Monday, April 13, 2015

YAY Unicorns 333 Bliss

Peace and Love

I pray your day is filled with love and light . Guess what ? I have attracted another Unicorn !! I am so happy and I am learning how to create my course !! WOO HOO !! I am Super Blissed Out !! Like Seriously YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! I know that training is one of my skill sets and breaking down complex concepts . It is still going to take me a minute to put everything all together . I am going to crowdfund the process YAY !! It is just amazing how everything is showing up !! WOOOOOW I want to make sure my courses are affordable between 97-197 and provide support and accountability.I will still give free monthly calls like Jack Canfield, and Denise Hart. I am really trying to make sure it is not too WooWoo and Butterfly like but sometimes I can not help but be a butterfly unicorn fairy .

The process and energy transformation I have been experiencing is so powerful and part of my divine assignment YAY !!!!I know that I can help people overcome obstacles . We all have them . It is just about creating a strategy to move through them in love and compassion. I am here to uplift all of humanity Woo Hoo !! Here is a great affirmation . The Creator provides everything I needed as I need it . I am on a fully funded , divinely inspired mission and I have a team of support. YAAAAAAAAY

I love you

Thankyou for reading my blog post



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