Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I love yall so much !!!! I can not contain it !!! Where the spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty YAY!! I feel so good and amazing . I just want everyone to feel like this ! Right now I am working on my self image . I know that I am beautiful in the most humble way. I just want people to see my heart and soul

Like I was confused because people I didnt know would be like Hey First Lady where is the pastor ? Then other people would say I was sexy and beautiful and In my mind I am like well I am supposed to be spiritual right so how does all this work ?I accept and love all parts of myself

I am a Multidimensional Being made in the Image and Likeness of the Creator I AM THAT I AM LOVE AND JOY AND PEACE AND BEAUTY YAY ! It is not only okay it is AWESOME ! WOO HOO !!!


I love you Thankyou for BEing Here Now


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