Friday, April 24, 2015

Zen Moments, Angels and The Children

Peace and Love

I hope that you are having a good day !! My day is going blessed so far.I thank God for my guardian angel's and the light . You know how I was saying the other week I was tired . I was just appalled at what I was seeing. I went back to my daughter's school and there was a little girl who was crying because she was being forced to run even though she was clearly tired and doing the best she could  and another little boy who looked like he was going to pass out .

I had to give myself a zen moment and ask why are they doing this to the children ? Physical Education is not supposed to be a form of punishment.Children are not supposed to mentally and physically exhausted .When I saw the teacher bullying my child I said Lord Help me I can not have my baby being a motherless child . Then I had a zen moment and I just got quiet and got my mind right real quick.The devil wants you to act a fool but then I realized that Satan has no power over me

Then I asked the Creator what is happening . I do not understand what is going on. Then He/She said it is not too punish you it is too make you aware and stand up and fight for your child and all the rest of these children who do not have anyone to intercede for them . Then I did some research and realized that about 1000 teachers were suspended for misconduct with students.My job is to make the school aware of what is going and the school's job is to protect the children and if they do not they have to be held accountable . I do not understand why anyone would try to cover up neglect and mistreatment of innocent children maybe because of money but I do not care if I had sleep in my car with 12 roommates I will not allow my child to be oppressed or bullied or disrespected by anybody . There is no pricetag on integrity. If I came back here in 200 years we will be fighting the same battles . The only way things change is that people decide enough is enough and demand change.The angels intercede for the children and expose the demons for what they are .

This too shall pass 333

Love and Blessings


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