home, or your ideal soul mate. In life it can be fun to have visions, but in your business, it's imperative!

Having a vision for your business will you to make better decisions, know what the right direction is for you, show you what actions need to be taken, and allow you to focus on the big picture.

Here are four critical steps in creating a 1-year vision plan for your business:

Step 1 – Create a vision statement. Think about the vision you have for your business. You know, the one in an ideal world, with no consequences, without having to know how everything would be accomplished, but merely what it would look like in that perfect world.

Now, from that vision, create your vision statement. Your vision statement should include things like (and remember to get really specific);
  • the types of clients you want to have (industries, personality, etc)
  • the type of work you personally want to do
  • how much you want to be earning regularly in one year
  • how much time off you want to have
  • what your team will look like and what kind of work they will do on your behalf
  • new services you will add (or existing ones you will drop)
  • new products you want to create
  • where you will perform your work (new office, redone office, remote office, etc.)
  • etc, etc.
Step 2 – Identify your challenges. Once you have your vision statement completed, you will need to determine what might be preventing you from achieving your vision NOW. What challenges are you facing? Is it a lack of a marketing plan, lack of a good team, not attracting the right clients? Make a list of these challenges, and be as specific as you can.

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