Monday, January 11, 2016

Oh Wow

Peace and Love

The last couple of weeks have been really AMAZING!! Someone sent me something about a campaign they were raising like 25,000 and almost raised 10xs that so far!!Abundance for all YAY!!!

Yesterday was teleconference day !! I love love love teleseminars !! It has to be one where I can call in and listen because the click the link ones I dont like. I like to be able to put the fone down and just listen or take notes .This morning I was so happy my doors were not frozen shut HalleluYAH!!

I am going thru this crowdfunding course and it really shows how people love to be a part of the process and see the manifestation of things go live !!! As part of this book launch group people got to look at the covers and see which ones they enjoy and give feedback it is so much fun to watch it all come together and give and respond to feedback !!!

K next I want to share about compensation plans !!! I remember when I first saw Infinity Downline and I was like Oh Wow that is cool . Then Empower Network came and now there is a similar system. Here is something that I learned I do not like matrixes . You know the 3x5 or 4x6 or 5x8 . Unless its a 1x2 or something like that. The other day this guy broke down the numbers  and I was like Interesting . He was like basically even if it took you 12 years being super conservative it would still be worth it . WOW !!!! Something else I noticed is that a lot of people left Empower Network . I wonder why ? I dont promote nutritional products . I know that Herbalife has made a lot of people money .I just prefer educational products .I feel like the hybrid model 80/20 compensation is awesome also.It is more of a direct sales model .

Neway How are you feeling ? I feel lighter and more expanded and blissful overall.Seeing the results that certain people are getting from working with this community makes my heart say YAY ! Celebrate others and what you make happen for others God will make happen for you !!!!! Another thing I realize is could be awesome for me to be a part of another coaching organization while I build my own brand and business YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!Good things are happening !!!

Stay in Love and Bliss


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