Thursday, April 30, 2015

Progress and Celebration

Peace and Love

I hope that you are having a good day !! Guess what I lost another 3 lbs for a total of 5 lbs and the week is not over yet . I feel so beautiful and in love with myself .I want to explain it in so much more detail like I could write 300 pages about it . It was so weird I looked at somebody and then I felt shift like my heart opened with hundreds of lotus flower petals . It is just beautiful YAY !!!

I am going to work out in the afternoon today . I was tempted this week a local place had something I wanted but I had to think to myself is this going to take me further away from goal and realized I didnt really need it . I just wanted it . I cannot let anything steal my Joy or take me off course . I have to stay focused and disciplined .Woo Hoo !!!I see and feel unlimited possibilities .It is so important for us to keep our spirits and our minds calm . I know it is hard . I am super sensitive and intuitive . Sometimes I could be sitting in a chair and just pick up things that are happening miles away. There are times when you just have to remove yourself from situations and take a breather if you feel an escalation of events coming.The bible says be angry but do not sin. So it is normal to feel a range of emotions but it is important for us to master the emotions and not let the emotions master us .When I see people rioting and being frustrated it breaks my heart . At one point or another we have all been upset about something . It is important for us to channel our energy in positive and creative ways .Art therapy and healing arts . We have to focus on bringing love and healing and then we can be a part of the solution. Try being angry and upset and then like Dr Phil says How is that working for you ? Lol .

I send you infinite love and blessings


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