Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Power , Love , and a Sound Mind

Peace and Love

2 Timothy 1 vs 7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind

Yesterday I saw another little girl who was 9 and started and Amazon business and is on her way to six figures . Isn't that awesome. 

Today I want to share something that I think is interesting. Truth really is stranger than fiction. There was a couple here that tried to go in an establishment and they were turned away because they had dreadlocks . I know you are probably thinking No Way , Seriously ? Really ? Yes . 

It reminds me of what I heard Wolf Blitzer say when he heard about the injustice that was taking place in Ferguson he said he could not believe it . It does sound kind of insane but it is somebody's reality . You see people resigning and getting fired. All of the injustices are being exposed . Demons hate to be exposed they like to be able to hide and deceive. 

How do we fix it ? We have to get to the hearts, minds and souls of people and help them to see that when one is harmed all are harmed. All people matter regardless of race, gender, and age. Some people say changing the law is the answer but there are laws against murdering innocent people and innocent people are still murdered without any consequence . 

I think that is why we have to come from a spiritual perspective. We also have to teach and train our children that they matter, and have value and are supported and loved .  We have to teach them to be excellent to obey the laws and be kind to others. If they are discriminated against teach them how to let you know and also teach them if the police stop them and give them a ticket do not argue with the police just take the ticket and hire and attorney or professional to assist you . The sad thing is that sometimes people do not know what they do not know and if they can not afford an attorney they are bullied and sometimes discriminated against. 

Teach them that they are capable and that at any given moment they can learn like Tony Beniditto says YAY !!  Teach them how to communicate intellligently . If they do not understand something teach them to ask questions and make sure they have a clear understanding .The Creator gives us power to transcend all limitations . We receive love and a sound mind to think properly and maintain a positive vibration. 

Love and Blessings 


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