Friday, November 14, 2014

YAY!!! I love my Unicorns No more Free Stuff

Peace and Love

I pray that your day is going awesome ! I saw snow this morning and it was just enuff and not too much !!!!!I noticed that I am gettting a lot more visitors to this blog and more and more things are happening quickly . I just wanted to share about the other day why I was crying . You know you meet people all the time right ? But there is something about when you met a kindred spirit with a pure heart it is just magical .

They are not threatened by you . They are 10 steps ahead of you and excited just like you with similar ideas and passions and a lot of big picture thinking !!! Always know you make a Difference . Whether you monetize or not you are Powerful and Beautiful and Amazing and there will be people who will mirror that back to you .It does not matter what their race or gender what really matters is the heart YAY ! ! !

So here we go guys no more giving away my good stuff . It is like the lady said about her easy rocking chair If I can't sell it I am just going to sit down upon it . I am not going to give it away . LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL . Seriously , I am partially joking and partially telling the truth.  I can do both YAY ! Free stuff and Paid stuff . It just feels so YUMMY right ? It is like I can charge for this !! It does not even feel like work . I feel great because I literally have 22to 33 ideas every hour so there are no limitations. I was like 1000 really seriously ? Then I thought about it I said I have enough info in my head to create 22 products tommorow and it really wont create me anything but time and then setting up my site etc and some marketing etc . I am like superstoked. !!!! I was like WOWOW ! Then I got my mind right and set FOCUS Karmen .That ADD is a hummdinger LOL. So I had my smoothie this morning it was lovely and I will be doing my afternoon routine .I have unlimited choices . Miracles and Wonderful Blessings follow me everywhere I go .Find your unicorns no matter what it takes . It is so much more fun to create with like minded people .

I love you Thankyou for reading


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