Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Celebrating Those That Celebrate YOU!!! YAY!

Peace and Love Beautiful Souls

I pray that you are having a wonderful day !The other day I was thinking it is so good to celebrate those who celebrate you ! Yesterday I watched an awesome video from a man who was sharing his publish to profit story and getting facebook comments and the engagement was so powerful !! I noticed how he responded to one lady's comments and helped her reframe her language and shift her energy . I left a comment and he responded back and asked me a question. I noticed that he said that he promotes all his author's books on his Social Media sites . Isn't that Awesome ?

There is another sister who is awesome and has really beautiful energy and pretty much gives you a blueprint on what you need to do to be successful whether you work with her or not . She speaks life and victory and that is what we need to shift the atmosphere. It's not about worshiping people .It is about honoring those who honor the light and creating a vision and a plan that works YAY!!!

Loretta Divine said in the movie Jumping the Broom -"I can smell a fake a mile away " LOL I just laughed when I heard that . I think that is we she has done well as an actress because it is like she is just her self and her personality seems really authentic . I think the likeability factor is HUGE. No matter how awesome you are there will still be people who do not like you are anything but it is okay . It is still important to be a genuine person and wish well for others and yourself . Observe people . Pay attention to how they speak to others and how they treat everyday people and animals.There are certain people they put down others intentionally people who have trained them and people on their staff . In my mind I said to myself - Do they think that's right ? I feel like in a real family or community or relationship we cover each other and we pull each other to the side if we have an issue or disagreement and we never dishonor people who have blessed us and we talk privately amongst ourselves but we do not seek to downgrade or disrespect people.           . Karma is real and wonderful .

If we pay attention the Creator shows us everything we need to know . I intend that we are all celebrating life and enjoying each day to the fullest .

In Divine Love


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